Unorthodox Therapy on David Perlmutter’s My Way 6: Sex For The Beach

In the early spring I received a message from David P Perlmutter, author of the true crime biography novel Wrong Place Wrong Time and creator of the My Way anthologies that give a chance of different authors from various genres to showcase their work. He was interested in erotica writers for his latest compilation. As a coincidence, I was working hard on editing my debut novel Unorthodox Therapy (you can get your copy in here). It was a huge pleasure for me to say yes and join the other participants in that highly erotic compilation. It is already live and available on Amazon.


Chapter 8


The rest of the weekend was spent entirely on research. My new ‘Master’ suggested I learned more about the lifestyle. He also sent me an excruciatingly long list of different fetishes and kink practices. When I opened the file on Sunday morning, I groaned and nearly gave up on the whole affair. It was fifteen pages, extensive and specific, covering every deviancy I’d ever heard of and so much more. There were things on there that I would never have even thought of to list as hard limits. At one point, I thought nothing could shock me more than ‘bondage with a tongue piercing attached to a nail on a tree’. After flipping the page, I nearly choked on the mineral water I’d been sipping. The next section was entitled Impact Play and some of its content completely destroyed my erotic mood. Knife play made my pulse quicken with worry, but when my gaze slid to electricity, cold sweat drenched my spine. Nausea rose all the way up my throat and I minimized the file so I wouldn’t vomit in my mouth. It was just… too much.

Luckily, Thomas answered on the first dial. The little bastard must have had the time of his life listening to the horror in my shaking voice.

“Please, tell me you don’t have any fantasies about cutting pieces of my flesh or electrocuting me.” I sounded shrill and panicky but that was how I felt. The items on the list had conjured up some very disturbing images of torn limbs, burnt smelling flesh, and permanent scars.

“Someone is fast at doing her homework.” He chuckled.

“Thomas, please! I don’t want to go through any actual torture or suffer permanent injuries. This shit is fucking scary.” Now I was openly screaming, unable to stop myself, on the verge of hysteria.

“Lina, please, calm down.” Thomas’s voice switched to a caring, concerned tone. It was stupid to be so terrified by mere words on a screen, but even the slight possibility he could turn out to be a cunning, violent sociopath made me flip my shit. “Sit down, rest your back on the chair and breathe, okay? One deep inhale and a slow exhale. Let the air out very slowly. Breathe.” Any other time I’d have been unhappy to be treated with such motherly concern, but his little trick had the necessary effect on me. As soon as I breathed out, some calmness filled my body as if the fear had leaked out. “Better?”

“Y-yes, I think so. Thomas, please, answer me.” My voice sounded coherent and pacified but with a pleading note to it.

“I’m filling in the same questionnaire as you, pet.” It was amazing how comforting his low voice was but still he didn’t sound as if he was talking to a child who had woken from a nightmare. “You’ll know my preferences soon enough. Just for your comfort, though, caning is about the most violent thing you’ll experience with me. I am not into knife play myself, but even if I were was…” Thomas left a small pause then kept talking with a firmer tone. “As long as it’s one of your hard limits, I’ll never force you into it. I won’t get any pleasure if you’re merely suffering and not gaining anything from this experience, so relax.”

“Then why… did you send me this?” I took a sip of my water and rested further against the chair, still a bit shocked but not as shaken as earlier.

“It’s a standard questionnaire,” Thomas said. “I’m pretty good at recognizing my sub’s feelings but I’m not a mind reader. I’ve got to know you and your fetishes, even if we only have a temporary agreement. Also, all the practices on the list can be incredibly arousing if they are done the correct way by a well trained top. You need to know every possible scenario before making a choice.”

“Trust me, I don’t need you to cut me to realize I hate it.”

His calm voice completely eased my mind after the earlier moment of shock.

