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After many months of preparation, writing, editing, promotion and one kick-ass Facebook party Unorthodox Therapy is live on Amazon and available for purchase. If you are a subscriber of Kindle Unlimited you can also read it for FREE there. When I started writing that book I never expected it to turn into a trilogy but characters have their way of surprising us.

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If you aren’t convinced why you should spend your hard earned money on my writing here are some excerpts that may help you decide.


“This may be the root of the problem, Thomas.” Lina stared at me with determination and
uttered slowly, “I don’t think I’ve got it in me to be a submissive. I’d much rather have control of my life than have orgasms.”
I nearly burst in laughter. It was always cute when a woman like her tried to deny the
obvious. However, I knew enough of human nature. If I made any attempts to persuade her, make her face who she was that would make her fight back with the ferocity of a wild cat. Lina would have to reach the conclusion by herself.
I brushed a lock of hair behind her ear and caressed her cheek as she waited for me to strike.
Clearly, my boss expected me to try to bully her into confession. When it didn’t happen, she was at a loss for words.
“Then why did you have such a great time yesterday? I remember you didn’t even mind me
calling you ‘pet’.”
“It was… conditioning.” She lowered her eyes to the cup of coffee. “It’s biology. Our bodies are designed to respond to erotic impulses and stimulation. I’m a normal, red-blooded woman.”
“You don’t say.” I smirked at her. Watching her plan her moves was almost as much fun as having her naked and at my mercy. Almost.
“So, yes, I guess you’re simply great at pushing those buttons and turning a woman into a
drenched slut.” Lina said the last word in a casual manner. It was still too early to decide if it
was bravado or if she was getting over her slut issues. “We’re made of flesh and blood.
Practically anyone can become a panting sex slave in the appropriate conditions.”
“I don’t know, Lina.” She looked disappointed when I moved my fingers away from her face.
“You admitted you had a hard time climaxing…”
“Anything I said–”
“…and yet you were on the edge so many times last night. You confessed no one had made
you feel like that before. Let’s say you were under duress then and not responsible for your
words. How about now?” I got up from my chair and moved to the other end of the table. “Did you ever have such an… enhanced, biologically conditioned orgasm?” I chuckled.
“Listen. Remember how you asked me why I was taking the risk of starting my own
company instead of working as a highly paid Silicon Valley techie?”
In other circumstances, I wouldn’t have let her get away with not answering my question, but this was an interesting twist to our conversation. I rubbed my chin, feigning deep thought, and gave her a carefree smile.
“I do remember very well. You never gave me a satisfactory response whenever I asked, but that is fairly typical for you, boss.”
“Don’t push your luck.” She rolled her eyes and looked amused for a moment. “So, you want answers. I’ll tell you why. I’m no good at following orders. At every company I worked for I was the smart ass black sheep who questioned everything and argued with her managers.”
I laughed out loud and inclined further, holding myself by the stomach. Lina looked at me
with a raised eyebrow. Her expression was more confused than irritated.
“Sorry. The irony of you calling me ‘brat’ all those years was just too much.”
“Anyway,” she uttered through gritted teeth, “the most frequent replies I’d get were to start my own company if I thought I was better than everyone else. That’s exactly what I did. I set my own rules and play only according to them. Independence is something I’ve always craved.
This is who I am, Thomas, a control freak. Not a cat on a leash. This will never work.”
The walls around her feelings couldn’t be torn down by weapons of war. She was too strong and even thousands of climaxes per day wouldn’t change that, but I didn’t want to take her by force or brainwash her with pleasure. It would count as a victory only if Lina gave me the key herself.
“You know best who you are, Lina.” I raised my hands in pretend defeat. “If you say you’re
not submissive, I guess you’re not, but tell me…” One step backward. “Didn’t our play from last night have any effect on you? Do you feel any different?”
Lina blinked in bewilderment at my question. I must have completely defeated her
expectations. Otherwise, she’d never have allowed herself such an obvious display of surprise.
The shock faded quickly and Lina rested in her chair, not even wincing in pain at the shift in position.
“Well, I must admit this was the first morning for ages when I didn’t wake up wanting a
cigarette as soon as possible.” Panic rushed in her voice and she squeezed her cup so tightly it nearly broke in her hands. “But maybe it was because I was too busy getting over the fact I’d been dominated by you. It means nothing.”
“True.” A thrill ran through my body as I recognized a nearly invisible crack in her armor. I
tried to stay focused but it was impossible to not get excited with how close I was. “But you use cigarettes as a coping mechanism for stress. Doesn’t it make sense you would have wanted one before facing me? You didn’t even ask me to give you the pack. You were ready to flee from my house without saying goodbye but the thought of smoking didn’t occur to you? That’s interesting.”
Lina looked down and I used the pause to enjoy one of those rare times she was at a loss for words. I returned to her side and placed a hand on her shoulder.
“Listen. You may not be the submissive type but my therapy seems to be working. I have a
proposal for you. The next two months, come back to my house on Friday evenings and stay until Saturday morning. We’ll engage in extensive play and some intense scenes. You’ll be punished for every lapse in your habit, but if you succeed in quitting, you’ll receive more pleasure than you’ve ever felt in your life. You’ll keep the safeword you chose last night. All your hard limits will be respected, but you’ll have to accept that you’re not the boss in these scenes.”

