Be My Guest On Tuesday: Patient Lee’s Milkweed and Gossamer

Hello to those of you who follow my little column in here (don’t be shy, I know you’re somewhere out there). Today I have a delayed blog post about the release of the latest novella by the wonderful author Patient Lee, an erotic realism writer (you can check out her author spotlight in here to findContinue reading “Be My Guest On Tuesday: Patient Lee’s Milkweed and Gossamer”

Author Spotlight: Naya Free

The Author Spotlight of Noir column has officially moved from Monday to Thursday and they’ll take place every week. My first Thursday guest is one of the loveliest, smartest and most free-spirited women I’ve ever had the pleasure to associate with. Ms. Naya Free. She is a Wicked Pen Writer and author of series of shortContinue reading “Author Spotlight: Naya Free”