“If I’m honest, I’m glad to hear it. The truth is that blood makes me feel uncomfortable and I may not be very efficient at it. I’ve watched a friend of mine perform electrical play on her sub. It can be an amazing experience with low voltage. Also…” It was somehow cute to hear him stutter and pause, as a contrast to his usual confidence. “Well, I am not so well-versed in impact play. I was never properly trained to perform electrical play either. I’d never try any kink without knowing the safety procedures well enough first, especially with someone as green as you. Feeling better?”

“Yes. Sorry, I…”

“It’s fine, Lina. You’re allowed to be a little irrational. This is all so new to you, but don’t snap at me during scenes or I’ll have to put you in your place.”

We spent the rest of the afternoon calling each other back and forth until our questionnaires were filled in. After some comparison, it turned out we were pretty compatible. It took some arguing before we agreed on the different nuances of humiliation and degradation. Luckily, Thomas hadn’t marked anything that made me sick. My episode of horror faded as I went through his preferences and the pleasant tingling came back. All the possibilities of depravity made my body and mind rejoice.

I had no idea if I was really doing it to give up smoking, but during that blissful Sunday afternoon, thoughts of my naughty sexual surrender supplanted any nicotine craving.

However, fantasy slowly blended into reality and reason started its battle with lust. It no longer seemed like such an amazing idea. The horror of the potential consequences rushed back in while I was hovering over my desk, trembling with anticipation at Thomas’s imminent arrival. Naughty games at the office? Worst plan ever. How would it be possible to concentrate on work after he had finished playing with me? I should have made it clear we shouldn’t fuck in the office.

When I asked him what his plans were, his answer was an enigmatic, “You should be kept guessing.”

Fuck, I need a cigarette.

Those thoughts must have consumed my mind completely. I failed to hear the clicking of the door or the footsteps. A pair of hands slid up from behind and fondled my ass under my A-line skirt. All my anxieties went down the drain when he pressed his lips to my neck and peppered it with small kisses. I was on the edge of moaning when his teeth dragged down my earlobe, teasing but not quite sinking in. The thrill of such a small action reverberated through my entire body. The small spot he had brushed with the tip of his tongue grew so sensitive it was unbearable. When Thomas placed his palms against the thin fabric of my blouse and squeezed my breasts, reason finally kicked in.

“Good morning, my pet,” he whispered and pinched my nipples through my bra. I pulled my legs together just to realize I was much wetter than I thought. Damn it. “That’s a sight I can get used to, even if you are overdressed. You followed my instructions so well I think you deserve a reward.”

Was he going to replace my nicotine addiction with raging nymphomania?

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” I hissed in an attempt to hide how horny I was. Thomas snickered at my indignation. He kept fondling my tits and grinding his crotch against me. “Someone may walk in any minute. You can’t just do as you please in here.”

“You shouldn’t worry about that, little one. The door is locked.” He undid the first few buttons and stretched his hands down the tops of my breasts, protected by the thin layer of my bra. “What are you afraid of?” His teeth continued their teasing ritual all over my neck as he kept playing with my nipples, pinching and twisting them. “The office is empty. Katie won’t be at her desk for at least another hour. It’s safe enough to make you scream.”

“You’re out of your fucking mind.” My body was trembling as he pinned it against the desk in spite of my angry words. I was barely able to catch my breath while he kept playing with my hardened nipples.

“I’d be careful with my tone if I were you, pet. Don’t forget you agreed to obey.” He ran his tongue over my collarbone and bit the upper part of my breast. “I find your rebellious streak amusing but you shouldn’t forget who your Master is.”

“You said you would respect my working space and not disgrace me.”

Thomas pressed his fingers to my lips and went back to running his teeth down my earlobe. He was becoming an expert at recognizing my weak spots.

“It’s up to you whether you disgrace yourself, sweetness. Maybe this is what you secretly crave?” he uttered, in an even lower tone with wicked notes that thrilled me to the core. “Would you enjoy it if Katie walked in to find you bent over, gagged, filled with my cock, and fucked like a horny little slut?”

