Teasing Bites: Their First Kiss – Malt & Ginger (Midnight Encounters Vol. I)

This is a little teaser from my current work in progress, to be released in 2020. Feel free to comment if you like it. The cover is temporary and the teaser isn’t edited.

This week the two heroines of the novel finally share a kiss. Is it hot enough for your taste or more like a lukewarm?

F/f, Domme/sub, BDSM



Olivia was kissing me with the hunger of a she-wolf. She was pulling my hair so hard stings of painful pleasure were coursing through my scalp. Her lips were sweeter than the most decadent chocolate I ever tasted. The light flavor of scotch and its mild bitterness made that delicious sensation even more intense. Olivia’s fingertips were slowly massaging the back of my neck through the veil of hair. She held me in her arms and found pleasure spots on me that I never suspected of.

When she slid her tongue between my wet, open lips her warmth spread through me. I felt her in every fiber of my being, her hunger, her dominance, the way she handled my body like her sexual property. Her teeth were leaving their marks against the sensitive flesh of my lips. I welcomed that rough, intense lust. All I wanted for her was to mark me, leave me a scar that could always remind me of that kiss. I heard my own groan when Olivia bit my tongue and yanked my hair harder.

By the time I was a panting, moaning mess she’d switch to a sweeter, more calm pace. Her cruel grasp would become a soothing massage. Those marks I had left on my own skin were burning beneath her tender touch. Olivia was making love to my lips. She was licking and sucking them as if she wanted to savor me. That warmth even more powerful than alcohol made my blood boil and I felt how I arched.

In that moment I had ceased to be the girl I was and ended up becoming her instrument. That lady of light and shadows, a creature of delicious cruelty, played me like I was her violin. She’d switch between her soft touches, gentle licking and the intense, hungry kisses that nearly drew blood from my tongue.

Olivia said she’d be kissing me all day if she could. Had I ever suspected a kiss could be so perfect I wouldn’t do anything else. I’d be happy if my heart stopped beating while her tongue was exploring my dark crevices and her elegant fingers were fondling my flesh. It would be the best death anyone could wish for and I’d leave the world after knowing pure ecstasy.

Only I could be thinking of death while that beautiful woman was kissing me. I tried to respond to her ardent lips, to match her pace and kiss her back with the same passion. Olivia was the one in charge and her skill quickly overwhelmed me. I was nothing but a putty in her hands in that moment. My nipples were so hard under the scratchy fabric of the sweater and my cotton bra. River was flowing between my thighs and I burned with every little stroke and lick of her soft, luscious lips.

If she had asked me I would do anything for that goddess.


That single word broke the spell and I froze in place. Reality came crashing down on me and the beauty of the kiss melted. Dirty, uninvited memories flooded my mind and shot a pain through my heart.

Olivia must have felt the sudden shift in my mood. I wanted to die when she pulled away and looked at me with concern. Her fingers removed a few pieces of hair that had fallen on my forehead while she had been fucking my mouth with her tongue.

“What’s wrong, Audrey? Are you okay?”

I opened my mouth to respond but I realized I had nothing to say. Her dark eyes were glowing with lust but I could read the concern in them. A light crease went through the forehead but even that didn’t mess with the perfection of her skin.

She could reduce me to a melting, hot mess even without touching me. Now that the memory of her kiss burned on my lips and when my tongue had her teeth on it some unspoken agony began to gnaw in me.

Olivia stared at me with surprise when I placed my hands on her chest and gently pushed her away. I hurried up to my feet before she had the chance to do or say anything.

“I… I’m sorry, would you excuse me? I need a minute… Where is the ladies room?”


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