#WIPITUP Wednesday – You Can Never Go Wrong With Some Tongue Action #BDSM #Unorthodox Chemistry

wipitup.jpgHello, WIP IT UP fans. I’ve been writing like the wind these last two days and if I keep up the schedule I set for myself I should be done with my current WIP in a few weeks. My last snippets were all dramatic or intense so today I’ll offer you something sexy. It’s an erotic novel, after all. 

Unorthodox Chemistry is Book 2 of The Unorthodox Trilogy, a sequel to Unorthodox Therapy. Unless life gets in the way I should finish it by the end of the next month and it should go live by February 18th 2018. The cover is temporary.



Spread wider.” I commanded with a weakened voice, drinking in the beauty before me. The scent of her aroused cunt and the sight of her flaming hair, the beauty of the pose entranced me. For a moment I forgot where I was but the violent needs of my body quickly brought me back to my senses.

Perfect. Keep the position and don’t move a muscle.”

She tensed at my command but didn’t try to voice her objections. Her eyes were fixed on mine, searching and questioning. Lina swallowed and released a breath I hadn’t realized she’d been holding.

When I went down on my knees in front of her and pressed my lips to the front of her soaked panties she tossed her head back and cried. The cry turned into a shocked yell once I tore her flimsy panties off with teeth. The remains of lace and silk fell apart at her feet when I ripped them to pieces leaving her pussy bare.

I told you it was useless to wear panties tonight, pet.” I breathed warmly against her skin and licked her from the slit to her clithood. Taking in the scent of her aroused cunt, filling my mouth with her spicy, fragrant essence was the equivalent of getting drunk. Lina pulled the chains over me and their clatter echoed through the dungeon together with her yell once she felt me nibbling her clit. It was impossible to hold back anymore as the hunger has been torturing me for ages.

I slid my tongue between her dripping folds and pressed my nose to her pubic bone. She cried out and spread her legs wider. The thick nectar on my lips got even fuller when my hands grabbed her by the thighs and I dug my fingers in them to keep them apart. Her body was quivering in lust and Lina was thrashing in my iron embrace. I was eating her out, lashing my tongue inside her and grinding my face against her growing clit. She tried to control my movements but lust made her weaker and my grasp of her legs was too strong.


As it is work in progress it is rather raw and unpolished so try to be gentle (who am I kidding, that’s not my style so feel free to destroy me.) Now go to WIP IT UP Headquarters for some more delicious bits.


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