Stroker Ace's Official Release – Friday, Oct 9th

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I am pleased to inform you that my story Stroker Ace comes out officially this Friday on Amazon. I will post the links of all the other outlets as soon as the story goes live. The first three days you can download it for free. If any of the people reading my blog are book reviewers or bloggers I’d greatly appreciate an honest review. Stay tuned.


Evan and Annabelle remember when they had a perfect marriage. Though they don’t want to admit it their relationship is on the verge of falling apart, plagued with myriad of insecurities, frustration and deeply rooted sexual repression.

Evan still loves his wife yet Annabelle’s hostile attitude and uptight behavior could strain the patience of a saint. Annabelle still loves her husband yet she is ashamed and afraid of her own dark, lustful desires and needs.

Enters Kitty – the beautiful damsel in distress, robbed and left all alone in the rain. When they accept the miserable girl at their home all the stakes will get higher.

What will happen when their guest challenges them to play a game that would change their life? Will their marriage be completely ripped apart by the end of the night? Is love stronger than lust? Or will they find unexpected freedom by indulging their wild side?

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