Amazon Gift Cards + Gift E-Books Anniversary Contest


It’s been two magical years since I decided to publish my first book. I’m not much of a party girl but I love celebrating the important dates of my life.

I’m in a generous mood and this year I’m throwing a small contest for my readers, with some special prizes.

1st place – A $25 Amazon Gift Card + a gift copy of my next novella, Unorthodox Dom, coming out on November 15th

2nd, 3rd and 4th place – A $4 Amazon Gift Card + a gift copy of Unorthodox Dom

The winners will be chosen via and I’ll announce them on my blog and in my newsletter on November 15th. Each of the participants in the contest will get two free e-books.

The rules are as follows.

Get 3 books for the price of 1 and fill the form below to enter the contest. One of your will be chosen for the contest’s big prizes. All you have to do is buy 1 of my books and fill the form. It can be as little as .99cents.

  1. Buy one of my books on Amazon – . It can be any book you prefer except my permafree title, The Challenge and pick TWO other books. I will send them to you as a gift at the e-mail you submit.
  2. Copy the Order Details + the title of the book from your order confirmation e-mail or make a screenshot of your purchase, per your convenience. The book order confirmation must be with a date of order after Oct 8th 2017.

3. Sign up in the contest form below. You will get your participation prize of TWO FREE BOOKS within one day.

Captionless Image

Copy of order details (If you prefer, you can send me a screenshot at 

E-mail where you’d like to get your two FREE books 

Titles of the two free books you’d like to get (Look at my Amazon page to pick a title) 

Would you like to receive my regular twice a month newsletter and be among the first to learn of my new titles, contests, and sales? (N/a if you are already subscribed)


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