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Good morning spankos! I haven’t been around Corporal Punishment Weekend Land for a while. I thought that the release of my next book is a good occasion to warm your weekend up. Unorthodox Dom is on Amazon and available for pre-order. Enjoy it. 




He was a Dominant on training wheels. She was a wild masochistic kitten and more than he bargained for.
Thomas has reached his breaking point.
Work, studies, lust for his sexy boss, his own kinky urges are driving him insane.
He’s sick of hiding.
In walks Kat. Sassy, creative, submissive to the bone and a hot mess of epic proportions.
The first girl who ever craved his punishing spanking, dominant touch and rough lovemaking.
What happens when her life begins falling apart?
Can Thomas put it back together with strict rules and iron discipline?
Is he strong enough to save her from herself?

Unorthodox Dom is 30,000 words erotic romance novella featuring hot, erotic action, a Dominant new to the lifestyle, a bratty submissive in need of a firm hand and a badass Dominatrix. Not a menage, no cheating. The story takes place four years prior the events in the Unorthodox Trilogy but it can be read as a standalone. Bonus material – chapter 1 of Unorthodox Therapy.

#SatSpanks snippet

It’s your first time so I don’t want to overwhelm you too much. We’re reaching your favorite part, though. You’d get to spank her and at least use the riding crop on her.”

I froze, and my eyes lowered to Purr’s perfectly rounded ass cheeks. Earlier I had noticed her skin wasn’t as flawless as it had seemed on first sight. There were very thin lines, possibly marks left by others. The thought of leaving my own stamp both bothered and excited me. I’d been hard for the past half an hour and worried my arousal might make me harm the girl.

Oh, please, please,” Purr begged. “Make my ass sore and red.”

The words of a true pain slut or an experienced actress? Allie walked to her and lowered her flimsy panties down her firm, strong legs.

Bend over.” Allie slapped Purr’s thigh and the girl obeyed as much as the rope would allow. I gasped at the sight of her swollen and aroused pussy lips, peeking between her thighs. She was clenching her hands in fists and panting quietly as Allie landed her palm down on her butt cheek. Purr let out a very soft cry, on the edge of despair.


What do you want, little one?” Allie taunted her with a cruel smile and dragged her nails across her skin, leaving distinctive claw marks. Purr dug her own nails into her palms, arched her back and moved her ass. When she spoke, her voice was on the edge of despair.

Please… I want him to spank me… please…”

Allie grabbed her by the hair and made her turn to me. Purr’s pupils were dilated. She was staring at me, imploring. If that was all an act she was brilliant at it.

Ask him politely, pet.”

Please, sir, would you spank me?”

I didn’t say a word. The first slap to her cheeks was awkward, with my fingers brushing her skin very lightly. I heard her hissing under her breath and hurried with the second blow. My weak spanking must have been frustrating to her. Allie grabbed me by the wrist and corrected its position.

Use the palm. Start slowly with softer hits so you warm her up.”

The next few swats on her rosy cheeks were more effective.


I’m adding a little bonus of one of the more romantic parts of the book.

Kat would make coffee and force me to eat. The best part of her presence was when she quietly knelt at my feet and put her head on my thigh. It usually happened late at night. She’d close her eyes and just stay there, not attempting to touch or tease me. Kat was just like a kitten in those moments, seeking the closeness of her owner. It was beautiful. I’d stroke her hair and whisper in a soothing voice.

Go to bed, little one. I’ll just stay a little longer.”

I’m fine here,” she’d whisper in a sleepy voice and suppress a yawn.

I’d smile and put her on my lap to kiss her tenderly.

I know, pet, but I want you to be well-rested.” I ran my fingers through her soft tresses. “I’ll give you a special surprise tomorrow if you’re a good girl.”

Usually, Kat wasn’t too thrilled but she obeyed. She hated sleeping alone. That would give me an incentive to be done faster with my task.

The moment I slipped under the covers next to her was always so warm and intimate. Especially when she rolled over onto her side and cuddled against me, whispering how much she missed me.

I’d probably survive my exams even without Kat. Somehow, though, she made this time easier and helped me not to lose my sanity with stress. The longer I spent with her, the more I was shredding my old insecurities and fears.


If those snippets intrigue you, you can pre-order your copy of Unorthodox Dom for only .99cents today. Click the buttons below to buy it or add it to Goodreads for later.


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