#SatSpanks – A Quiet Interlude

Morning, spankos. So, the previous weeks I shared some steamy and very intense excerpts at #SatSpanks, to the point when it’d appear pretty draining in real life. So this week I decided to give you one of the quiet moments of intimacy. I hope you’d like it.



Lina Riley has proved herself as the tough as nails CEO of her own tech startup. She’s a masterful business negotiator, successful by any measure, but every day she’s losing her battle with nicotine addiction. Thomas Jett, her former protégé, is a rising star in software development, one of her most promising employees. He might just have the right solution to her problems.
To the world, Thomas is a sweet, refined gentleman. He opens doors for ladies and lights their cigarettes, not that Lina should be smoking in the first place. Little does she suspect him of having secret life: one of firm discipline, intense sexual dominance, and a well-equipped dungeon.
Lina will agree to play by his rules: a master’s discipline and uncompromising control. Spanking is merely the start of Lina experiencing her wildest and most shameful fantasies. She’ll learn the cruelty of orgasm denial and the thrill of submission at Thomas’ feet.
Is their depraved passion and lust for each other what they truly need? Or will it lead them to disgrace and heartbreak?

#SatSpanks teaser

My voice was low, almost a whisper. It might have been a bad idea to talk about intimate matters in a public place but the moment was way too perfect.

“You’ve always been intriguing to me, such a walking contradiction.”

“How so?”

“For starters, you’re an introvert who has chosen the role of leader.”

“What?” Lina pulled away from me, much to my regret. She raised her hands over her head and gazed at me with bewilderment and some fear. “What makes you think I’m an introvert? That is even more ridiculous than claiming I’m submissive.”

Damn, for such a highly intelligent woman she suffered from some delusions about herself.

“Don’t take it the wrong way, Lina. I don’t mean you’re an anti-social freak or even shy. That’s a common misconception, just like the assumption submissive women are weak puppets.”

This conversation had the potential to backfire but I wasn’t going to back down. Who knew
when we’d have another chance for an honest conversation? I just had to pick my words

“I’m an introvert myself, not that that’s a surprise. You’re capable and you show an enviable confidence. You know how to inspire your employees. Your negotiation skills are remarkable and you play the part of a people person to perfection, but there comes a point when you simply need to have some time away, doesn’t there? To recharge your batteries, to get your strength back? What I’m trying to say is…” I smiled at her in reassurance. “I understand your need for a safe harbor and I often experience it myself. I admire you even more now because I know how much effort it takes.”

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2 thoughts on “#SatSpanks – A Quiet Interlude

  1. I love the way he understands her. She may have difficulty accepting his words at first, but everyone seeks time to get away now and then. Not only from their job and the demands of every day life, but from themselves. And Thomas appears to understand that exactly.

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