Be My Guest on Tuesday: Katie Douglas and Protected by the Scotsman

The lovely Katie Douglas was my guest last week as part of the Six Of The Best British spanking anthology. Now she’s back with her latest full-length book featuring more spanking, romance and adventure.  Title: Protected by the Scotsman Author: Katie Douglas Release date: 30th March 2018 Adventure. Mayhem. Spanking. Stern Scotsman with big handContinue reading “Be My Guest on Tuesday: Katie Douglas and Protected by the Scotsman”

#SatSpanks – Teach Her Better Manners #BDSM

Morning Spankos. Life is getting in the way and there are tons of things to do, finding a new job is a top priority so my current WIP is on hold but I’ll still be doing these bright spots of Saturday Spanking. I’ll be giving away some presents next week so stay tuned. Blurb: I’ve noContinue reading “#SatSpanks – Teach Her Better Manners #BDSM”

#TeaserTuesday – Violet Sparkles – #BDSM and #NSFW

Sage whimpered as the electrical sparkles licked her skin and made her body tense. I ran the wand between her breasts, holding its plastic container tight while my cock was bathed by her talented mouth. “It feels so good…” She whispered against my engorged head and kept sucking it. I hissed and kept the device longerContinue reading “#TeaserTuesday – Violet Sparkles – #BDSM and #NSFW”

Excerpt of Reining in Riley by Claire Britain

          If you enjoy stories of bratty submissive girls and tough female bosses who know how to handle them the debut novel of Claire Britain is exactly what you need. Even if her book was published more than a month ago it is still hot and delicious. You still have suspicions?