“W-what?” I gasped and raised my ass to meet the grinding movements of his hips. It was as if my body had a different agenda to my mind. I was slowly taking control of my lust. “Thomas, this is insane. We can’t be fooling around in the office.”

“Oh, Lina, I’ve no intention of fooling around. That is for people who aren’t serious. I’ll just take what is mine and fuck your brains out on the desk until it creaks.” His sinister tone was like an aphrodisiac to my tingling nipples and clit. The image of him acting upon his words made my juices flow even more.

I couldn’t. Business and pleasure should not mix. I’d have to stand my ground.

“Thomas, I don’t want this.”

“Really?” His fingers immediately let go of my nipples and I cried out in frustration. The conflicting emotions were messing up my brain. “So you’re saying I’ll find your panties perfectly dry if I raise your pretty skirt?”

I squirmed and writhed under him, torn between the wish to beg him to fuck me raw and the need to keep control of myself.

“Please, I really don’t want anyone to learn…”

He chuckled and took a step back after kissing my neck with affection.

“So you’re saying no?” Thomas yanked my hair back to make me look at his eyes. “I’m not a rapist, pet, so I’ll respect your wish, but just have in mind there will be serious consequences to your choice. Just remember you were the one who said no.” He gave my ass a playful smack and retreated, still chuckling quietly.

Maybe I should have let him fuck me and got it out of my system, but the inhibitions I had based my philosophy on were too strong to be beaten so fast.

“Still, I need to do my inspection, Lina. Button your blouse up and place your hands back where they were. Keep your legs apart. Your thighs shouldn’t touch.”

Thomas worked his way around my desk and regarded me with an unreadable expression. He kept talking slowly while I followed his orders with shaking fingers. “I’m benevolent about some things but the ground rules are non-negotiable. I’ll always be checking your office for secret stashes, as well as your breath. Don’t try to hide it with mints. If I ever catch you red-handed, you’ll be punished at my discretion. You’d have no right to complain then. Do you understand?”

“You won’t find anything, Thomas. I had my last pack on Friday. The one I left at your house.” It was much easier to get back to my coherent, intelligent self when he wasn’t in a direct contact with me.

“Maybe. But we shouldn’t detour from the main reason why we started this… business arrangement.”

Years earlier, when we moved into the new office, I’d told Thomas about all the places where I would hide my emergency cigarettes. Sometimes, after a very long period of abstinence, the need attacked me, just like last Friday morning. I was good at blocking the memory of where my secret stashes were. If only I could have forgotten my bad habits so easily. As silly as it may have been, I was better at blocking the memory of the stashes’ locations than dealing with my bad habits. Digging through all the drawers and falling into a deeper state of panic wasn’t the most efficient technique. He had earned my trust enough by then. He was always eager to make coffee or help me out with my more personal needs.

So, Thomas knew all of my hot spots, and the chances of stashing anything away were minimal.

What if I failed? What if it was all in vain and I was just a fake sub? Wait, what? Since when was my goal to be a true submissive?

Thomas checked through all the drawers of my desk with a slow, meticulous precision, in full silence. His green eyes were focused on the task, steely, not giving away a hint of what was happening behind them. He moved to the filing cabinets, whistling an unclear tune, completely ignoring my presence.

I was still shaking with arousal, and I wondered if it was too late to beg him to come back. The heat radiating between my thighs was leaving hot streaks of wetness down my skin. The lace panties were clinging to me, adding pressure to my already aching, engorged clit. His whole inspection of my stashes couldn’t have lasted more than a few minutes, but it felt like an hour. I was holding the position without the chance to touch myself and find relief in any way, in an impassive silence. The only way I could indulge myself was by stealing glances at Thomas when his back was turned. I could slide my hungry gaze down his sinewy shoulder blades under the shirt.

How could I not have noticed his quiet inner strength and subtle allure? Maybe I had missed seeing them, being too busy to keep him at an arms’ length.

