Author Spotlight: Meet Kat Crimson

Meet Kat Crimson – a smart erotic romance writer, book cover designer, a proud cat woman, entrepreneur and a force to be reckoned with.  Today is the release date of her second novel of the Hardwood’s Harlots series, Dot Matrix: Mistress of the Stage. Kat was kind enough to spare some minutes of her time to chat with me.


Lilah: Hello Kat, I’m purring with delight to have you as a guest. Congratulations on the Hardwood’s Harlots release. How do you celebrate your new books?

Kat: Thanks Lilah! I’m positively the spotlight – a kitty can never get too much light or heat ;P I try not to go too overboard. On the one hand, finishing up a project that’s taken nearly two years to complete is a huge sense of accomplishment, but on the other.. I hate to set myself up for a hard fall if the 5 star reviews and sales don’t start rolling in as soon as I hit publish. I suppose I try to temper myself so I have the will to keep going if the success I hoped for isn’t as immediate as I wish. I’m in it for the long haul – it’s all about pacing and moderating expectations.

Lilah: Dot Matrix: Mistress of The Stage is a multicultural romance, what’s the most challenging about writing such a story, especially with kink elements?

Kat: Are you kidding me? The kink is the easy part. I could write naughty in my sleep, LOL. Even though Dot Matrix is a multicultural romance, it was never my intention to make that the focal part of the story. It’s more a story about two people who have blistering hot chemistry, one happens to be pasty white and the other chocolate brown. Race isn’t really a factor. I suppose that is because in my perfect, utopia world it wouldn’t make a difference and that’s how I wanted to portray things between Marcus and Delilah. It doesn’t matter to them and it shouldn’t matter to us.

unnamed (1).png

Lilah: What do you love the most when you’re writing? What’s your least favorite part of it?

Kat: I love getting lost in the creation of the story and finding my zone when I’m writing. I struggle with energy and motivation because I work another full time job and own a home. I’m on my own so it’s up to me to get everything done myself, which can leave me mentally and physically drained at times. Writing needs the right mood (oh the puns!). It can be tough for me to find it, but when I do.. watch out! OMG – hands down – editing is thee worst. Hate it. I go out of my way in life to avoid backtracking. Even when I go for a hike, I almost always choose a loop. Editing feels too much like going backwards, and it’s too damn picky and detail oriented. I’m an artist. I just want to create!

Lilah: You’re really dedicated to bringing quality to the erotic fiction and write it to appeal to the mind. Do you plan to write in other genres in the future? Will you incorporate elements of other genres in your work, such as sci-fi etc.?

Kat: I love other genres. My first love was fairy tales and I quickly graduated to fantasy. I started reading adult fantasy novels when I was about ten years old. By the time I was twelve, I was entranced with historical romance. I love paranormal and urban fantasy. I like sci-fi and aliens. I would absolutely write stuff in other genres, but the one thing that will remain constant about my writing is that there will always be a high level of heat and the main focus will be on a romantic/sexual relationship between the main characters.


Lilah: What’s the sweetest compliment you have gotten for your stories?

Kat: I have been fortunate enough to have had some amazing comments and compliments made by my reviewers. It would be tough to pick one thing that one person said because all of their positive feedback has had such a profound impact on my desire to keep going and try to make a career out of this writing gig. I did find a review on Goodreads this morning, that one of my advance reviewers left for Dot Matrix, and it really put me in high spirits. It honestly made my day. That’s the best feeling. I could be having a crappy day at work and decide to hop on Amazon or Goodreads for a moment, not really expecting anything new and bam! It’s such a great feeling when someone tells you that your words meant something to them, or that your character is their new book boyfriend. Luv it.

Lilah: Favorite authors and books? Are there authors who inspired you to become a writer?

Kat: I have always been a reader. I could sit here and name authors I love by the metric sh*t ton, but I don’t think I ever really thought I would try to make a go of it as a writer.

A huge deciding factor in the whole ‘maybe I can give this writing thing a go’ was Amazon’s kindle and the indie author platform. Without e-books and an easy way to publish them, I would probably never have really, seriously considered it. The fact that I can write something, edit it myself, put a cover together for it in photoshop and publish it for little to no money made becoming an indie author something attainable, instead of a pipe dream.

I am an entrepreneur at heart and I’m independent, resourceful and love to have complete creative control over the entire process, so this really works for me. As far as writing style goes, I can remember in my teens and twenties when there was a real shift towards first person storytelling. It resonated with me and it’s a style I love.

One of my favorite authors, who really influenced my perspective on what constitutes a great first-person story, with amazing character development, is Laurell K Hamilton. Her Anita Blake vampire hunter series had a big impact on me. I started reading those books in grade school. The first three or four had no sex, but a huge amount of tension, but by the middle of the series it had become some of the kinkiest, craziest stuff I’d ever read. It did that without sacrificing plot and characters and great storytelling.

Lilah: What advice would you give to a new author who’s about to begin their career?

Kat: Please stay away from billionaires and designer clothes and shoes. The world needs no more of these books. Other than that: be prepared to learn a lot of things. Writing is only a small part of the job.

