#SatSpanks And Your Punishment Is…

Another Saturday, another time for some steamy love and punishment goodness. I usually bring heavy, intense stuff to the table but this weekend I have something light and cute… well, you’d be the judge of how cute it is. A girl does what she can.

This is a small snippet from Unorthodox Dom, a little novelette and a prequel to my novel Unorthodox Therapy (which you can still get for 99 cents). It is all about my leading male’s introduction to kink and his first relationship.

The little space looked like an explosion of colors and different clothes happened in there. The kitchen corner was crowded with mugs of half-finished coffee. Kat nervously explained to me she was usually out all day and didn’t have much time to do housekeeping.

Somehow the sight of her apartment didn’t surprise me. Kat was a hot mess in every sense of the word. She was always late for our dates, she was horrible at time management and could hardly keep up with all the tasks in front of her. The worst part was that even if she had a thousand ongoing projects that never stopped her from venturing into a new activity.

As much as I appreciated her artistic and chaotic nature I couldn’t handle that disaster.

That’s no excuse,” I smirked and drew her closer to me. “I think you deserve to be punished.”

Kat glowed at these words and was just about to get down on her knees and utter a “Yes, sir” in a supposedly modest way. I chuckled and wrapped my arms tighter around her waist.

No, naughty girl. There will be no spanking for you.”

She blinked at me in surprise and pouted.

But I have to be punished for keeping my room in such a mess, Master.”

And punished you will be.” I slapped her ass very lightly through the fabric of her thin dress. “Strip to your stockings.”

Kat grinned wickedly and began undressing with enthusiasm. She was swaying her breasts and hips in a dance-like rhythm while staring at me with her hypnotizing eyes. Poor girl. All the allure wouldn’t save her from the cruelty I was about to inflict upon her.

When Kat removed her dress, bra and high heels I ran my finger over her panties and lazily slid it down her mound. She moaned out and raised her waist so she’d press my finger harder against her. I smiled and completely pulled away.

No, pet. Like I said, this is punishment.”

Kat stared at me with confusion and lost some of her seductive confidence.

Now…” I got to a nearby chair, covered in a pile of her dresses, skirts, and underwear. I gathered them and put them on her bed and then I sat down on the chair with all the grace and authority I could muster. “Your punishment is to clean that room.”

What?” She crossed her arms before her chest and looked at me in despair. “But that’s not fair…”

Ah…” I rubbed my chin and smiled at her. “For someone who has been in the lifestyle for as long as you were you have a problem with some terms. It’s called punishment for a reason, Kat. You’re not supposed to enjoy it.”

Yes, I know it’s a Saturday Spanking but how can you truly punish a girl for whom spanking is just a foreplay? I hope you enjoyed that small moment from Thomas and Kat’s relationship. Would you be interested in getting an ARC copy for an honest review before the release date?

How much time would you need to read the novelette? (It’s about 30k words, approximately 65 pages) 

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