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Something more spicy?

My weakening common sense rebelled against his orders, but Thomas had never led me wrong so far. Later, I could torment myself over how easily I surrendered my trust, but right then, it was the most natural thing to lie down on my back and part my pussy lips as wide as possible. I opened my eyes to meet his and he seemed surprised, even shocked. That didn’t stop his hand from tilting the candlestick further and letting the hot tears drop down onto my ruby red, aching clit. The air was pierced by my short scream combining both pleasure and pain, and I could feel that I was getting dangerously close to the edge. For a moment, I saw a white light and felt like I was about to faint. The film of sweat coating my body mingled with hot wax leaving its scalding tears on my most intimate parts.

The pain was mild, no stronger than static electricity or a stronger spanking, but it was getting harder to follow when even the smallest movement could make me explode.

“Sir, if you keep doing that I’ll cum right on the spot. I’m not so strong.”

“You lasted the entire week, pet. You’ve been through so much. You think you can’t handle the last steps on the road?” He smirked and left the candlestick on the side.

“I just need you inside me. Please. I’ve never felt like this. Please, just help me cum.” The desperate begging in my voice belonged to someone else. Was I really this woman capable of breaking her own pride?

“Your senses are underused, Lina.” His fingers smacked against my drenched pussy lips. I whimpered in despair. What was he waiting for? I was ready for him to claim me, fuck me, mark me. Damn it, he would always have his sign on me, long after the wax had dried and the caning welts had healed. “There’s so much more you can experience if you allow yourself.”

His words made no sense to me. All I knew was that I was being destroyed by my own needs and his cock was rubbing against my wax-covered thigh. I longed for him and only he could release me.


“Get back in the previous position.” I obliged and Thomas reached for another obscured object on the table. I only realized he was holding a flogger when the leather tendrils ran over my protruding pussy lips. It was strange how tender the scary device could be, brushing my red skin like a feather. Of course, no matter how foggy my brain was, I knew it could raise stripes with the right force applied.

“Stay still, Lina. Don’t make me punish you, little brat.” There was a note of humor in his voice but he was dead serious.

The flogger’s movement over my exposed thighs and ass crack distracted me. A loud gasp of surprise escaped my chest. Thomas moved the candlestick and placed it on the back of my hand that was lying on top of the table, palm down. What was his devious mind up to? I watched with horror how he repeated the same movement with the other candlestick to the other hand. The heavy silver pinned them both down. It would take one surplus tremble, shiver or movement for the candles to fall down. The bead of sweat running down my forehead was heavy and poignant when my will, body and emotions were fully captured. I was unable to shift even slightly.

“I’m very fond of this table, pet.” Thomas kissed down my spine, one of my weakest spots. “My reflexes are quick enough to prevent any fire hazard, but I’d be sorely disappointed if you dropped the candles and burned the surface. Do you understand?”

“B-but, I can’t…” How did he expect me to handle myself when the wax from the candles was dripping down and could touch my fingers any minute?

“It’s my job to decide how much my sub can handle, pet. You’re awfully close to what you crave so focus on the candles. I know what you’re capable of, Lina. Keep your ass up. Higher. Yes, just like that.”

My ass and pussy were perfectly exposed in the position he placed me in. I should have expected the first blow from the moment Thomas placed the candles on top of my hands. When the flogger fronds bit my pussy, I nearly knocked them over. It was nothing short of a miracle that they kept their upright position. Thomas landed the second strike straight on my clit. I hollowed with the despair of a lonely she-wolf when the pain shot through me, mingling with the earlier pleasure of the wax. It was not as harsh as the cruel caning but a lot stronger than spanking.