I loved when he had my body pinned down under his and his sultry voice whispered shameful fantasies in my ear. They were too scary for me to say out loud. My wish to satisfy those carnal urges clashed with the fear of fully giving in. As a result, my throat was tied in a knot of frustration.

Those confused emotions were further complicated by the horror when Thomas snatched a pack of cigarettes from the false bottom compartment on one of my filing cabinets. He turned back and raised them for me to see with a sadistic smile.

“Uh-oh, what do we have here? Someone has been a very bad girl. What did I say about keeping these around, pet?” His teasing voice added to my confusion.

“But, Thomas, I… I completely forgot those were in there. Honestly! You know I keep them in all sort of places and I often forget about them. I didn’t try to cheat.” My voice reeked of despair.

“Maybe you are telling the truth, Lina. Maybe…”

“I am, damn it!” I was getting angry. Did he really believe I could switch so easily? “Besides, I had no idea I’d be giving up cigarettes last Friday. Once I arrived this morning, I did nothing but stand as you ordered and wait. How could I have cleaned up?”

He rubbed his chin and twirled the pack in his left hand without saying a word. My face flamed hot with frustration.

“Thomas, I swear–”

“Save your breath, Lina. I trust you. And still…” He flipped the box and caught it mid-air. “This is a perfect occasion to hammer home the point of what punishment feels like. It would motivate you to behave like a good girl. Hike your skirt around your waist and bend over the desk.”

“What?” My jaw dropped. Thomas kept his amused smile but it didn’t reach his eyes.

“You heard me. I think we need to continue your Friday lesson now. You must be familiar with the consequences. I’m not sure if bare bottom spanking will do the trick but we’re pressed for time, so…”

“Y-you can’t spank me in my own office. This is just…” The most disgraceful, humiliating, erotic idea I’d ever heard of. It was so inappropriate and crazy but it kindled my sensual desire to a boiling hot point.

“I caned you on Friday and you’re afraid of a little spanking, pet?” He smirked and rolled the sleeves of his shirt up to his elbows. “We both know you crave it.”

“But that was… different. We were outside of work and I… When I’m in the office, I’m the damned leader and this kills the balance.”

Thomas put the pack of cigarettes in the back pocket of his jeans and strolled to me with a lazy walk.

“And you have to learn that nothing bad will happen if you give in to your submissive urges. You’re a good boss, Lina.” He moved past me and placed his palm in the middle of my back. “It isn’t anyone’s business what you do in your office outside of working hours. Besides, you didn’t mark spanking as a hard limit, did you?”

“N-no, but–”

“Then enough with your nonsense,” Thomas hissed in my ear and grabbed a lock of my hair again, yanking it until I cried out. “I won’t waste one more second in meaningless discussions over simple orders. Just accept you’re not the one calling the shots with me. You do as you’re told when I instruct you. No witty comebacks. Do you understand?” He added emphasis to his words by slamming his palm against my butt. The fabric of my skirt softened the blow but it still made my flesh sting. My pussy muscles clenched with need. There was no denying my traitorous body craved it, but could I allow myself to become a slave to those basic instincts?


“Sir,” he whispered and pushed my upper body down onto the desk. “I let you off the hook because you were new, but now I insist on protocol. You’ll call me Sir each time we’re alone and in a scene.”

“What?” I leaned forward and my breasts crushed against the desk. My rear was raised for his hands to stroke and squeeze. “This is ridiculous.”

“Once again, you’re back talking. Bad pet.” I held my breath in anticipation of another slap on my bottom. It made the shock even stronger when his fingers simply raked down the denuded skin of my neck. “What would you prefer, little one? Master?” Thomas leaned forward to kiss my earlobe. “Daddy?”

The last suggestion made me choke even harder than when his dick was shoved down my throat.

“I’ll call you Daddy when hell fucking freezes over!” The acid from my stomach started rising once again, just like yesterday. I tried to remove it from my mind but the unpleasant state remained.

“That doesn’t leave you with many options, pet.” He grabbed me by the wrists and put my hands on my butt cheeks, over the skirt. “Show me your beautiful ass before you get in even deeper trouble.”

