Teasing Bites: Self-Love Instructions – Malt & Ginger (Midnight Encounters Vol. I)

This is a little teaser from my current work in progress, to be released in 2020. Feel free to comment if you like it. The cover is temporary and the teaser isn’t edited. 

Warning: F/f, Domme/sub, BDSM.


Olivia didn’t show any surprise. That purring seduction returned to her voice when she spoke the next words.

Let’s see how submissive you are. I want you to do as I say, no questions asked. You’re going to play with yourself and you’ll come for me like a good girl.”

Olivia, it’s late, I’m going to be late for work.” I protested weakly.

No, you won’t. It’s only six thirty, you have time for an orgasm before work. You shouldn’t spend a day without pleasuring yourself.” She scolded me gently. “No more back talking, miss. Do as you’re told. What are you wearing?”

My head was spinning. First semi-public sex, first phone sex. I wouldn’t be surprised if by tomorrow I found myself in the middle of my first orgy with the pace we were moving in. Blush remained on my face as I answered her question.

Pjs, tights and one T-shirt… It’s really cold and…”

I imagined her flicking her wrist as she cut me off with her authoritative voice.

Lay down on your bed and remove your bottoms. Leave your phone on speaker.” Olivia ordered and that’s exactly what I did. I went back to bed and shivered when the room air brushed my naked pussy. It was much warmer than yesterday but still not enough so I’d be walking around in my birthday suit. That red heat on my face was slowly spreading down through my body and soon the warmth wouldn’t be a problem.

Did you do as I say, kitten?” Olivia interrupted my musing. It must have been my imagination but she sounded more hasty, with that same dark lust from yesterday.

Yes, Olivia…” I responded. How would she react if she could see me? Would I still turn her on?

Good girl. Now spread your legs nice and wide. You can put a pillow under your butt.” She purred in my ear and I obeyed, in a state of complete trance. I felt the wetness all over my folds, slick and fluid. “Close your eyes and relax, let your body warm up. You’re safe, you have enough time for a little simple pleasure. Run your hands down your body. Slowly… Take your time. Don’t touch your pussy yet. Slide your fingertips down your inner thighs, through your pubic hair but don’t touch your clit.”

Her voice and the darkness that enveloped me when I closed my eyes were enough to help sensuality take control. A gentle moan was echoing through the room while my skin was getting hotter. I was fondling my own body and tried to imagine these were the hands of a lover who worships every part of me. Never had I realized how enticing it might be to tease myself just with the fingertips and what a turn on it was to deny myself. All I wanted was to press my thumb at that sweet, sensitive spot, in the velvet darkness of my own cunt… but Olivia hadn’t given her permission.

How do you feel, pet?” She drawled in that lazy, sexy purr. “I wish I was there so I could watch you play with yourself.”

Strange… Hot… I… Please, let me touch my pussy.” A slow burning pleasure was simmering deep inside me, between my wet thighs. Even my pubic hair felt as soft as silk while I was threading fingers through it.

Not yet, little one.” Olivia hissed in my ear. “You should know that I own you… I own your orgasms and if I want to give you one, you won’t deny me. You’re not allowed to touch yourself unless I say so, do you understand?”

Yes, Olivia…” I cried out, parted my legs wider and pushed my waist up. That shameful spicy taste was filling my nostrils again. “Oh please…”

Lick your fingers.” She ordered with a cold voice. “Trace your tongue along them and imagine you’re about to taste my skin. Savor it… and don’t stop touching yourself.

How could I possibly stop? Her quiet, specific orders with that purring voice of a goddess did something to me. Every touch against my skin felt so sensual as if I was getting to know myself for the first time. The heated center between my legs, with its soaked ginger curls and throbbing little clit, was calling me and begging for a relief.

Arch your back.” Olivia kept torturing me with her sultry whisper. “Imagine that I’m there in the corner of your room. I’m sitting on a chair and sipping a drink while I watch you dance for me on your back. Show me how you feel with the thrust of your hips, with how you sway that waist… Yes, good girl, moan for me.”

I hadn’t realized how loud I had been moaning until she said it. Her image was burning bright and clear behind my closed eyelids. Olivia watched my every movement and soaked my arousal, my despair, hidden behind an enigmatic smile. I pressed my cheek against the soft pillow and raised my hips. Soft groans of anguish and lust were escaping my lips.

Release your mind, little one. There is no one else in the world but the two of us… you do want to please your Mistress with the dance of your wet thighs, don’t you? You want to show me how obedient you can be?” That quiet intensity returned to her voice.

Yes, oh, yes… my Mistress… please…” My fingers were shaking while I was caressing my body and reveling in its softness. Their tips were circling around my plump pussy lips. It took all my will power not to press them to my throbbing clit. How would she know?

Just a little breach of her rules…


Are you warm, pet? Is your spicy little cunt wet and ready?” She teased. I hated and worshiped her in that moment.

I’m burning, Olivia… Please, I…”

Say it… Beg for it. Don’t just whisper like a scared little girl.” Her words attacked me like a vicious arrows of fire. When they touched my heated skin they didn’t hurt me but set out new explosions of pure pleasure. I was biting my lips and tried not to imagine myself on the outside. Wet, with spread legs, swaying my hips like a whore, in heat as if I was a bitch in spring.

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