Giveaway of Strangers In The Night: The Challenge, Already Live on Amazon

I’ve felt the need to indulge in some classic romp – delicious kinky erotica that starts like a classic extra-marital affair to turn into a wild taboo orgy of the senses and desires. This is my brand new series Strangers in that will include at least 5 books covering the adventures of the only night two hyper-sexual perverts can share. And even if it starts on a little tame note don’t be misled, things will get filthier after the initial build up. To celebrate the start of the series I decided to organize a little giveaway.


You have one night only with a person you will never see again, the type of person sharing your tastes. What would you do through that only night when everything is allowed? Leave a comment in here. The three comments I like best would get a free copy of The Challenge and will be the first to get a copy of the sequel of the story – The Star. The winners will be announced next Friday, 29th April.

Meanwhile, the story is officially live on Amazon for the price of 0,99 cents and is free for the subscribers of Kindle Unlimited.

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Don’t be late. I have only this night. Come and prove what you can… or spend the rest of your life wondering what it could have been. Your choice.
She was a lonely, overworked and intense computer programmer. She’d spend her days absorbed by work and intellectual challenges. Her nights were filled with painful longing, kinky dreams, and masturbation.
He was an authoritative businessman with a conservative facade, boring marriage and maddening desires no partner could satisfy. The occasional stumbling in a willing woman’s bed was no relief for his needs. Until he met his match.
One unexpected encounter, one small exchanged glance would change it all. The game was on from the moment she accepted his challenge.
They have only one night together, one night to make all their fantasies come true and they have to make the most out of each available second. During that dirty night, nothing will be off the table for those unlikely partners in crime.
This is not romance. It’s a tale of lust and all those shameful desires that keep you up in the middle of the night. Would one night be enough and how much will their lust cost them?

I look forward to your replies. I hope you’d enjoy that little story and will come back for more.


5 thoughts on “Giveaway of Strangers In The Night: The Challenge, Already Live on Amazon

  1. My ultimate fantasy would be a night of TPE, including bondage play with an expert rigger. I’d like to experience the feeling of total submission, being controlled by a caring and seasoned dom. We’d meet at a private home or club, no names exchanged, only sub and Sir. He would immediately take control with a command to strip and kneel. He’d use medium gage silk roap and begin the binding process, eventually having me horizontally suspended in a swing rig. Then his intimate tortures would begin. Light to medium impact play, clamps, violet wand, orgasm control -wherever his desire took him – culminating, of course, in ferociously hot, driving sex.

    *fans self* Whew! Lilah!

  2. I’d go wild. I’d spend the first hour in discussion while being gently intimate (touching/playing but nothing crazy). We’d need to know what each other has always wanted, what we prefer, our favorite positions, toys, etc.. Then, together, we’d decide on a course of action, something that fulfilled both our wants and needs. I’d want to come away from the experience with no regrets and my goal would be to leave a lasting impression of who I am and what makes me … me. Nothing would be off the table. Well, maybe a couple of things that involve waste. *shivers* Nope, not going there. But bondage? Yep. A little pain? Yep. Being soft & sensual? Yep. Changing it up every few hours would keep things fresh and wild. Toss in small catnaps curled up in each other’s arms, covered in sweat, and you’ve got one helluva night. *smiles*

  3. I’m keeping my dirty thoughts to myself (and between the sheets and pages of my characters.) Plus, I’m downloading the story tonight. 😉 Yup. It’s a cope-out. But you know me by now, Lilah. I’m a romantic through and through. In my fantasy, he can’t live without me, I can’t live without him, and one night just most certainly is NOT enough.

  4. My fantasy becomes reality in delicious kissing and sensuous spanking evolving into orgasmic bliss . Then the toys come out for a session of debauchery testing the limits of pain and pleasure and then being fucked into glorious submission over and over

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