We didn’t have a long time for the battle of wills, as sweet as rebellion was. My craving for Monday morning discipline proved to be stronger than my pride. I slid my palms down the back of my knees and moved them up, touching my signature stockings. I hesitated over whether or not to go for deliberately seductive movements.

“You’re the sexiest pet I’ve ever had, but don’t try the femme fatale act, Lina. You don’t have the power now.” Was my game so easy to read or he was just really good at studying people?

Finally, I slithered my skirt up and bared my ass cheeks for him. There was no reason to be shy about it. He had seen every inch of my body. He had been inside me deeper than any other man. Still, the ritual of undressing for Thomas elevated the heat gathering inside me. My pussy was soaking wet and the expectation of the first blow on my exposed flesh stopped me breathing for a minute.

He tore my panties off and yanked them down my thighs to my ankles, using the fabric as a knot.

“You’re not going anywhere now, tigress.” The office was filled with the scent of a horny… scratch that, oversexed woman. The air conditioning chill caressed my naked, swollen clit. I gasped when I felt Thomas latch his lips to it and couldn’t suppress my moan of lust.

“Shhh…” He kissed my clit once more and teased it with the tip of his tongue. It was the first time he had laid his mouth on my pussy. The intimacy shocked me, as if I had been struck by the lightning of utter sexiness. Of course, this temporary bliss was interrupted as Thomas got up and moved a step back again. I had to bite my tongue so I wouldn’t beg him to lick my soaked slit. He’d have to work a little harder for that. Lina Riley didn’t surrender so easily just because she was horny.

Yeah, right.

He pressed down on my shoulders for leverage and ran his hand across my revealed butt cheeks. I winced a little as his fingertips moved across my still healing caning welts. The lotion worked miracles on my bruised skin but the flesh there was still sensitive.

“I really did a number on your poor ass, didn’t I?” He laughed sardonically and moved his fingers across my drenched sex. “Don’t worry, pet. I’ll take it easy on you with the spanking. You might even decide I’m doing it for your pleasure, but you should know something.”

Thomas snagged a piece of my hair and landed the first smack on my left ass cheek.

“Don’t ever anticipate.”

The skin on my rear blushed all over when he started spanking my cheeks, alternating between the right and left. He held my hair tightly with his free hand, clutching it as if it was a set of reins, but even if he had let me go I wouldn’t have moved an inch. The flaming sensation was radiating through my body, warming it up and touching all my nerve endings. Thomas was gradually picking up the strength of his blows. He took breaks to push two fingers up my gaping pussy and feed me my own juices. His laughter echoed through the office.

“Ah, poor Lina, you really didn’t want this, did you? So dry… There’s no way any of this could be arousing for you, right?” I narrowed my eyes into slits while sucking his fingers. Any other time, he’d have felt the strong bite of my healthy teeth. Right then, I just needed him to keep spanking me. The day ahead would be an absolute nightmare for my bottom, but the sweet pain and humiliation of being treated like a naughty girl were such a thrill. Every now and then, he would stop to drag his nails across my thighs and pause to get my lust even higher.

“You were born for this, pet. Your ass was meant to be disciplined by someone strong enough to handle you. If only I could walk you on a leash across the entire floor. How beautiful would it be?”

“N-no…” My whimpers didn’t sound convincing, all the more so because I was wiggling my ass, urging him to spank me harder. My butt cheeks were pretty roughened up already. He cracked his palm across my clit and I shut my eyes. The pre-orgasmic shivers left my entire skin tingling and desperate.

“Greedy girl. Don’t try to force my rhythm. I may choose other ways to discipline you. You enjoy your spanking way too much so it can’t be proper punishment.” He kissed my forehead and whispered. “You’d make fantastic company property. Everyone should know what a filthy whore our boss is.”

The words and images Thomas put in my head were turning me on like crazy. Even if in reality, such a situation would be less than sexy. What kind of freak gets off on thoughts of her own social and career destruction?

