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#MidWeekTease – After a nightmare – Unorthodox Union #BDSM

Hey teasers, how are you doing? I skipped last Wednesday because of a short seaside holiday but I’m back on track. I’ll also be staying home until the end of the week and will do some serious writing. I’m currently past 140k of my current WIP and I should get it all done by Saturday,Continue reading “#MidWeekTease – After a nightmare – Unorthodox Union #BDSM”

#SaturdayTease – Electric Trust – Unorthodox Union #BDSM

I missed sharing a little bit of my work in progress on Wednesday so I’m making up for it on this Sunny Saturday. Enjoy that snippet of Unorthodox Union, Book 3 of the Unorthodox Trilogy. (Don’t judge the book by its cover, this one is temporary.) THOMAS “Lina, pet…” He said with an affectionate toneContinue reading “#SaturdayTease – Electric Trust – Unorthodox Union #BDSM”

#MidWeekTease – When can I move in? – Unorthodox Union #BDSM

Hello my lovelies and welcome to another Wednesday. They just fly, don’t they? Here I am with another teaser of Unorthodox Union. Current word count: 130k but I still have a lot of story to go through before typing THE END. It looks like I’ll have to write the final chapters after my small holiday.Continue reading “#MidWeekTease – When can I move in? – Unorthodox Union #BDSM”

#MidWeekTease – Rope Corset – Unorthodox Union #BDSM

Welcome to another Wednesday, teasers! Unorthodox Union is moving closer and closer to the end, I’m currently at about 104k and I’ll push myself harder this week to wrap up the rest of the story. I just need one more intense weekend of hard work and probably next week I’ll post one of the lastContinue reading “#MidWeekTease – Rope Corset – Unorthodox Union #BDSM”

#MidWeekTease – Birthday Surprise – Unorthodox Union #BDSM

How do you do, teasers? I had another pretty intense workout weekend and I’m getting closer to the finishing line every day. I’m currently at nearly 77k of Unorthodox Union. If things keep going so well I should be near the end next Wednesday. That must be the most intense writing month I’ve ever had,Continue reading “#MidWeekTease – Birthday Surprise – Unorthodox Union #BDSM”

#MidWeekTease – A String of Pearls – Unorthodox Union #BDSM

Happy Wednesday, teasers. How was your weekend? I had been productive and kicked the total word count of the novel up to 50k, which leaves me at about 35% of the story and very close to the end of Act 1. Yeah, I know, it’s too long – I’m an overwriter and prefer my booksContinue reading “#MidWeekTease – A String of Pearls – Unorthodox Union #BDSM”

#MidWeekTease – You changed your limits? – Unorthodox Union #BDSM

Hey teasers lovers! How is your week going so far? I’m progressing as fast as I can with the manuscript of Unorthodox Union, I’m currently close to the first 35k. Hopefully, this time next week I will have doubled the word count – after all, that baby should be published in the fall. I gaveContinue reading “#MidWeekTease – You changed your limits? – Unorthodox Union #BDSM”

#MidWeekTease – Kiss me before I do that – Unorthodox Union

Hey guys, how is it going? I had a rather busy creative week, with a lot of caffeine nights and intense writing sprints. I’m currently past the 15k of Unorthodox Union but I have to pick up the pace over the next few weeks. I’m a classic case of overwriter and all my work isContinue reading “#MidWeekTease – Kiss me before I do that – Unorthodox Union”

#MidWeekTease – Something On Her Mind – Unorthodox Union

Long time no see. I hope you have you been well and inspired. Last time I took part in MidWeek Tease I was working on my Strangers In The Night project. I put it on hold because of Unorthodox Union, the final and most important book in my first BDSM trilogy, required my attention. ItContinue reading “#MidWeekTease – Something On Her Mind – Unorthodox Union”