#SatSpanks – She Feels So Conflicted Stroker Ace

Morning my lovelies. It’s a cold Saturday morning so I intend to keep it warm and wet with a touch of kink. Have a little something from Stroker Ace.


Stroker Ace


“So… we have general bitchiness, bad personality, and self-denial. You’re in for some punishment tonight, sweetheart. We will start with good old spanking. Climb on my lap so I can show him how you long him to discipline you. Twenty smacks.”

Annabelle is a lady, intelligent, classy and sexually repressed. After a night of drunken oblivion, she submits both to her dominant husband Evan and her own filthy, hidden desires. Little had Evan suspected what a wild and dirty yet obedient pet his wife could be.

A year later their once perfect marriage is on the verge of falling apart. He must deal with her angry accusations and hostile attitude. She has a hard time admitting her submissive nature and frequently lashes out at him out of guilt and shame.

Enters Kitty, a mysterious, charismatic woman armed with a deck of cards, steely dominance and a bag of sex toys. What happens when Evan and Annabelle are faced with her dark game of seduction?

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However, in that heightened state of sensuality, Annabelle was losing the fight with that wrong conviction. It was time to face the truth and not burden her husband with her own toxic guilt. She had started the game knowing what the odds were and that it could turn into the most horrible experience of her life. She gasped once it dawned on her that had been her desire during the entire evening.

To be released of the right to choose so that there would be no guilt involved once Kitty stripped her off her defenses and forced her to submit.

But good girls didn’t behave that way. Maybe she really was a pathetic slut.

Their guest was already waiting for them holding a pair of silver cuffs. She put the restraints on Annabelle’s wrists and bound them to one of the metal diagonal rods at the rails. The device bit at her tender skin weighing down on her slender hands. These were the real deal, solid police handcuffs, nothing like the pink fluffed toys she often saw at websites she’d officially deny having visited. Evan stroked her ankles and kept them apart attaching a spreader bar to her legs. Now she was completely helpless in any sense of the word. No matter how uncomfortable the position was, with her arms over behind her head, the arousal that hit her was immense.

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