Announcement: My new short story available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited

We are already two weeks in 2016 and I am working on my promised projects. But while the words are flowing in their rough draft I decided to surprise my readers with a bonus short story. It is part of what was going to be a novel but due to many circumstances will not be finished. Still, it works well as a standalone story and delves in some of my favorite topics of sensual domination and group play. It used to be published at my account on Lush Stories. The version that I released on Amazon is fully edit, updated and completed with more back story of the characters. If you want to enjoy a small treat with steamy sex, longing and fulfillment of fantasies that is your story. You can read it on Kindle Unlimited it or buy it on Amazon here. The cover is designed by me.

You can buy it here.

Blurb: “Sophie, you impressed me very much indeed. You have passion, intelligence and conviction. I’m sure your work would be immaculate. But you must understand how important is for my editor to be a kindred spirit. I have to be absolutely confident that what you shared with me tonight is the truth and that you don’t use the beauty of the language to cover yourself. Are you willing to let me take control, to guide you through my world?” He noticed my look of surprise. “Nothing will happen without your consent. You can interrupt it anytime you want and I won’t hold it against you. Yet, I think you do want to let go. Isn’t that what you hoped for this entire evening?”

The sensual world of mysterious erotica writer Cristophe Sabitini fascinated Sophie Edwards since she opened his first book. It shaped her into the woman she was – bold, confident and sexually adventurous. Once her job as an editor at a major publishing company granted her the chance to meet her long adored idol Sophie would be put to the test. Could she resist the masked man with velvet voice whose sensual words and velvet voice make her melt? Their fateful encounter will push her beyond her limits and make her experience her most decadent and outrageous fantasies. How far would Sophie go in her quest for self discovery and sensual freedom? Would she reveal the man behind the myth?

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