Something old: The Piano Teacher (working title)

This is the first chapter of something I started writing three years ago and I eventually abandoned. But I still think it may be re-worked and continued once I’m finished with my other projects. What do you think? Leave me a comment if you like it, love it or hate it and if you wantContinue reading “Something old: The Piano Teacher (working title)”

Happy New Year! Lilah’s Writing and Publishing Goals, edition 2018

Hello, my lovelies, Happy 2018 to all of you strangers and friends who decide to pass by my blog. It’s been four days since the beginning of 2018 but I still hope you have your celebratory buzz and sparkle. Everyone else has set their resolutions and are on their way to break them… or whoContinue reading “Happy New Year! Lilah’s Writing and Publishing Goals, edition 2018”

My 2017: Resolutions To Break And Rebuild

2016 has been an insane year, filled with plenty of joy, small successes, hit Publish buttons, pain, misfortune, and lessons to learn. It’s been a conflicting period for me and when I turn around to revise all my highs and lows I’m filled with mixed emotions. Still, emotions┬átend to cloud the judgment, so I’ll tryContinue reading “My 2017: Resolutions To Break And Rebuild”