#WIPITUP Wednesday -Ghosts of the Past – Unorthodox Chemistry #BDSM

Hello, Wipsters and fans (are you there?). The past few days have been incredibly busy and didn’t leave me time for writing but I’ll make up for it soon. I’m currently at the beginning of Chapter 3 so next time there will be some male POV. Meanwhile, have this little Lina snippet on memories andContinue reading “#WIPITUP Wednesday -Ghosts of the Past – Unorthodox Chemistry #BDSM”

#WIPITUP Wednesday – #Heartbreak Hotel – Unorthodox Chemistry

It’s November so it was a high time to start writing the sequel to my first novel, Unorthodox Therapy. As usual, NaNoWriMo turned out to be as good occasion as any and I’m nearly at the 10k mark. I thought that WIP it up may be exactly right for me so I can tease my few fansContinue reading “#WIPITUP Wednesday – #Heartbreak Hotel – Unorthodox Chemistry”