Unorthodox Therapy: Excerpt and Promotion Art

In case you follow my blog you know that I am currently working on my debut full-length novel Unorthodox Therapy – a dark cocktail of lust, the power of addiction, wrath, domination, submission and the unlikely love story between an older powerful woman and her employee. The first draft is nearly finished, I have several more chapters to go. But the more time I spend in the mind of my two characters the more it seems that their kinky tale is far from done so… perhaps there is a trilogy in my future. Meanwhile you can wet your appetite with one of the steamier excerpts of the manuscript and some promotion art. Enjoy it… and try to keep your hands on the desk while reading.



I’ve always believed that a beautiful set of lingerie frames even the finest bodies and enhances their assets to the fullest. The black stockings hugged my long legs and their lace tops were pressed tight against my wet inner thigh, which just increased the lust raging within. The pair of drenched panties appeared to be carved specifically to follow the design of my ass and clung to my pussy. Even with the lights so dimmed and the black color it was obvious how soaked I was.

That outfit would make me feel sensual and powerful but in these circumstances, I wasn’t sure if the sex appeal was in my favor.

Thomas kept circulating around me, taking my exposed body in full view. His eyes traced from the nape of my breasts down the smooth, slightly rounded stomach, to the triangle of my thighs. He put his finger under my chin to make me look at him and slid his fingers across my swollen pussy lips, teasing, without really touching then. Just the tip of his nails brushed my clit and that provoked the first gasp that would escape my chest during that night.

“I’ve always known you were the hottest woman I’ve ever met but you completely exceed my expectations.” His free hand rested on my ass and squeezed it like a ripe fruit while he stared down with hungry eyes. “Did you wear these for me tonight?” Thomas teased and moved his palm across my stocking clad thigh. “Did you hope I’d make a move?”

“In your wet dreams.” I uttered with indignation but the betraying burning of my face spoke more than a thousand angry words.

“Maybe I wasn’t the only one with unrequited lust all those years.” He pushed the hair behind my ear and leaned forward to kiss my jaw. Meanwhile, his fingers have moved to the slit between my breasts. I never realized how big and strong his hands were till I felt him cupping my mounds. “Is that what you did in that big office of yours? Lifting your conservative skirts to play with your dripping pussy, fingering yourself to orgasm as you thought of me?”

“What kind of mushrooms have you been smoking, Thomas?” I asked with forced laughter and let out a moan when he pulled my nipples hard. That simple action and his dirty words, the warm breath on my skin, his confidence, all of that was too much and caused me to shudder. If we kept this up he’d end up ruining me by the end of the night.

“You should have asked, Lina. You knew I was absolutely crazy for you from the moment I saw you.” Thomas’s teeth sank hard at my collarbone and left a purple mark at the bottom of my neck. The soft moan of pleasure increased my shame but the flesh had different agenda than the mind. The pain was unexpected and laced with pleasure, especially as his soft tongue moved in circles to the bitten area. Then, without further ado, Thomas smacked his hard palm against my ass cheek and sank his nails in it.

“What was that for?” I cried out at the swift spanking and he repeated the print mark pattern on my other cheek. The pain that ran through me was stinging and rough, punishing rather than playful. But as he dug his fingers in my soft flesh the fire of physical discomfort crept down my goose prickled skin and mingled with the pleasurable sensations his touch provoked. He was quick to react and landed another hard palm on my burning skin. There was no time to protect myself from that rush of lust and my own loud groan of bliss came out as a shock to my ears.

“That was for trying to rile me up and thinking you could get the upper hand with that beautiful body of yours. And for talking back instead of following orders like a good pet should.” Thomas raised his head again and I squeezed my butt muscles in expectation for the next harsh blow. But it never happened. He stood there with a sinister smile and obviously enjoyed the sight of me squirming and anticipating.

“Interesting.” He said and rubbed his chin. “You seem to love it way too much. I’d never thought you might be into pain.”

“W-what? No, I’m not…”

Thomas just waved his hand dismissively and moved back from my shivering frame. The pleasant burning of my ass got my clit to throb even harder. If that stimulation continued I’d soon form a puddle of wetness at my feet.

