Announcement: Rannigan's Redemption 2: Running Rogue Live on Amazon


Pandora Spocks is a new and very refreshing author of contemporary erotic romance. Her first novel, Luke and Bella: Two Streets Over, came out last summer and ever since then that ginger author worked hard on establishing her name. She combines light hearted writing, some kink, wonderful characters, amazing build up and very sexy scenes. I was pleasantly surprised by her first novel of the Rannigan’s Redemption series, an urban, slow burn type of romance between your not so typical playboy lawyer and an even less typical good yet sassy and confident woman. You can expect my review of the first part over the next week. If you haven’t read it and if you appreciate the magic of a truly slow build up of intense passion I’d hotly recommend you to read Resisting Risk. And once you finish the last pages you may hurry up to buy the second part – Running Rogue – that was offcially released on Feb 9th. Enjoy it or share it with someone special for V-day. Either way, you won’t be disappointed.

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