Teasing Bites: A Name Full Of Expectations – Malt & Ginger (Midnight Encounters Vol. I)

This is a little teaser from my current work in progress, to be released in 2020. Feel free to comment if you like it. The cover is temporary and the teaser isn’t edited. 

Warning: F/f, upcoming BDSM, mentions of past emotional abuse.



Audrey tried to cover her bitter little speech with a crooked smile. It was too late. She had revealed her open wound to me, bared her throat and expected me to attack her anytime. A blanket of sadness covered my mind at the thought of how vulnerable she was. I wondered how many times she made herself an easy target for abuse and degradation?
Sadness melted into quiet anger at the thought of anyone mistreating her. She hadn’t said it yet but it was clear it happened enough time in her young life. I guessed that the moment Audrey reacted to Lance’s insults. It was almost like she had expected to be beaten. There was no shock, no surprise or even a slight desire to fight back. Her only defense would be to curl up in a ball in the corner and wait for the blows to stop.

My protective streak was burning in bright red. All I wanted was to have her at my feet and keep her from harm. Mine. That primal feeling was so intense it nearly made me lose my breath. It didn’t care that I hardly knew her. It demanded that I put my brand on the pretty little ginger girl’s skin and curl a collar around her neck.
Her sad words broke me out of that lustful, strange spell.
“It’s like… I know it probably makes no sense to you but I feel like that name is loaded with so much expectation.” She shrugged and picked up her glass again. It was almost empty but Audrey’s pale fingers closed around it for support. “I’m failing them by just existing and breathing. Sorry… I… you don’t have to listen to my personal sob story.”
She was blushing with discomfort and I read the plea in her eyes but also something more.
“You know…” I said with the gentle voice I used while performing aftercare. “I still think the name suits you. You and the other Audrey might have a lot more in common than you ever thought.”
She blew a red curl that fell in front of her eyes and shook her head in dismissal. For someone so shy and reluctant her occasional mild attempts at being bratty were so amusing. That was probably another reason why I ached to have her submission. Punishing her would be a lot of fun.

“Oh? Now you’re just mocking me, Olivia.”
It was the first time she called me by my name and I loved the way she spoke it, in her gentle voice. How would it sound when she was close to orgasm, in throes of passion?
“I’m serious. She was more than a pretty face and slender figure.” I continued and reached out to hold her hand. “Did you know she also survived World War II, lived through hunger and poverty and that cost her ballet career?”
“Oh?” Audrey said. Her fingers were quivering in the embrace of my palm and I felt them heating up between mine. “I had no idea, my mother would usually just focus on her beauty and grace. I’m not sure how her suffering is supposed to make it all better.”
“Well, she reminds me of a certain young woman…” I said and gently released her warm hands.
Strange disappointment went through me when I stopped touching her.


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