To Romania With Love: An Interview with the Ardent Rose


Today is a very special day for one of the newest Wicked Pen writers – the lady known as the Ardent Rose. She releases To Romania With Love the first book of her new series, International Lovers. This authoress with wild imagination is known for her erotic romance books Louisiana Lovers  and Building Passion, as well as  her collection of poetry – Sexy Musings of an Erotic Mind. You can buy To Romania With Love today on Amazon. The lovely Rose agreed to answer a few questions about herself, her new book and her future plans. Get to know her before you decide to indulge in her world.

Lilah: Tell us more about the Ardent Rose. Who is she and how did you turn into her as your creative alter ego?

Ardent Rose: I am an older woman who needs an outlet for her sexual frustration … I live with my husband and our delightful baby CoCo. I choose the name for publishing purposes. My hubby has two very devoted religious sons. One is an administrator for such an entity. I was trying to stay anon, but that may not be possible. My alter ego is a very naughty girl. She is known to sext with men and flirt incessantly. She loves men and sex that is where I gain my muse and inspiration.

Lilah: Why do you write erotic romance?

Ardent Rose: A few years ago we sold our house and downsized. Although I had my jewelry I was bored and I kept hearing about FSOG so I read it which led me to Black Dagger Brotherhood and so on and so on. That first year I read well over 100 books. One afternoon I was chatting with a friend who loves naughty stories and suggested I write some. The rest is history. Erotic romance turns me on so why not write to stimulate the brain and arouse the body.

Lilah: What inspires you to write? How do you get over writer’s block?

Ardent Rose: My inspiration so far has been from the men I chat with. Louisiana Lovers Johnjohn is a real man. The story is fictional but much of the symbolism and sex is based off our conversations. Plus John writes too and was in the music industry. We would write poems back and forth to each other. 

Building Passion1 Finding Love is about Peter, he too is a great friend of mine and he is actually the person who started me writing and told me I was special. My writing was good enough to be published. I actually have several short stories about Peter and Lanie and two more books to conclude their story Building Passion 2 Growing Love and Building Passion 3 Everlasting Love due out later this year.

I have not yet incurred writers block as such… lazy writer syndrome yes like when I have editing to do or not quite sure where to start.

Lilah: Tell us more about your upcoming release, Romania with Love.

Ardent Rose: Romania with Love is based on my muse Radu Balas. Although we only have a professional relationship. The mystery of Cluj-Napoca Romania and his sexy face. Well need I say more?  This is the first in my International Lovers Series.

I found my muse and wrote the first line and away we went. It is often hard for some to understand how an idea is all it takes and the characters write the story. I did some research on hotels, food customs and things of that sort to help with background. Oh and Oranjerie an all handmade store! And Joben Bistro a steampunk restaurant!

The story itself is about Cara Westin a writer with writer’s block who is persuaded by her publisher Stefan Calinescu to visit Romania. He suggests a working vacation would clear her writers block. The villain is Alexandru Jucov who want to involve Stefan’s night club The Red Dragon in his drug smuggling and money laundering. Stefan refuses and he kidnaps Cara who in turn suffers a great tragedy of her own.

The book has deception and intrigue and lots of hot sex…

Lilah: What should your readers expect of you soon? Are there any upcoming projects you have planned?

Ardent Rose: I just recently put my poems and short stories and a couple essays in an anthology called Sexy Musings of an Erotic Mind. I hope to create one per year.

I also am planning on finishing the Passion series (answered above)

And I have a novel started from another project that I would like to finish called Wild Horses. And believe it or not I have a complete outline for a Vampire novel called Blood Mutiny.

The next installment of the International Lovers series will be to Scotland with my naughty highlander…He’s a real man too. Lol  

Lilah: Is there any advice you’d give to a person who is just starting their writing career?

Ardent Rose: Keep writing. Just let the words flow and if they don’t come out the first time keep going. I have learned you can’t have just one book or idea and I write hoping someone will read it but I will not stop writing because each book has a story to tell.   

Still not convinced? Check out a little bit of To Romania With Love.


    I am still groggy from the sedative. I am aware of someone in the room with me. I slowly open my eyes trying to be still, not wanting to be detected. I hear murmuring. I cannot understand the words but I recognize the voice. I am safe, it is Stefan my savior. He must have heard me rustle the sheets.

“Hello. You are finally awake.” He strides over to the bed and gathers me into his arms. “How are you feeling?”

“Groggy. My mouth feels like the bottom of a birdcage. Is there something to drink?” Stefan retrieves a bottle of water from the nightstand. I gulp nearly the entire contents at once. “What time is it?”

“Around 8:00 PM, you have slept most of the day. But after the shock you had it was best. Better now?”

“I have questions. I have finally processed the kidnapping. Now I need answers to find some kind of closure to this nightmare.” I push myself up into a sitting position.

“Perhaps I have the answers. I knew the time would come. I did not want to overwhelm you.” Stefan takes my hand in both of his. He feels warm and comforting. I trust him. He won’t lie to me.

“Just tell me what happened after I was taken. Did you look for me? Or call the authorities? I need to know.” I look into his eyes and see sorrow. The color is dull, I’ve not seen him like this before.

He looks away from me. “How could you think I would not look for you? I sent men into every village, bar, castle, even abandoned places. Jucov had you hidden under my nose right here in Transylvania. Castelul lui Dracula.”

He turns to face me. “We began looking for oddities… places that were closed or being renovated. Anything out of the ordinary. Dimitriv was in charge of this. He knew from the first day where you were. He was a traitor. He was working for Jucov all along. That is how they knew you would be going to change at ESCALA alone. When we went to Oranjerie the other man disappeared because Dimitriv was supposedly watching out for you. Only to find out he set up your kidnapping.” Stefan pulls me into his arms and kisses me deeply. “I was tormented every night thinking what that sadist Jucov would do to you. He has a reputation for being incredibly cruel to women.”

“Oh Stefan, I held my own. He tried to seduce me. It was thoughts of you that kept me sane. I even called out your name once and he sent me away. He sought to punish me but Madalina took it all for me. That is why I mourn her and feel such pain at how she …” I cannot continue to speak. Stefan has silenced me with soft kisses showing his compassion for my loss.

“Stefan, what now? What of Jucov now?”

“He is being dealt with. I have set many things in motion to see to it that he is finished. I don’t want any harm to come to you or any other woman at his hands.”

Don’t wait any further and go buy your copy with one click.

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