He twirled the flogger in the air, leaving a series of bruises over my thighs. He concentrated entirely on my clit, making it pulse harder with every blow. My focus on the candles and the intense vibes on my skin sent me out of this world to an alternative universe where every sound, touch and feeling hit me as hard as if I were an exposed nerve. I was crying out loud and my pussy left its own slick tears across the flogger.

“Thomas, how long… I’m on the edge. Allow me…” The candles were shaking so hard I was sure I’d drop them any minute. “I’m begging you.”

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Something romantic?

The sunbeams peeked through the blinds on my bedroom window and hit me straight in the eyes. I’d been in such a deep state of slumber that at first I couldn’t make out what had happened the previous night. Then, Lina stirred in her sleep and pressed herself tighter against my body. Her bare nipples were already hardened and she muttered something while settling more comfortably on top of me. Each morning after was getting better. It would be easy to get used to the warmth of her skin, the arousing shape of her breasts and ass, the scent of her hair, the tight grip of her long arms around my waist. I removed the hair from her face and saw she was smiling in her dream.

This woman felt so perfect, as if her body had been designed to fit mine. She was shorter than me but with amazing, infinite legs whose ankles were tangled with my own. Lina wasn’t light as a feather by any means and she didn’t have a perfect hourglass figure without any extra weight, but her small imperfections and love handles made her more feminine to me.

I didn’t think someone so reserved and cerebral would be into cuddling or physical contact. Maybe it was because of the connection we were slowly building or because she was overwhelmed with kinky sex and psychological conditioning, but she didn’t shy away from being close to me, accepting my affectionate care, or seeking the physical comfort I could offer her. It was unbelievable how she was able to sleep so deeply next to me, as if we had been lovers for years.

I brushed my thumb against her bottom lip and groaned slightly when her wet pussy ground against my morning erection. Naughty girl. After the intense pounding of yesterday, I was sure Lina would have trouble walking for the next few days. She wasn’t awake and yet her body was primed, ready to be taken again, fueled by her natural lust and passion. One of these weekends, I’d tie her to my bed and keep her there the whole day.

How many orgasms could a minx like her have before she begged me to stop? The mental image of her reddened skin, swollen pussy lips, puckered asshole and tied limbs made my blood boil. Her sexy voice would call out my name. It would be even raspier after all the screams of pain and pleasure.

I was sure about one thing: I didn’t want to lose her. I wished I could wake up next to her every day, which was shocking. Sex and female companionship were important to me but I needed my private time and space. I’d always got nervous when my previous girlfriends had stayed over for more than a few nights in a row.

For the first time, I wanted to share everything with someone else. Was it because of Lina’s elusive nature? What if one day, by some miracle, she made up her mind and chose to stay with me? Would I still want the tigress so much once she was tamed?

Luckily, she woke up and interrupted my confused thoughts before they made me spiral down into an anxiety attack. Lina blinked with sleepy eyes and yawned in an incredibly cute way. In that moment, she reminded me more of a small, cuddly kitten than an intimidating beast.

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Add a bit of witty banter.


“May I guess?” My fingers kept caressing her skin. Lina kept her eyes closed as she talked as if she feared she’d lose her courage.

“Knock yourself out,” she whispered in the same defiant, scared tone.

“Was that when you started smoking?”

She fluttered her eyes open to meet my gaze, completely taken by surprise.

“Yes. It was my sweet little way of saying ‘fuck you’ to their preconceptions. I also decided I’d live by my own rules. So, my math teacher helped me find a great scholarship opportunity. I graduated earlier than everyone and left for college when I was sixteen. I haven’t spoken to them since and I never asked for a cent of my father’s money.” Finally, she was back to herself and sighed with irritation. “I hate how well you know me.”

I moved my hand away from her and smiled again.

“You’re not as difficult to read as you may think. Thank you for telling me. You’ve no idea how much it means to me. Actually, now I understand why you struggle to accept your submissive nature or let go of your habit.”

“I’m not…” Lina stopped mid-sentence and leaned back against her chair. “We talked enough about me. How about you? What made you realize your role in life was to be a big, bad, scary Dom who spanks the living shit out of naughty girls?”

