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Those of you who follow my blog and releases know that for the past three months I have been working on my debut full-length novel, Unorthodox Therapy – psychological erotic suspense with elements of BDSM and thriller. I’m proud and pleased to announce that on February the 3rd I finalized the first draft. There is still a lot of work to do before the book is ready for release but the foundation has been set. Writing that manuscript has been pretty emotional and intense experience and I still can’t believe how far it went from the initial idea. It was meant to be a short story that grew into an idea of a longer novella. By the end of October I decided that the relationship at the base of Unorthodox Therapy is too complex and deserves a better development thus I finally started writing the novel. But now, at the end of the journey I’m not quite ready to say goodbye. All I’m going to say is that there are at least two more books of the same series that are brewing in my mind at the moment.

By that moment the novel’s stats are 260 Word pages, about 135 000 words. These numbers may change since I’m about to start whipping my rough draft with some intense, torturous editing. You may read the temporary blurb in here and an excerpt in here. I should be done with the editing by the second week of March and the novel will be ready for beta readers. If your curiosity is peaked and you want to beta read my work please, contact me for more details at

Meanwhile, I hope you’d enjoy that little teasing excerpt.


“Relax, pet.” Another one of those infuriating kisses on my forehead. “Your Master would take very good care of that filthy, needy pussy of yours tonight. You did great this week but there is still more before I indulge you.”

“More?” I whimpered in despair and clutched at his shoulders till he had to remove my hands and pull back from me. Moving away from his warm, safe body and the mild comfort it gave me was even worse.

“You didn’t think that I’d just fuck you quickly while you still have your clothes on, did you?” He leaned forward to kiss me and ran his fingers through my hair. But just as I tried to open his lips and push my tongue in his mouth Thomas stepped back and let go of me, leaving me wet and panting. “I want you to truly savor the moment when I’d fuck that sweet slit of yours for the first time.”

“I think we’re way past any first time rituals, Thomas.” I uttered through gritted teeth and placed my hands on my knees. “You fucked my ass and that was one of my biggest sexual taboos. Why penis in vagina should be more special? Just… let’s get this over with.”

“Lina, Lina…” Thomas tutted and brushed his fingers against my exposed collarbone. “I’m very disappointed with that attitude, pet. It means I should really take my time with you tonight.”

“No…” The heat that had taken over my body increased.

“Whenever I do something with my submissive for the first time it has to be special.” He took my hand and kissed the back of it, slowly placing more kisses down the wrist. Caning appeared like a caress next to that subtle, exquisite torture. “I want to leave a sign in your memory so whenever you think of that night, no matter how many years from now, you’d always get wet and craving.” Thomas leaned forward and placed his lips against my ear. “Even if you have other men, I want to leave a permanent sign on your memories of those nights when I had your submission.”

“Trust me, I could never forget.” I moaned and tried to press my curves against his. The wetness of his mouth on my sensitive earlobe made my mind even dizzier.

“We’ll see.” Thomas kissed my neck so briefly I could not take any pleasure. He turned his back on me and walked back to the bookshelves leisurely. “Strip till you are only in your stockings and heels and stay in the position from last week.”

“We’re not going to the dungeon?” I panted while my fingers hurried to unbutton the blazer off. The thought of being naked at his home and daily life made me feel slightly nervous at the back of my mind. It is strange how liberating lust can be, completely wiping any modesty or shyness out of my mind.

“No, we won’t need to.” He picked up something from the top shelf and kept it behind his back. “I enjoy having my pets outside of it, almost naked and at my disposal. Besides, you spend way too much time with clothes on.” Thomas grinned wickedly and walked back to me, still hiding the object. I was taking my blouse and skirt off, anxious and with shaking fingers, not trying to appear seductive at all unlike last time. Our eyes met briefly as I reached to my back to unclasp my bra. His usually bright eyes were dark with hunger in spite the bright smile dancing on his lips. But at this point I knew better than rely on his weakness for me.

“How can you be so perfect?” I’d laugh at him in other times. I was sweaty and my hair was a mess. My make-up had melted with the heat and me constantly rubbing it. Any resemblance of self-control and dignity were gone. Was that what he called perfect?

Thomas shook his head and made a step closer, placing a finger on my lips.

“No arguing. You never looked hotter than right this moment.” He kissed me again and said with a wicked grin. “I’ll fuck your brains off till you can’t say your name, little one. Just not yet. On your knees.”

Another blow job? That guy’s obsession with fucking my mouth was getting pathological. Still I obeyed and felt that shameful thrill when I knelt before him. The relaxation of that humiliating act went through me like a wave.

Thomas laughed when I open my lips, ready to take his cock and shook his head.

“I see that my conditioning works pretty well. As much as I love what you do with your mouth, pet, I have other plans for tonight.” With these words he shifted his right hand from behind his back and revealed a simple black leather collar. It was as basic as it gets, one you can see in most hardcore porn productions, with a small silver loop at the front. The sturdy leather leash was hanging from that circle and left no doubt what its purpose was.

“N-no, Thomas, please… We talked about it.” Even in that febrile state of mind the thought he could collar and bind me in a more permanent state of submission scared the hell out of me.

To be continued


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