#MasturbationMonday – Caught Between Two Tops – Stroker Ace #BDSM

It’s the second Moaning Monday this year. How many of your resolutions did you succeed in breaking? Whatever they are, always make sure to start the week with an orgasm. Have a little inspiration for your morning play. The sudden rough intrusion of a solid object, much larger than a finger made her still herContinue reading “#MasturbationMonday – Caught Between Two Tops – Stroker Ace #BDSM”

#MasturbationMonday Gags, Plugs And Bondage

“You know what, Sage? You talk way too much and that distracts you, pet.” The inspiration struck me out of the blue. There was a ball gag among my accoutrement but the sudden idea was a hell of a lot more degrading. I picked up the rags of her thong and stocking, rubbed them nice and wellContinue reading “#MasturbationMonday Gags, Plugs And Bondage”