Happy New Year! Lilah’s Writing and Publishing Goals, edition 2018

Hello, my lovelies,

Happy 2018 to all of you strangers and friends who decide to pass by my blog. It’s been four days since the beginning of 2018 but I still hope you have your celebratory buzz and sparkle. Everyone else has set their resolutions and are on their way to break them… or who knows, maybe build upon them.

Why don’t you join me? Turn those resolutions into plans.

2017 was a snowflake in the palms of an impatient child. Before I could make sense of it it was over and all I was left with were a few cold tears when its time melted. I made a small part of my plans come true but I could have done so much better.

The past is in the past. 2018 is here and I plan to fully own her. I have some epic writing and publishing goals. What better way to revitalize that dusty old blog than share them with you, fine people?


First of all, I’d like to brag a little as I had my fair share of successes over 2017. I finished my second novel and let me tell you, the second novel is always the most difficult one. When I started writing Book 1 of the Unorthodox Trilogy it was most of all about having fun with the plot, the characters and the kink. I wasn’t even sure if I’d publish it. After all, I did it and much to my surprise there were people who loved it and even demanded Book 2. That scared me more than just a little. What if I disappointed them? What if everyone absolutely hated Book 2? What if I’m a fraud?

All successful authors reassure the newbies that the Impostor syndrome is practically a requirement for you to join the Writer’s Club. At one point, I was questioning every word, every decision, every plot twist and sometimes it was painful to keep writing. I have absolutely no pretense or desire to be a tortured artist but sometimes the nagging voices would drive me insane. That’s why, without any shadow of a doubt, I’ll state “You’ve written one book? So cute. Let’s talk when you have finished the second.” I’m confident that this is the true endurance test.

Either way, it’s done. Finished. It is what it is, everyone is free to love it or hate it and once I release it people’s feelings about my work is beyond my control. That’s another advice you probably don’t want to (after all, who I am and what right do I have to lecture you?). Focus on writing the best book you can, cherish the positive reviews and try not to get bent out of shape over every constructive, negative or just mean feedback you get. The story is told. All you can do is continue building your craft and perfect your storytelling.

Don’t think too much over what every single person out there may think of your novel or you’d truly drive yourself crazy.

On the other hand, I’m all brave and chill now but once my publishing date arrives I’ll be chewing my nails, freaking out and I’ll indulge in a bottle or two of red to calm down my pre-release nerves. If I don’t end up failing all my promises and plans I’ll be pushing a lot of buttons this year.

Like I said, epic plans!

Now, before I continue after that insane rambling, I’d like to brag that in 2017 I also got my first BookBub deal, Unorthodox Therapy was a bestseller for about a day and I completely rebranded and revamped my covers.

The Unorthodox Series

Unorthodox trilogy 0 -Unorthodox Dom Unorthodox trilogy 1 -UnorthodoxTherapy







The Mistress Kitty series

Stroker-Ace KittyGift2







Strangers In The Night









The Sage Phoenix Series




I hope that this time next year I’ll have a lot more to add to the collection. Now, let’s talk business.

The Unorthodox Trilogy


Unorthodox Chemistry

As I said above I’ve finally finished writing the book and right now I’m in the process of bloody, vicious and cruel editing. I’m pretty pleased with how the story’s going and I’m sticking to my guns with the date – it comes out on February 18th 2018. I’ll do an official cover reveal on January 31st. The book will come out for pre-order on February 5th, there will be parties and prizes so stay tuned.

Also, if you’d like to get an ARC for an honest review you’re welcome to sign up here. Warning! You must have read Unorthodox Therapy as the books of the trilogy can’t be read as standalone.

Here’s a little teaser for you.

What do you want?” He chuckled and breathed against the apex of my thighs. I was lying spreadeagled on the bed, with my limbs attached to each of the bed posts. Vulnerable and at his mercy, just like he wanted me. A hiss of despair escaped my gritted teeth and I cried out. I was longing for his lips to devour me, for his hands to grab my throat and leave their marks on my pale skin. If only he’d ravage me. Bruise me. Fuck me within an inch of my life. Make furious love to me until all the anxiety, loneliness and pain faded as a distant memory.

Instead, he was teasing me with soft kisses, warm breath, and his mocking, seductive voice.

You…” I croaked and arched my body, offering it as a gift. My groans were echoing through the room. Tears threatened to spill out of my eyes. He was so close. So far away, barely touching me. Just an invisible voice, breath and fingertips. “Please… don’t make me suffer anymore, I’ll do anything.”

He continued with his feathery movements up my hipbones, over my breasts and rock hard nipples. After ages of sensual torture, he took the blindfold off. His lean, strong body moved on top of mine. I raised my head and met Thomas’ green gaze and mischievous smile. I blinked the tears away and moved my lips in an attempt to kiss him. Did he remember how his teeth would tear at my tongue, part my mouth and claim me?

II. Unorthodox Union 

Perhaps it’s too bold and ambitious of me, given how long it took me to finish Book 2, but I want to push myself and finish the trilogy by spring time. I’m currently outlining the plot and I’ll start writing Book 3 as soon as I’m done editing Unorthodox Chemistry. I have set myself a daily word count of at least 2500 words so if everything goes according to plan you’ll get the final chapter of Lina and Thomas’ story right on my birthday, May 10th 2018.

It will be sad to say goodbye to those characters who have been living inside my head for the past few years. Still, their story must be complete.

On September 30th 2018 I’ll release the three books as a boxed set. I also have a surprise for those of you who love the traditional feeling of paper against your fingers. Between Sept and Nov 2018 I’ll release each of the novels in print. I don’t have specific dates yet but I’m sticking with these months. I’m excited, nervous, giddy and can’t wait to hold these books in hand and put them on my bookshelf.

The Sage Phoenix series


At one point I had given up on continuing Paul and Sage’s story. They didn’t provoke much interest but that was a great deal due to my marketing inexperience. It serves me right for labeling a dark romance and rough dub-con erotica as sweet, right? (I still insist it’s a sweet love story with lots of hardcore sex but I guess I’m the only one who sees it that way). They are both beautifully fucked up and I want to see their story through. The truth is, I have no clue what is next for them but I’ll find out over the summer. I’m sticking with my plan of four novellas and I’ll publish them in the autumn of 2018 – once again between September and November 2018. I’ll release the four seasons in a boxed set and probably make just one print version that contains the four books of the series.

Short stories series

an elegant sexy beautiful young girls with bright makeup in retr

As usual, I’m putting way too much on my plate but I want to truly finish what I started and move on to the next. I’ve ignored these series for quite a while. Scarlett and V, the two leading ladies of my series Earning An A and Strangers In The Night have been patiently waiting for me to continue their adventures. (You can check out the start of the series today.)

There will be 3 more stories in Strangers In The Night and I’ll give you their boxed set at the beginning of the summer, on July 1st. Eventually, I may write more about V and the men in her life. All I will say is that while these stories are not romance they may end up with a pretty romantic ending.

The Earning an A series will change its name before I continue the tale of Scarlett, a beautiful, arrogant seductress, her professor and other new characters who will help her figure out what she wants. It started as naughty erotica but it will continue as naughty erotica, coming of age story and sad romance. The total series will consist of 8 books (each between 5 and 10k words) and you will have the boxed set on June 20th.


Maybe there are some amazing authors who think that’s nothing but to me that’s quite the workload, especially with a full-time job. Still, I’ll put the reigns on my creative energy and hit all those tiny buttons. What will happen after that? Only time shall tell.

So, what are your plans?

Time doesn’t wait so you’d better make them today.

Once again, happy 2018.

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