Teaser of Stroker Ace

Have you read my novella Stroker Ace yet? If its nomination for best BDSM book in the Menage category is not enough to persuade you maybe that little teasing excerpt may tip the scales for you


“Hello, Annabelle. We were waiting for you. What is wrong, you look a bit pale, sweetheart.”

The open sarcasm in her voice made Annabelle clench her fists.

“Just a bit of a headache.”

Kitty reached for the deck of cards and spread them with their backs upon the smooth surface.

“I think that with the type of game our dear guest has planned you will soon find relief.” Evan smiled wickedly. Annabelle had never heard him speaking in that tone of voice before.

“I am not really into card games…” The tables surely were turned on her. She was in her own home and yet felt uncomfortable and awkward, wondering if she should take a seat, keep on standing or just leave.

“No need to worry, little one.” Kitty drummed her nail over the back of the card and moved her black hair so it would fall over her right shoulder. “Rules are very simple. I thought it would be fun for you to try a stripping game meant for people who are not used to betting.”

“S-stripping?” They clearly looked as smug and happy together as if Annabelle was the third wheel. Did they also have to humiliate her?

Kitty nodded enthusiastically.

“Your good old Acey Deucey with clothes instead of money, modified to suit our needs. Since neither of you can be fully trusted I’ll play the dealer.” She licked her lips and picked the Queen of Spades out of the deck running the card over her face. “Both of you take a piece of your clothing as an ante and put it in here.” Kitty pointed at the center of the table. “I deal you two cards and you have to guess whether the third one will fall numerically between those you see face up. If you are correct you can take one item of your clothes and accessories. If not, you have to get undressed a bit more.” Her eyes went down Annabelle’s body and the blonde sensed how her face turned hot. “The one who loses all of their clothes will be our pet for the rest of the evening, doing everything he or she is told.”

“Very clever, Kitty, but I’m not going to play your mind games.” Annabelle found some remaining strength and crossed her arms against her chest. Evan was just as impenetrable as at the beginning of the conversation. “You will just use my lack of knowledge of the game so you can undress and degrade me. Why do you get to be the one who won’t be touched at all no matter what? It is either Evan or me losing and you’re only calling the shots. It hardly seems fair.”

“My pretty little wife is right.” Evan ran his fingers through Kitty’s hair and kept staring at Annabelle’s face with vague amusement as if she was a study subject. “I have another proposal for the two of you. If Annabelle loses you and I will have her do as she is told. If I lose then you, darling, will get Kitty and me to be your slaves catering to whatever whim you have for the rest of the evening.”

Kitty chuckled and nudged Evan playfully.

“What a devil you really are.” She turned back to Annabelle. “Well, sweetheart? I think it is only fair that way. If you take a risk you may get the chance for revenge. I will not back down and will do anything you ask, even lick your high heels.” Her eyes were rolling so hard as if she was saying “Like that would ever happen”.


Amazon US – http://amzn.to/25gtIBw

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I dare you to follow through that hot night of seduction, if you are brave enough.


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