#SatSpanks A Training Session #BDSM

How are you doing, spankos? I have a small freebie promotion going on over the weekend so I thought of sharing a little something from it. He was a Dominant on training wheels. She was a wild masochistic kitten and more than he bargained for. Thomas has reached his breaking point. Work, studies, lust forContinue reading “#SatSpanks A Training Session #BDSM”

#SatSpanks A Wild Night #BDSM

Morning there, SatSpanks. I’m in a post-release hungover state but I thought of sharing a little snippet with you. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, lovelies. He was her Master, lover and the only man who truly knew her. She was his pet, best friend and the love of his life. Sometimes that’s not enough. LINAContinue reading “#SatSpanks A Wild Night #BDSM”

#SatSpanks Unorthodox Dom – New Release For Pre-Order

Good morning spankos! I haven’t been around Corporal Punishment Weekend Land for a while. I thought that the release of my next book is a good occasion to warm your weekend up. Unorthodox Dom is on Amazon and available for pre-order. Enjoy it.  Blurb: He was a Dominant on training wheels. She was a wildContinue reading “#SatSpanks Unorthodox Dom – New Release For Pre-Order”

#SatSpanks And Your Punishment Is…

Another Saturday, another time for some steamy love and punishment goodness. I usually bring heavy, intense stuff to the table but this weekend I have something light and cute… well, you’d be the judge of how cute it is. A girl does what she can. This is a small snippet from Unorthodox Dom, a littleContinue reading “#SatSpanks And Your Punishment Is…”

Thomas’ Rules – Unorthodox Therapy

Blurb She was his boss at work and his submissive at all times. LINA I’d never noticed him before. He was just a lonely, scared boy when I hired him. I was too busy to notice the lust in his eyes. Now I’m at his feet begging for every bit of pleasure and pain he’llContinue reading “Thomas’ Rules – Unorthodox Therapy”

#SatSpanks – A Punishment More Cruel Than Spanking – Unorthodox Therapy #BDSM

Morning spank lovers. I thought it’s been a while since I shared something hot with you. Starting June 1st I’ll resume working on the sequel of my novel so no time like the present to have a taste of part one. “Is my Sir pleased with his pet?” she uttered in a seductive voice, kissing myContinue reading “#SatSpanks – A Punishment More Cruel Than Spanking – Unorthodox Therapy #BDSM”

#SatSpanks – A Quiet Interlude

Morning, spankos. So, the previous weeks I shared some steamy and very intense excerpts at #SatSpanks, to the point when it’d appear pretty draining in real life. So this week I decided to give you one of the quiet moments of intimacy. I hope you’d like it. Blurb: Lina Riley has proved herself as theContinue reading “#SatSpanks – A Quiet Interlude”

#SatSpanks – She Feels So Conflicted Stroker Ace

Morning my lovelies. It’s a cold Saturday morning so I intend to keep it warm and wet with a touch of kink. Have a little something from Stroker Ace. Blurb: “So… we have general bitchiness, bad personality, and self-denial. You’re in for some punishment tonight, sweetheart. We will start with good old spanking. Climb on my lapContinue reading “#SatSpanks – She Feels So Conflicted Stroker Ace”

#SatSpanks I Can Take You To Dark Scary Places #BDSM

Morning to all lovers of spanking for discipline and fun. Have a little snippet of my sexy summer romance (Okay, okay, my sexy dub-con hardcore yet sweet summer romance). Blurb: Sage Phoenix has been the thorn in Paul Skyler’s side ever since their final night of high school. She was a bright spot of chaosContinue reading “#SatSpanks I Can Take You To Dark Scary Places #BDSM”