Announcement: The Money Shot by Logan Black – Updated


That delectable lady who offers her readers erotica with a side of murder is ready for her big debut. If you loved the 40ies noir novels but always thought that they could do with more steamy sex scenes Logan Black is your gal. Still not convinced? You can sample the first 3 chapters of her debut novel The Money Shot here.

Blurb: When your partner is murdered, you’re supposed to do something about it–even if he is a useless drunk.  But for private detective Danny Diamond, it’s a little more complicated than that. He’s been sleeping with his partner’s wife.

The womanizing detective is a ready-made fall guy for the murder.  To make matters worse, the new widow thinks they’re an item now.  His secretary is full of “I told you so’s,” the police are knocking on his door, and a vicious pornographer is convinced Diamond has a set of negatives he’s never even heard of.

The key to unraveling the mystery and saving his own neck lies with his newest client, the beautiful heiress Patricia Carlyle. Patricia is dark and mysterious, the attraction between them electric.  She knows far more about sex than any upstanding rich girl should, but is it just a smokescreen hiding an even more disturbing secret, or is she the genuine article?

The detective who swore he’d never be tied down to one woman finds himself ensnared by the heiress’s many talents.  But if he lets his libido do the thinking for him, he may not make it out of this one alive.  As he digs past the glitzy veneer of post-WWII Los Angeles, he uncovers a sordid world of sex, lies and greed–and with it, a “money shot” worth killing for.

If you want to read more about the author, her future release, blog tours and philosophy visit her webpage.


Shortly after I posted that news Logan informed me there is a change of plans and the release is delayed till January 2015. However, if you’re already hooked on The Money Shot and want to get the latest news visit the author’s site or follow her on Twitter – @loganblackauthr .

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