Lilah: What is next for Kat Crimson? What are your future writing plans?

Kat: Oy vey! If I manage to tackle even one eight of all of the plans that are spinning in my head…. My biggest dream is to be able to support myself on my writing income alone. To that end, I have plans to continue my Best Friends to Lovers series as well as start a new series based around a group of sisters who so-own a naughty bakery. I definitely need to get more  work published and to built up my catalog. I have plans to continue with Hardwood’s Harlots Book III as well. But I have no dates for any of this, not even tentative ones. Frankly, I am amazed that Dot Matrix is finished and that she goes live in less than a week. I think I need a bit of time to let that soak in and to let myself recover.

Lilah: Thanks a lot for being here, Kat, As a goodbye, is there anything people would be surprised to learn about you?

Kat: Thanks for having me Lilah xo kiss kiss <3

I’m surer there are some things that people would be surprised to learn about me…. Fade to black, curtain closes … muahahahahahaaaaa ;P

Now that you met the fabulous Kat, perhaps you’re dying to dive into her kinky, sensual world. Check out her titles and don’t miss the chance of getting Dot Matrix for only .99 cents. It will be at such an outrageous price for a limited time so hurry up.

Kat’s Catalogue

Hardwood’s Harlots Bourlesque Romance

unnamed (2).png

Dot Matrix: Mistress of the Stage: Older Woman Younger Man Multicultural Romance BWWM

Kat Crimson Dot Matrix


** Limited Time Preorder Sale – Get your copy before it goes up to $3.99 **
Delilah Brooks is as much a dominatrix on stage as she is in the bedroom. An alcoholic, abusive father and a close call in a dark alley saw to that. Now Dee maintains control at all times. That is until a charismatic younger man comes along and threatens to wrest it from her with seduction and skill, instead of strictly by force.

Against her will, Marcus Hale ignites a fierce need in Dee she thought she’d buried a long time ago and reawakens a deep-seated desire to be dominated and claimed.

How can Dee give up a control she spent her whole life working to obtain – especially to someone who is so young that she’s afraid to be attracted to him?

Marcus knows Delilah doesn’t want to give in, but he’s never given up on anything without a fight. He’ll use every weapon at his disposal to make sure she submits.

** Can be read as a stand alone. No Cliffhangers. Does contain HEA/HFN.

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Jizziebelle, Belle of the Burlesque: First Time on Stage Leads to Taboo Sex with Biggest Fan

Kat Crimson Jizziebelle


Watch the transformation as shy, reclusive Jocelyn Belle sheds her inhibitions, along with her clothing, on stage, at Hardwood’s Burlesque.

Jocelyn’s shy nature and a series of personal tragedies have turned her into a virtual shut-in. The only action she’s seen in years is between the pages of her own erotica novels. But it’s time for all of that to change. In one daringly impulsive, alcohol fueled move, Jocelyn changes the course of fate and finds herself out of the house and up on the burlesque stage – dominating it in her undies!

Ryan Mastersen is one of Jocelyn’s biggest fans, when it comes to her naughty books. He is also way more than just the money he was born with, even if most people can’t see past it, or the full sleeve of tattoos decorating his deliciously defined arms. He stepped away from his family’s business, five years ago, to build a fortune of his own investing in others, beginning with Hardwood’s Burlesque.

Fate brings them together and proves, once again, that opposites attract. Their initial meeting is incendiary, taking the law of attraction to explosive new levels of heat as their magnetic chemistry sets the stage for Jocelyn’s sexual awakening.

No taboo sex fantasy or kinky fetish is too naughty to explore as Jocelyn and Ryan switch it up in the bedroom and play around with who’s on bottom and who’s on top. Jocelyn will try her hand at sensual female domination as Ryan finds out if he’s cut out for part-time male submission.

Jizziebelle is the first book in a no holds barred erotic romance series full of kinky adventures and quirky characters. There are enough explicit sex scenes to satisfy even the least vanilla at heart. Fans of BDSM and dominant submissive romance with elements of female domination male submission will definitely enjoy this thrilling tale. Buy Now on Amazon US

Best Friends To Lovers

Kat Crimson Best Friends To Lovers

Seduced by 2: A Sexy Ménage à Trois Romance Between Best Friends

Kat Crimson Seduced by 2


Maya learns that best friends share everything, even her.
Happy to spend the night at home, watching movies with her live-in lover, Max, Maya is surprised to find out Max has made other plans for them. Plans which include inviting his drop-dead gorgeous, tongue tying, panty meltingly hot best friend, Foster over.

Max thinks Maya doesn’t like Foster, but he’s convinced he can fix the problem if he can just get the two of them to spend some quality time together.

Maya’s feelings for Foster are complicated. She feels guilty for harboring an attraction to Foster, that borders on obsession, even though she’s head over heels in love with Max and obsessed with him too. She’s so mixed up that she gets flustered whenever she’s in Foster’s presence and she acts tense, nervous and weird, when really she’s crushing so hard she can barely manage to speak.