“What a shame…” He uttered. “It’s a crime that all your beauty should be covered. That is how you should come to work. You should be forbidden from wearing any clothes except for lingerie and a leather collar.”

I knew that I’d probably get more spanking for the next sassy retort but maybe that was what I secretly craved for.

“Not only have you watched too much BDSM porn but you already confuse it with reality.”

He grinned and reached out between my breasts to undo the clasps of the bra. It thrilled me to have him take it off for me, to deprive that symbol of my sexuality and allure of any protection. I never thought how sensual vulnerability could be before the moment when Thomas roughly took my bra off. He discarded it on the ground without a second thought. But instead of fondling and squeezing my tits like I expected his efforts were focused on the button shaped nipples. He pulled them even harder than before and twisted them slowly as if testing the limits of my body and mind.

“Did you ever play with yourself while you were at the office, minx?” Thomas pinched the delicate tips and caused me to groan and squeeze my legs. That was followed by a harsher pull and firm reprimand. “Did I tell you that you could pull your thighs together? Did I? Open wide and answer the question, pet.”

“No!” The erotic pain he was putting me through killed any efforts to remain focused. I realized how much I longed for him to skip the whole “therapy” bullshit and just fuck my brains off. “N-never, why would you…”

Thomas leaned forward and bit my nipple savagely. It was stronger than anything he had done to me so far and for a moment I saw white light before my eyes.

“You know, I don’t understand how you have gotten so far in life without the ability to follow simple rules, Lina. I thought I was clear. Never ask questions and don’t lie to me.”

“But I am not lying. I’d never touch myself at work.” I tried to sound as sincere as possible and gave him a pleading look as he just smiled.

“Really, sweetness? Because I remember many times when I accidentally walked in your office and caught you panting and red-faced.” He kissed the bright purple mark where he had left his teeth. “Don’t get me wrong, I love my job but being your assistant and getting to know all of your dirty secrets was so much fun.”

“What dirty secrets?” The pain at my breast was acute and throbbing, even with the comfort of his tongue.

Thomas placed his hand on my inner thigh and dipped his fingers in the fusion of sweat and pussy juices that covered my skin.

“Mmm, I don’t know, boss, I remember this one time when we had to attend a new client meeting.” As he continued speaking my fingers twitched and that caused him to slap my wrist. The impact was not as strong as the bite but still enough to draw my attention. “So, there you were, preparing the last details of the presentation. You were breathing hard, like a woman who just got fucked.” Thomas speared his fingers in front of my face to show the glistening juices running down his knuckles. “I knew at that point you were hardly shy or nervous when it came to pitching your ideas. And you just had your nicotine fix. Besides, I could smell you so clearly…” He brought the fingers closer to my lips so I could scent my own pungent fluids. “Just like now. You were horny, weren’t you? Like a bitch in heat. If only you were honest back then I could have taken care of you.”

“These are all just speculations, Thomas…” No, why did he have to be so observant? The thought that he had known all these years made me cringe but it also thrilled me. Still…

“Oh, yes?” He ran the digits down my neck, coating me with the evidence of how stupid horny I was. “That was the only time when you got mad at me while I was your PA. I lied that I had forgotten one of the reports so I’d have an excuse to go back to your office.” I remembered that instance, how I snapped and the guilt I felt for being such a bitch to him. Thomas got his profound apology and the accident never happened again.

“Yes but…”

“You were in such a hurry that you had forgotten to lock your door.” He smirked and brought his fingertips to my face so he would continue coating me. I breathed out and closed my eyes in shame. “Can you imagine my surprise when I checked your executive chair, boss?” Thomas licked the remains of juices on his fingers. “Did you ever taste yourself after fingering? Or do you lick the vibrators after using them?”

“Thomas, please…”

“Why, Lina? The sight of your chair was soaked with juices that you had no time to clean was one of the sexiest things I had seen so far in my life.” He moved from behind and pulled my hair so his lips would continue their sensual attack on my neck. Thomas wrapped his fist around several locks of hair and yanked my head back. “Take your panties off. I want your pussy and ass fully available.”

Expect the full novel in June 2016 on Amazon and other vendors.

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