Review of Jizziebelle, The Belle of Burlesque: Hardwood's Harlots Book 1 by Kat Crimson


Author: Kat Crimson

Genre: Erotic Romance

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My rating: 5 out of 5

Blurb: Watch the transformation as shy and reclusive Jocelyn Belle sheds her inhibitions, along with her clothing, on the stage of Hardwood’s Burlesque. She trades them in for a fan of swan feathers, becoming Jizziebelle, in this ugly duckling romance full of adventure and plenty of action!

Jocelyn’s shy nature and a series of personal tragedies have practically turned her into a shut-in. The only action she’s seen in years is between the pages of one of her own novels. But it’s time for all of that to end.

Jocelyn changes her depressing fate, virtually overnight, in one daringly impulsive, alcohol fueled move. The very next day, she’s out of the house and dominating the burlesque stage – in her undies!

Ryan Mastersen is way more than just the money he was born with, even if most people don’t ever bother to look past it, or the full sleeve of tattoos decorating his delicious arms. He stepped away from his family’s business to build a fortune of his own by investing in others, beginning with Hardwood’s Burlesque. He is also an avid fan of Jocelyn’s writing.

Fate brings them together and proves, once again, that opposites attract. Their initial meeting is incendiary, taking the law of attraction to explosive new levels of heat as their magnetic chemistry sets the stage for Jocelyn’s sexual awakening.

No taboo sex fantasy is too taboo to explore as Jocelyn and Ryan switch it up in the bedroom and play around with who’s on bottom and who’s on top. Jocelyn will try her hand at sensual female domination as Ryan finds out if he’s cut out for part-time male submission.

Jizziebelle is a no holds barred, kinky adventure. So fasten your safety belts and hang on to your seat – it’s going to be a delightfully bumpy and pleasure filled ride.

Review: Kat Crimson is one of the most pleasant surprises of contemporary erotica and a great new voice. Her first novel of the future Hardwood’s Harlots series is a great example of how smut writing and reading can be experience that arouses a lot more than our intimate organs. Don’t get me wrong. This author sure knows how to write hot, steamy, explicit sex scenes that can get you to fan yourself even if you are not a 70-years old decent church goer with a secret stash of old timey Harlequin romances.

Reading Jizziebelle, The Belle of Burlesque caused my blood to boil during more than one of the kinkier moments. However, Kat offers so much more than well written, graphic erotica. Her characters are developed, likeable and easy to relate with. While going through the story I felt close connection even with the minor players in the novel. They felt like real people of flesh and blood rather than cardboard copies that one can frequently stumble upon in contemporary fiction. The writing style is gorgeous and very intense. I could easily imagine all the action, settings and the world created by Kat as if I were watching a live spectacle. From the exquisitely described dance show at the Hardwood burlesque to the steamy encounters between our leading characters, laced with erotic chemistry as well as mutual understanding and acceptance of their kinky nature Jizziebelle, The Belle of Burlesque is a book that would remain with you long time after you finish the last pages.

Jocelyn Belle, our shy yet kinky heroine, won my heart from the very first page. Her painfully timid nature, social awkwardness and struggles with communication resonated with me to a point that I wondered whether the author hasn’t been stalking me. I think many of us quiet girls can find a lot in common with that reclusive erotica writer who lives her deepest erotic fantasies on paper and screen. That is what I loved the best about her. I’m fed up with the clichés that shyness equals naivety, complete ignorance when it comes to sex, your body’s functions and asexuality until you meet the right guy who turns your panties into soaked rag. Ms. Belle may have her issues but she is neither prude, nor ingenue and is no stranger to unusual sexual desires. Her erotic flexibility was another great point of the character. She doesn’t limit herself or her wishes into a certain category and is open to all sort of fetishes and kink practices.

Jocelyn was locked in the tower of her own fears and a voluntary prisoner in her home till she decided that enough is enough. It was very refreshing that she decided to change her life, face her demons, get over her phobias and that need wasn’t triggered by a man. Over the course of the novel she made some fantastic character development. The best way to beat your shyness? Have the entire world see you and your shocking red strap-on in a fabulous burlesque show under the stage name Jizziebelle.

One of the best things about the novel was the wonderful atmosphere of friendship and support in Hardwood’s Burlesque. Maybe it wasn’t entirely realistic but don’t we read fiction for the escapism? It was a relief to read a novel without the omnipresent girl on girl hate, nasty competition and back stabbing. Everyone was so cool that I really envied Jizzie for her job and co-workers. Like I mentioned before we are given generous dose from the beauty, glamor and creativity each of those dancers put in their performances. Truly inspiring!

And this is when things turn even more dreamy for our girl – after finding confidence, inspiration, new friends and home Jizzie/Jocelyn also meets her match in the face of Ryan Mastersen. I really loved his character even if at times he appeared too damned perfect – sinfully delicious, dominant yet flexible in his bedroom behavior, smart, funny, sensitive and a die hard fan of Jizzie’s writing. Their sexual intensity and compatibility were off the charts. But they also shared mental and emotional connection that truly touched my cynical heart. Ryan wanted to get to know and reveal real Joss beneath all the layers of insecurity, fear and self-consciousness. In terms she responded by trying to give him the best of her, by finding the courage to ignore everything that has been holding her back. Overall, it was a truly beautiful love story in which the kinky dirty sex was an ingredient that made the experience more delicious. Aren’t we all dreaming of someone who would allow us to be our natural selves?

While I really loved the book and the characters I felt that the intimacy and the entire relationship was a bit rushed. True, Ryan had the advantage of knowing her kinky mind and preferences because he read her books. But given how shy and insecure Jizzie was I found it hard to believe that she’d get over her issues in such a short span of time and they’d get to such level of mutual trust and understanding within a few days. I wish that the relationship had taken more time, that the conflicts were not so easy to resolve. This didn’t hurt my enjoyment of the book but I felt it could have been a bit stronger if their experience wasn’t so tightly packed. It also would have been good if the separate pieces of the novel were not so compartmentalized. The story would have gotten even juicier if Ryan and Joss’s love had blended more into the life of the burlesque.

But apart from those minor preferences of mine I’d highly recommend that book to anyone who loves their erotica with a good plot, character development and high quality writing. 5 burning stars for Kat Crimson and I look forward to Part 2 of the series for these amazing Burlesque gals.

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