No matter – these things tend to work themselves out when a threesome of attractive, attracted, twenty-somethings sit together, on a small couch, in front of blistering hot porn, while the alcohol goes down like water…


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After the Ménage is Over: Breaking Him by Accident

Kat Crimson After The Menage Is Over


Maybe it’s true what they say: two is a couple, but three’s a crowd…

It’s been over a month since that fateful night when Max’s carefully orchestrated plan to seduce his girlfriend, Maya, into accepting his best friend, Foster, into their bed succeeded. It’s been a nonstop threesome ever since.

Before, Maya was content to worship Foster from afar, to be as silently obsessed with him as he was obsessed with her. Never letting on and never giving in to it.

But now that the doors to paradise have been opened, how can these lovers keep a lid on their feelings for each other and keep it strictly casual between the sheets?

What happens to Max if one, or both of them end up succumbing to that dirty, four letter word: L-O-V-E? Will it end up breaking him?

Buy on Amazon

Getting Bent: Punished for Their Defiance

Kat Crimson Getting Bent


Max is upset. Finding his best friend, Foster, in bed with his girlfriend, Maya, wasn’t the problem. It was that they went behind his back to do it, in secret, without him. As best friends and lovers, the three of them share everything. Now Max is left feeling excluded and betrayed.

For their part, Maya and Foster feel incredibly guilty about how they’ve hurt Max. They would do anything to make it up to him, even submit to Max’s punishment.

For some, the only path back to the light of love must come from the depths of darkness, where limits are pushed and boundaries are tested.

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Growing Pains: Change Is Gonna Come


Love hurts. When Maya suddenly finds herself sidelined, as her well endowed lovers, Max and Foster, dive head first into exploring their budding bisexual bromance, she is beside herself.

And a devastated Maya begins to realize just how difficult it is to go from swimming in third “legs” to becoming a third wheel.

Used to being at the center of their threesome, showered in endless amounts of love and other things, what will Maya do to cope during this rough period of transition?

All three lovers will struggle to figure out the mechanics of their newly redefined relationship and what their new roles will be in this fourth installment of Kat Crimson’s wildly popular Best Friends to Lovers series.

And just when you think things can’t possibly get any more complicated…

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Best Friends to Lovers Volumes I-III Box Set: MMF Bisexual Ménage à Trois Romance Series

Kat Crimson Boxed Set



Save on the Best Friends to Lovers MMF Bisexual Ménage à Trois Romance Series when you buy the box set (Volumes I, II & III). This series is so hot that the first volume has been #1 in Free Bisexual Erotica for over five months now!

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Short Stories

Bait the Hook: A Game of Seduction & Dark Sex

Kat Crimson Bait The Hook


When the huntress becomes the hunted in this dangerous cat and mouse game of dark sex, who is truly in control?

Gemma is a man eater and she always gets her man. This time she was hungry for a real challenge, and she found one – but did she finally bite off more than she could chew? And if so, what will the consequences be? Find out what becomes of the huntress when the tables are turned and she becomes the hunted.

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My Bloody Valentine: Where Sweet & Dark Erotica Meets Valentine Romance

Kat Crimson My Bloody Valentine


My name is Val – short for Valentina. It’s a stupid name. I hate it. My parents named me after the worst ‘holiday’ of the year. Hands down.

I’m sure you can sense the sarcasm in my tone when I say ‘holiday.’ I mean, everyone knows it’s made up. The greeting card industries shacked up with a few loose flower vendors and some tawdry chocolatiers and decided all they had to do was dress it up with some snazzy marketing and the whole thing was going to make them a ton of bucks. It all makes me sick. I avoid it like the plague – or I would have, if I hadn’t run out of cat food.

Yes, that’s right, I’m a cat lady. Sneer all you want – I would – but it’s the reason you’re even here, listening to my tale. If I hadn’t run out of tender vittles, for my feline companion, I would never have made the terrible choices that led me on this adventurous nightmare, where I had the worst, best night of my life. And you sick voyeurs wouldn’t be sitting there with your eyes glued to my digital paper.

In this gritty, fast paced, action packed anti Valentines Day short, one woman’s irrational hatred for all things V-Day will lead her down a treacherous path of poor decision making that lands her in perilous danger.

But will this one dark and terrible night also hold the key to her salvation and spell the end of her bitter loneliness?

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Project Revenge: Punishment for the Cheater

Kat Crimson Project Revenge


What’s a lady to do when she catches her man in the act of cheating?

When Siobhan gets an unexpected break from a work project that’s been keeping her chained to her desk after hours, she heads to the bar to surprise her boyfriend, Jake, but ends up getting a big shock of her own when she finds him locking lips with some floozy.

Reeling from betrayal, Siobhan devises a devilish plan for revenge. She is determined to knock Jake down a peg by introducing him to some brand new toys, in a way he can’t possibly refuse. Siobhan’s broken heart will not be soothed until she achieves complete and utter female domination over her boyfriend and turns him into a submissive slave. She vows to carry out her deviant revenge in one swift, merciless, and punishing act of domestic discipline, before the night is through.

But is revenge sex really all that it’s cracked up to be? Or will it just end up humiliating the man she loves and cracking her?

Buy on Amazon

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