Teasing Bites: Her First Whiskey Tasting – Malt & Ginger (Midnight Encounters Vol. I)

This is an little teaser from my current work in progress, to be released in 2020. Feel free to comment if you like it. The cover is temporary and the teaser isn’t edited.



Oh?” I shrugged and blushed furiously at the thought of undressing for Olivia. Stripping slowly under her appreciative gaze. I imagined her sitting in the corner on a large armchair with her sexy, mysterious smile and a glass of whiskey in hand. She’d follow my every move while I took my clothes off for her viewing pleasure. It would be the most humiliating experience in my life and yet it sounded thrilling to be naked for her.

What is wrong with me? She’s a woman and we only first met?

My body didn’t care for that. Only the sound of her voice made me slip into depraved fantasy lands.

Girls with lips like yours tend to be hedonists.” Now her voiced sounded purring and her eyes grew an even more intense shade of black. “Now, Audrey, allow me to break you in.”

Was she flirting with me? All the signs were there, her focused attention, the hints, the appreciative looks. Yet I couldn’t wrap my mind around it.

Now, the scent and flavor might be too strong for you at first so get used to it. Bring the glass to your nose and breathe in. Close your eyes so you wouldn’t distract yourself.”

Olivia had left her own whiskey and seemed to have forgotten about it. She was studying me with the intensity of a lioness about to pounce on a helpless gazelle. Her voice was lower now and each word she spoke had a husky tone to it.

It shocked me how easy it was to follow her commands, to turn my mind off and let her take charge. I closed my eyes but I was still aware of her movements, her gaze, her tempting words that turned something as trivial as a sip into a titillating experience.

The bourbon was pretty powerful and at first it overwhelmed my senses. The alcohol had the same strong effect as Olivia’s voice and eyes, so intense I couldn’t handle them at once. The scent kept me in place. Once I let the power possess me I began to catch some other nuances like spices and fruity nuances.

Do you like it?”

Y-yes, I think so.” I whispered and asked before I could stop myself. “Would you let me have a sip now, please?”

Such a polite girl.” Olivia laughed. I still kept my eyes closed but I felt her shifting closer to me. The potent combination of bourbon and her own irresistible perfume were making my head dizzy. “You do enjoy being told what to do, don’t you? Now, take a little sip. Don’t gulp or pour it down your throat or you’ll choke and we don’t want that…

I opened my eyes and looked at her in shock. She was close to me and I could feel the heat from her body. At the same time Olivia didn’t attempt to touch or kiss me. Her big eyes were just studying me and the light, mysterious smile danced on her lips.

Take a very small sip. Actually, wet your lips with it and lick them. You’ll get a better sense of the taste before your first real sip and you’ll get used to it.”

She had me under her spell and each little fulfillment of her orders made my body quiver with delight. The amber drops soaked my lips and their flavor sent my senses in overdrive. It was the most intense alcohol I tasted and it burned my skin. Still, it was so delicious I couldn’t resist the taste.

Would it be any different if I drank it from her lips… or if I tasted her after she had taken a sip from her own glass?

Good girl.” She whispered in such a low voice I wasn’t sure I heard her correctly. What an odd thing to say. “Do you like it?”

I… it’s really sweet and mellow but it is also strong. I think there are some spices in it?I was gasping as I spoke and clutched the glass next to my lips.

You have fine taste buds, Audrey… and you haven’t even gotten your first proper sip.” She smiled and reached out, as if to run fingers through my hair. Instead, she pried the glass out of my hands. Oh fuck, her touch was so soft and delicate it made me want to taker those fingers and lick them slowly, one by one.

She curled my hand around the tumbler. “Use only one hand when you hold your glass. Now… take that sip and roll the liquid down your tongue. Don’t swallow just yet. Enjoy the taste.”

Was it normal to be so wet or for my knees to be so weak when Olivia only touched my hand? The first sip was sweet as a first summer kiss on the beach and as intoxicating as making love on a hot night under the light of a super moon, white and growing above two lovers’ bodies. These were the thoughts that ran through my mind when the delicious sip hit my taste buds and swirled between my lips.

I imagined her to be the one who kissed me as the sun caressed our bodies.

Are you enjoying it? Does it taste good?” She asked with that smile of a satisfied devil. Olivia could really be Satan herself sent to tempt me and deprive of my innocence.

If I had any innocence left to give.

I only nodded to her question that vibrated with seduction.

Good. Now you can swallow it. Do it slowly. No matter what you do don’t ever just gulp down the drink. You won’t feel any pleasure and honestly, it’s kind of disrespectful to a fine drink not to savor it.”

She was right, the first swallow wasn’t the most pleasant experience. Not at first. It was burning me on the inside as the drink got inside me. Slowly that mild pain began to turn into pleasure. It was sweet and fiery and I found myself longing for the next sip.

Take your time.” Olivia said, as if she had read the words in my mind. “Your eyes are glowing so I guess that you want more of the same but you shouldn’t rush it. It’s the beginner frenzy. You can easily get drunk even from one glass, especially if you’re not experienced. Have some water.”

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  1. This truly the best description of how to take that first taste of a fine whiskey I’ve ever read and sexy as he’ll to boot!

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