“We will do that.” Thomas laughed and shoved his fingers deep into my pussy, wiggling them to touch the sweetest spots. “I’ll take you out on a leash, make you walk on your hands and knees, with your tits out and your spanked ass bared.”

“You wouldn’t dare,” I uttered in fake horror even though my heart was beating with the same rhythm as my pulsing clit. He kept fingering me as if he hadn’t heard my words. “How dare you? I’m a lady. You can’t just–”

“Oh, I can and I will, Lady Slut.” Thomas removed his fingers from my dripping snatch and slowly worked his way into my other hole. Oh, no. “You will have a label on your big, luscious tits saying ‘Company Whore’. I’ll spank you across the boardroom table and everyone will be watching. Would you enjoy that, pet? Having everyone see what you are? A raging nympho who wants it in every hole?” He used my profuse juices, as well as some saliva, to open up my ass again, pushing his fingertips deeper. “We will tie you to a chair and everyone who has ever worked here will be allowed to fuck you as they please. Men, women, everyone. You’ll be our own slutty fuck toy and you will stay there until you’re showered in cum. How would you like that?”

He chose exactly that instant, as I was squirming with the horror and arousal of my shameful fantasy, to press a piece of cold metal against my gaping butt hole. When I tried to turn around and see what was happening, Thomas placed his palm on my cheek and pinned me down. My velvet folds clenched as he slowly pushed the oval shaped object into my ass. My insides were well lubed so the contact wasn’t painful. I only felt the pressure on the elastic muscle when Thomas thrust the plug past my anal ring. I couldn’t hold back my desperate moans of need. My hands pressed against the top of the desk, digging into the surface while I got used to the fullness in my anal tunnel. My shame resurfaced but the predominant emotion was the same blind lust I’d experienced in his dungeon.

The metal butt plug was fully inserted except for a small piece of jewelry dangling over my wet pussy, tickling it.

I was so shocked I only realized what he was doing when Thomas raised my ankles to remove my panties.

“Oh, look at the time.” He laughed and waved the ball of lace and silk before my eyes. “Katie will arrive anytime soon. We can’t have her seeing you spread on your desk like a common whore, can we?”

What? He put me through this and he won’t make me cum? Well, I did say no earlier.

“You will keep my little gift in your ass the whole day.”

“What?” This time my horror had nothing to do with my earlier fake indignation. “But… But I can’t work like this! I’ve got meetings, interviews and so much more to do. How can I do it when I’m so horny?”

Thomas smacked my pussy again, ignoring my pleas.

“One more thing, Lina. You’re forbidden to make yourself cum. I’ll be the one to give you orgasms for the next two months, unless, of course, I make you masturbate for my pleasure.”

I was beginning to wonder whether his speech about my public degradation might be more than just dirty talk.

“But I can’t…”

“Yes, you can.” He let go of my face and kissed me with tender comfort. His fingers went through my hair and smoothed it with a caress. “I told you that you are much stronger than you think. It will all make sense in the end. Now, boss, I’m afraid I must leave you to work. This new app project is a real pain in the ass.”

How very fucking clever! My pussy was on fire with lust and I had no idea how I’d make it through the day without relieving myself. Not to mention how painfully hard my nipples were, or how uncomfortable the butt plug was, even if it fitted snugly inside me. Any pride I had was gone. I was ready to beg him on my hands and knees, kiss his shoes, anything so Thomas would fuck me and relieve me of that horrible ache.

But, he simply kissed me again and whispered, “You’re doing really well, pet.”

After these words, my tormentor walked to the door in a chipper mood, whistling to himself. I was left lying on the desk with a leaking pussy, throbbing nipples, trembling and needy.

“Oh, by the way…” He turned around with a snicker before he walked out and dangled my undies in the air again. “I hope you don’t mind me keeping your panties for the day. Don’t put any on. You won’t need them.”

Thomas Jett, I fucking hate your guts!



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