Teasing Bites: A Semi-Public Moment of Passion – Malt & Ginger (Midnight Encounters Vol. I)

This is a little teaser from my current work in progress, to be released in 2020. Feel free to comment if you like it. The cover is temporary and the teaser isn’t edited. 

Warning: F/f, Domme/sub, BDSM.

I had no time to think too long as she laid her hand between my legs and rubbed my pussy through the thick patch of pubic hair. Luxurious impulses of pleasure unleashed in my clit and I bit my tongue in despair. Oh no, how could I stay silent when her fingertip was playing with the little nub of nerves? My folds were opening up for her while she teased me with smooth, circular movements.

Audrey, Audrey, you sweet thing. You’re so wet… I can’t believe how horny you are.” She tutted while her fingers were circling my clit and teasing it. “Did you get so wet only because of a kiss? Oh, you’d be so much fun to train and play with…”

Tears of effort streamed down my cheeks when Olivia slid her fingers inside my tight cleft. She pushed the veil of hair out of my neck and nibbled its skin gently. I shut my eyes closed and tried not to moan but it was so hard when she was touching me on the inside. Her digits were stretching me and she soon found my clit. The pressure of her thumb on that sensitive spot was pure torture.

You know, I’d never guess you were such a dirty girl… a shy, cute little nymphomaniac…” Olivia was whispering. Her words cut through my heart and brought a wave of heat through my body. She flexed her fingers and opened them in a V-shape while rubbing my clit. “I thought it’d take me ages, that I have to coax your inner slut… and here you are, so wet, so needy, so compliant. You’re a natural, you know it.”

Natural at what, being a whore? That cruel little voice in my head cried out but the pounding pleasure between my thighs silenced it. Olivia pressed her pretty lips at the crook of my neck and licked it with the tip of her tongue. She was leaving her little love bites while her fingers were pumping in and out of my soaked pussy. I didn’t say a word, I didn’t cry out as I longed to but tears were coating my face. Her cruel pleasure and teasing left me writhing with need. If she stopped right then I’d sob so loud everyone in the building would hear me.

She started with soft, gentle thrusts but now she was fucking me with two fingers and digging her nail in my clit.

Yes, don’t hold back, kitten. Get wet for your Mistress.”

Never had I felt such a deep despair that only one person could relieve. Olivia was slowly kindling the fire and once it reached the boiling point she pushed a third finger inside me. She sank her teeth right at my shoulder and this time the pain was throbbing and intense. Such a stark contrast with the warmth of pleasure her hand was evoking. I pressed my forehead to the tiled wall and dug fingers in it, in a state of complete panic. The moan would tear off my lips anytime soon.

Olivia’s vicious bite and her sensual tapping of my clit created a confusing, hormonal mess in my mind. I squeezed her fingers inside my tight walls and arched my spine. That was my desperate way of begging her to get deeper inside me. Horror gripped my heart when she found that sweet and sensitive spot, a rough area so easy to miss, so small and yet unlocking avalanche of pleasure.

She was setting me up for failure. All these sweet love nibbling, harder bites were bad enough. A sliver of pain went through me when her nail caressed my clit. Olivia used that moment to stroke my G-spot harder and sink her teeth in my neck.

A devastating sense of loss shattered me on the inside when I heard my own moans. No, no, she couldn’t stop now. I’d die if she did it to me.

It’s okay, kitten.” That velvet whisper eased the hand of anxiety. She caressed my hair and kissed my lips gently. Her tongue traced the tears on my cheeks. “You can moan, just keep it quiet. I’m not going anywhere.”


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