Teasing Bites: Christmas Dinner Invitation – Malt & Ginger (Midnight Encounters Vol. I)

This is a little teaser from my current work in progress, to be released in 2020. Feel free to comment if you like it. The cover is temporary and the teaser isn’t edited. 

Warning: F/f, Domme/sub, BDSM.


Hey, Audrey?” David called after me while I was putting on my coat and scarf. “Look, I know it might seem too soon but you mentioned you’d be alone at Christmas. Samantha and I are throwing a little Christmas dinner. It would be us and a few more friends. Feel free to join us.”

Tears began to burn behind my eyes and before I could stop myself I reached out and hugged him. It was a friendly, quick embrace but it filled me with a lot of warmth.

Thank you…” I said when I pulled away from him. “That would be lovely. I… I know that contradicts everything I told you earlier but I suspect I may have a date then.”

David chuckled and put on his own heavy leather jacket.

I knew it there must have been a reason for the change in your looks.” He said with a smile.

Um… yeah.” I chewed on the inside of my lips. Telling about my strange new affair felt surreal. Part of me still had a hard time believing that any of what happened last night and that morning wasn’t a fantasy. “I… it is very new and I don’t know where this is going. I’m not even sure if we’ll last a long time. It…”

Audrey, it’s fine.” He interrupted me with a gentle voice. “You don’t owe me an explanation. Just look out for yourself and stay safe. If by any chance your date doesn’t happen…”

David put down his backpack, took out a notepad and a pen and scribbled a number and his name on the yellow paper. His handwriting was pretty neat and he left blue marks on the paper with confident strikes. He handed me the piece of paper with a smile.

Feel free to call. We can come to pick you up and you’re more than welcome to join us.”

I ran fingers down the paper with a smile, with a fast beating heart and tears of gratitude nearly rolling down my cheeks.

It’s been a while since someone gave me their phone number on actual sheet of paper.” My voice broke when I tried to make a joke out of it.

I’m old-fashioned like that.” David shrugged. “It leaves you the option not to call if you’re too nervous to say no. Don’t feel pressured to give me your contacts.

Instead of responding I fished my own phone out of the pocket of my coat and hurried to dial his number.

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