Be My Guest on Tuesday: Imogen Boxed Set by R.B. O'Brien

Cheers to my first guest this week, my good friend R.B. O’Brien and her special treat, the boxed set of her dystopian tale of Imogen. It will be only 1,99 USD during December so take advantage. Now the Imogen series, Captured, Corrupted, Conflicted, and Claimed can be read all together in one box set. This darkContinue reading “Be My Guest on Tuesday: Imogen Boxed Set by R.B. O'Brien”

Author Spotlight: R.B. O’Brien

There was a long hiatus in the Author Spotlight Thursdays but now we’re finally back on track. My next guest after the break is a special friend of mine but that is not the reason she is here. R.B. O’Brien is a lot more than an erotic romance author. Her writing, characters, and style feelContinue reading “Author Spotlight: R.B. O’Brien”

New Release! Imogen: Captured by R.B.O'Brien

R.B. O’Brien, My good friend and fellow author was supposed to have her Author Spotlight this week. We postpone it for next Thursday for a very good reason. The lovely and hard working Ms. O’Brien has been preparing her next epic series after the well-loved Thorne and Natalie’s Edge, which you absolutely must check out ifContinue reading “New Release! Imogen: Captured by R.B.O'Brien”