She’d have to think twice if she expected me to get annoyed at her. Our conversation and my remarks had given her enough food for thought. I trusted her intelligence. She’d reach the conclusion by herself. Besides, with how open and honest Lina was at the moment, it was only fair I paid her back with the same coin.


She burst out laughing.

“You got me worried for a moment with that deep talk. It’s a relief you’re a typical guy.”

“Well, it started with fantasies.” I picked up a French fry from my salad and twirled it between my fingers. It was strange that we’d known each other for years and yet there were still so many things to learn, so many secrets, details. Strange and wonderful. “Like you, I’ve always had these fantasies, which made me feel confused and ashamed. Nothing as violent as yours, though.”

“Violent is a bit of an exaggeration,” Lina protested. “I just enjoy being a little… reluctant.”

“I’m not judging you. Mine were just more… romantic.” Heat rushed to my cheeks and I knew it had nothing to do with the sun. “I fantasized about seducing a virgin girl, keeping her legs tied to the bedposts and teasing her body.”

Lina shuddered at my words and licked her lips, probably not realizing. It gave me the confidence to continue with a more seductive voice.

“Then I’d torture her with my tongue until she cried and begged me to fuck her. It was extra sweet if I imagined she was a religious girl. You know, the type who swore to save her virginity for marriage.”

“Sorry to disappoint you. If I ever get married it won’t be in a white dress.” She grinned and shook her head. “So you’re a tricky, manipulative bastard even in your fantasies. Cute.”

I leaned forward to stroke her ear with my lips and whispered,

“Careful how you talk to your Sir, pet,” She rolled her eyes and I got the point across by slapping her cheek tenderly with my fingers. “And no, my fantasies progressed from corrupting virgins to seducing experienced ladies who think they have it all figured out. Do you know anyone who matches that description?” I gave her a peck on the lips and moved away from her.

“That’s interesting, but it’s also tame given your dungeon tastes. I expected something more scandalous.” Lina took a bite of her salad.

“At one point in my horny teenage years, I started watching porn. That was when I acquired my more… hardcore tastes.” It was so much easier to joke around than to be honest, but she had been so brave today. I didn’t even need to make her wet to extract her secrets. I owed her that much. “When I saw my first BDSM porn I was disgusted and secretly aroused. I thought there was something wrong with me for being so turned on by scenes of pain, distress and degradation. Good thing my mother wasn’t technologically savvy enough to check my traffic. She’d have kicked me out on the spot.”

“That bad?” She raised her eyebrows.

“Oh, I never told you who she was, did I? She’s a third wave feminist writer, on the radical, sex-negative side. We’ve got different family names so people rarely associate me with her.”

“Have I heard of her?”

Lina nearly spat her wine out when I casually mentioned my mother’s name.

“That was your mom, really? I bought some of her work but I couldn’t finish it. I think of myself as a feminist but her views were too much for me.” This time, it was her turn to hold my hand and stare at me with tenderness and sympathy. “Wasn’t she also an anti-BDSM activist?”

“Correct,” I muttered dryly and shrugged, trying to get my best indifferent act together. “She was an anti-porn activist and a great critic of the lifestyle, even if her knowledge of it was limited to clichés and misinformation. If she knew what I liked, she’d say she didn’t raise me to become a rapist.”

“It must have been hard growing up around her, especially with your inclinations.”

“True.” I caressed her fingers and stared at her nails. “If you grow up with the notion that women are flawless goddesses, it can be hard admitting you long to tame them into submission. Even to yourself. It’s ridiculous, but for a long time, I thought my perversion was like a stench and girls could sniff it.”

Lina nodded and turned her gaze to the ocean. All I could think was that any distress I might have experienced as a young adult was worth it.

“But…” She darted her eyes back to me and narrowed them. “You look pretty much at peace with yourself right, now unless this is a front.”

“I am. Being a dominant man is in no way easier than being a woman with submissive tendencies. Don’t even get me started on the kind of shit switches put up with. People will always label you no matter what you do or say. There’s a constant risk that a former lover may accuse you of rape or abuse, but at the end of the day, it’s who I am. If I tried to deny it, I’d just end up as a captive of my own fears. Life is short enough as it is.”

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I’ll start writing the sequel, Unorthodox Chemistry, by the end of August after a few weeks of intense research and outlining. But meanwhile you can expect a sexy summer novella. Stay tuned or subscribe to my newsletter so you’d learn more about it.

To everyone who supported me, thank you. The journey continues.


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