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Rachel Blake is a wife, mother, lover of alpha males and an overall lovely person. She’s also an author of kinky romance series called Hill City Heroes brought to you by Blushing Books. The series focuses on a fire station, dominant firefighters and their strong and sassy counterparts. Rachel is here to introduce you the first two books of the series.


Fire Princess (Hill City Heroes Book 1)


New relationships are always hard, but throw in an arsonist hell bent on killing someone, and they are nearly impossible.

Autumn is a paramedic at a fire station full of dominant men.

Leland is the firefighter determined to keep her safe, whether she likes it or not.

Sparks will fly, and the heat will rise as the two deal with the trials of life-threatening careers and a relationship that is in danger of being extinguished before it can even begin.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy contemporary romance contains a theme of power exchange.



Beautiful Burn (Hill City Heroes Book 2) 


With tragedy comes change. With change comes new responsibility. For newly appointed Fire Chief Jensen Keetes, change comes in the form of long time co-worker, the sexy, spunky Gwendolyn Carlson.

After years of avoiding her true self, Gwen has decided that enough is enough and jumps into a new relationship with her demanding new boss.

All too soon, their relationship is put to the test when the police arrive at the station in search of the Hill City Arsonist.
 Can Jensen balance being her lover, Dom, and boss? Or will Gwen’s secret push them apart?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy, action-packed romance is book two of the Hill City Heroes series but can be read as a standalone. There are elements of power exchange.




“There is no reason for this to be so hard. He wants you, you want him. Quit pussyfooting around it and go for it already.” The exasperation was evident in Autumn’s voice. “The conversation the two of you had this morning should have been enough to crush any remaining doubt.”

“Why can’t he just snatch me away and make me his?”

“The same reason Autumn enlisted you in her plot to get me to ask her to move in.”

At the confused expressions he continued. “We can’t read your minds. Not to mention, kidnapping charges would not look good on the new fire chiefs record.”

“Nah.” The women waved him off.

“Look, he maybe the Dom, but you hold all the power. Which means, if you want this, you have to make a move.”

“Oh, quit giving him that look. He’s telling you the truth. It only looks like the Dom has all the control, but we subs are a pretty powerful bunch.”

“Prove it.”

Autumn pondered for a second before she snapped her fingers. “It is like a coloring book and crayons. Submissives are the coloring books. They lay out all the lines and boundaries. Dominants are the crayons. They can color that page any way they want as long as they stay within the lines set by the sub.”

“We mostly use red. We really like red.”

“I swear. I am trying to help a girl out here and all you can think about is slapping my ass.”


About the author

91m5YYKdp0L._US230_.jpgI have been writing since high school, but truthfully never thought it would go any further than a few short stories hidden deep within my laptop. It wasn’t until my family moved away from everything we knew that I started writing stories worth sharing. Now, my husband, three kids, our plethora of animals, and I live in the Midwest. When I’m not running around like your stereotypical soccer mom (sans the minivan) I am writing the type of stories I have always secretly treasured. Love stories with a sexy alpha and a strong submissive counterpart.

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