Leone Nor:Five Girls by Naya Free Available for Pre-Order


The wonderful author Naya Free that I presented to you through a spotlight a month ago has some great news for you. Her novel of Leone Nor, the seductive, sensitive and intriguing naval officer, is already available for pre-order and you can claim your copy today on Amazon. Its official release date is July 27th

Have you met Leone? Well, by all means, you should make up for that if you haven’t. He is surely one of the most unusual heroes in contemporary erotic romance. According to Naya’s words he is “kind and passionate, strong yet heartbroken, easy-going but indestructible”.

Denial.jpgDo you dare to fall in love?

Care to join Leone on his erotic journey from grief to acceptance?

Italian naval officer Leone Nor has been mourning the loss of his wife and son while falling in love with five attractive women, at different times of the grieving process. DENIAL, ANGER, BARGAINING, DEPRESSION, ACCEPTANCE. Mourning Sex!


Returning home from his last tour of duty, Leone receives the devastating news that his wife, Julia, and nine-year-old son, Alessandro, have died in the 2012 earthquake in Northern Italy.

LEONE NOR: Five Girls is Book 1 in The Leone Trilogy that follows Leone’s difficult journey in a life that began in a Roman orphanage, where he met beautiful Julia. Once Leone is adopted, he does not see Julia for years until he turns 18, and Julia visits Cinque Terre.


Finally together, there is nothing that can stop Julia and Leone. They quickly get married, have a beautiful child, and live happily for ten glorious years, until death separates them.

Leone Nor goes through the grieving stages, meeting five girls vacationing in paradise:

• Kimberley takes him through the DENIAL stage.
• Maya helps him deal with his ANGER.
• Andrea tests his resolve as Leone goes through the BARGAINING stage.
• Juliette teaches Leone how to handle his DEPRESSION.
• And finally, Melanie joins Leone in ACCEPTANCE.


Tempted? Seduced? Then go and place your order so Leone Nor and the Five Girls will be with you on July 27th. You can do it here.

Not quite sure? Check that beautiful excerpts of Leone Nor.


Our eyes speak volumes, and so it’s no longer fitting to use mere words to express ourselves. It’s amazing how that feeling of certainty in love is intoxicating. Our clothes leave our bodies as if they were an abomination to have since nothing must come between us. Leone’s kisses are addictive. I want more. I need more. There are more, landing all over my body, from head to toe. Leone covers me with his fluid nectar, exquisitely marking his territory while tasting every bit of me. Tickling my desires and engorging my nipple veins, he unlocks my passion. I let myself go.

My wetness is soon filled with Leone. Hard. Filling. I accept all of him. Encased deep inside my womb, his cock pumps my cunt sarcastically. Our love is stronger than sex. Our hearts beat faster, invading our bodies as we hold one another firmly. Breathless, I squeeze his erection, and with both my legs wrapped around his hips, my feet lock together to seal him in. I receive him inside to the depth of my grave.

In our minds, the bed where we make love disappears. A few thumps later, the room is gone, its walls evaporating as we now become part of nature. Now, the trees sing with desire; the ocean rolls its waves back and forth, applauding our humping; and the stars twinkle as Leone’s eyes become my world. Meanwhile, he delves into me, exploring all that I am: Love.

Leone and I start to kiss again, as he continues to wildly thrust his entombed member into my pulsating pussy, sweating under the drunken influence of lust. There is nothing more that I want out of life. I can die happy now. All is well. We have found each other. And the world is better for it. And so am I, rediscovering pleasure, something I have denied myself for so long. With Leone at my side, in my arms, on top of me, and inside of me, I have found my core: Pleasure.

Thank you, Leone.

The pink-hued sunset makes room for a starry sky. The evening turns to night, with the gentle sound of the waves in the background, soothing our heavy thoughts. Our lovemaking turns to gentle caresses. I can feel Leone relax his tensed body, resting his head on the pillows next to mine. He extends his right arm towards me, winking at me, and I move into his ribcage, letting my sun-stroked silky hair rest on his armored chest.

With my mind at peace for the first time in years, I need to tell Leone how much I love him. I want to open up and let him know everything I feel within my heart.

And it’s amazing because as I am about to say it, Leone abandons his depressive mood to confess, “Juliette, I need to tell you something. Believe me, I don’t know how it’s possible in such a short amount of time. But I have to tell you that I’ve fallen in love with you. And I love you. Don’t say anything right now, if it’s not how you feel, but I want you to know it.”

The ravishing man in my bed pauses for a long five minutes. I allow him time to think about how to phrase what I find difficult to articulate myself. Perhaps Leone has a better understanding of what has transpired between us, and what it means in the scheme of things.

Leone waits another minute, pondering his response to my attentive silence. He places his left thumb and index finger on my chin, and tugs at it, indicating to me that he wants me to look up. As our eyes meet in the darkened suite, Leone pronounces, “You are incredible. You remind me of my late wife. Actually, it’s more than that. You… ” he takes a deep breath in, letting it out very slowly while shaking his head from side to side. Disbelief. Anguish. He shuts his eyes for a moment then takes his time opening them again to find my inquisitive gaze. “You have confirmed to me there is life after death. And that there are alternate realities. I don’t want to shock you, but I feel that if my wife had lived, she would be you.”

With these words, my heart skips a beat and expands like the universe, all at the same time. It’s the big bang, except it feels like one million times over. I have become Leone’s wife. I am lost in his endlessly loving eyes. And I am transformed from writer to character.

For so long, I had denied myself the pleasure of sex. And I had forgotten what it means for my heart to beat for the sake of love, with love, and in love. Within an hour of meeting him, Leone resurrected my dead emotions and made me whole again. And he did this with only one instance of making love. And with only these few words that mean the world to me, I have become a new woman. Leone’s.

It seems we are truly blessed. As a consequence of meeting, surely by chance, both Leone and I have found a way out of our individual predicaments. Better, we have found our way into love. It seems that his heart has been released from its depressed state. And I know my mind has been freed from its judgmental prison. I am free to feel, love, and explore my sexuality, knowing that Leone is the man who can reciprocate my passion.

With his unrestricted words, Leone has revived my lonely heart, bringing it back to life. He understands that the pleasures of sex can be an expression of love. And likewise, he knows that the gentleness of love can be found in sex.


Did Leone Nor get to you? Then Enjoy The Seduction!


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  1. Thank you so much for this lovely promotion, Lilah. I feel like our hard work has paid off. It’s a beautiful way to present an amazing character, Leone Nor that I love dearly. Best 🌹

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