Teasing Bites: Meeting Audrey – Malt & Ginger (Midnight Encounters Vol. I)

This is an little teaser from my current work in progress, to be released in 2020. Feel free to comment if you like it. The cover is temporary and the teaser isn’t edited.




“Hey. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” I tried to convey all the friendliness I had in my voice and smile. The redhead was still staring at me with wide opened eyes with dark pupils. She wrapped her arms around herself and stroked her left wrist with a self-soothing movement. Every pore of her screamed how vulnerable and lost that strange creature was.

A tiny bird that had fallen off the nest and just waits to be devoured. There was something so seductive and yet innocent about her response. Anxiety was swimming in her eyes but she didn’t try to escape or even shift from her place. She was only staring at me with cheeks turning pink and hot under the creepy lights of the parking lot. The stranger gasped for breath and kept stroking her hand. That didn’t seem to give her the calm she was looking for.

Her fear and lost girl charm made my body strangely warm and pulled all my protective streaks. It was hard to see her face in the darkness and I had no idea if I even found her physically attractive. Yet she drew me like a magnet.

All I wanted was to pull her close, wrap my arms around her and whisper in her ear everything would be fine. I’d hold her until she stopped trembling. As soon as she calmed down I’d grab a handful of her messy ginger curls, pull her head back and whisper in her ear if she’d be a good girl for me.

That would be as inappropriate and creepy as it got but that little strange brought up some ancient force deep within me. It was a forceful, dark need to claim her and carve my mark into her pale skin. I longed to take her before some other predator had caught the scent of her innocence and gotten to her.

If the redhead could read minds she’d be running for the hill. I needed to pull myself together and stop fantasizing of the poor frightened girl down on her knees.

“You ran away too fast so I didn’t have the chance to apologize to you. Are you okay? Do you want me to walk you to your car?I wanted to reach out and touch her face but restrained myself. She was jumpy enough as it was.

“I… I don’t have a car.” I just realized these were the first words I heard her speak. It was a low, sound, not louder than the purring of a kitten. The look on her face was so intense and she looked like she struggled speaking. “I got off the wrong floor, I was supposed to press the button for the first floor but I…”

“But my charming coworker made you forget about that, didn’t he?”


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