Author Spotlight: Meet Author Tori Dean

Tori Dean is a sunny, fun loving girl who enjoys sweet romance, a good drink, strong coffee and a lot of dancing. Tori believes that “dancing to music is an expression of love, freedom and can be an escape to help you relax. It’s sensual and sexy in forms of making love if you let the sounds of music fill you.” She is a romantic gal and you can tell that from her short novellas and the Dreaming Of You trilogy. If you like a good love story, a combination of traditional and contemporary, you can’t go wrong with Tori Dean.


Lilah: This is your second release as Tori Dean but you have published novels under different pen names. Tell us more about you, how you started writing and your work so far.
Tori: I started writing in high school of course and always daydreaming. I’m a romantic at heart. It wasn’t til a few years ago when Stephanie Meyer inspired me to write my dreams like she did. I started writing fanfiction. I was hooked back into writing and thought let’s write a book. I also fell in love and inspired by K. Bromberg of the Driven Series and Sylvia Day with the Crossfire Series. So I decided to try it. I wasn’t successful but some people liked them but not enough for them to take off. So here I am..2 published books in hopes they take off. I love writing regardless and gets those stories out of my head and on paper or I should say computer. 
Lilah: Your debut novella as Tori Dean – Lust – was a sweet contemporary romance. In Promise to love and protect you step into the crime fiction alongside the hot erotic romance. What provoked you to write that book and blend the genres?
Tori: I wrote Promise a long time ago as a fanfiction and loved the thrill of crime type stories with romance and then I was in Vegas last year and decided to publish it. It was going to be my debut book but needed lots of work. 
Lilah: Are any of your leading men based on real person? Who are your muses?
Tori: Lust was written based on my cousin and was originally called Addicted to You. my muses vary. I see a picture of a model or actor/actress and think they can play the part.
Lilah: What are your future plans and what should the fan expect of you over the next year?
Tori: I have a 9 books on back burner in different genre( fantasy) & romance that I have written a few years back. Not sure when I’ll bring them back out though. But I have a summer box set I’m gonna release in May. So stay tuned for that! 
Lilah: Your favorite erotic romance writers/books?
Tori: I have too many to list. Lol
Lilah: What is the most difficult about being an indie author? Do you see yourself as a writer five years from now?
Tori: Hardest part is getting people to review your books and help promoting. Spreading the word. Yes, I hope I can. I really want to focus on one year. I’m not getting younger and my fantasy world if full of life that I hope I can
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When the clock finally moves, I all but jump out of my seat, grabbing my purse, and beeline it for the door. It’s time to go home so I can get ready for my date with the handsome, debonair Kash Kincade. How will I ever get through it without wanting to attack him? Screw it. I am just going to get it out of my system. I need to release some of this sexual frustration. The worst case scenario is he rejects me.

Kash is one of those guys that every girl dreams of. He is the guy that people write about in romance books that everyone wants. I have to giggle to myself while thinking about how he charmed the hell out of me.

I get a text from him before I even make it to my car. My heart rate picks up and I can’t help but smile.

Looking forward to later. Hope you’re hungry.

Oh, I am definitely hungry, but not for food. I am looking forward to it, for sure; probably more than he is. But then, he doesn’t know what’s coming. I climb in my car so I can text him back.

Me too. Can’t wait. Yep!

.I pull into his driveway, feeling all sorts of nervousness coursing through me, and feel myself getting sick at the thought of what I’m about to do.
Chanting to myself, you can do this, you can do this, I suck in a deep breath and let it all out as I open the door and walk to his front door.

“Hi there,” he says as he opens the door, in his deep, husky voice that sends me over the edge. I plow into him, shoving him back. He doesn’t resist, so I grab the back of his head and kiss him hard.

I fucking lose it when our lips touch, and can’t control what’s going on. He shuts the door as he grabs me and turns me around, holding me up against the wall, kissing me just as hard. As his hands roam over my body, I let out a moan. I am on fire, and I think he is, too.

He pulls back enough to suck on my neck, causing me to run my fingers through his hair and pull on it, spurring him on more as he moans.

“Oh God, you are so fucking sexy. I don’t think I can hold out much longer.”

“I don’t think I can either. Let’s just fuck and get it out of our systems,” I breathe out. He grips my ass, lifting me up as I wrap my legs around his waist. While our lips stay connected, he carries me into his bedroom and lies me down on the bed.

He pulls up, looking down at me as his hands undo my pants and pull them down, along with my panties, throwing them both onto the floor. He lets out a whistle, causing me to giggle. I lean up to remove my top as he follows, doing the same with his own. I reach up to kiss him while I undo his pants to shove down to his ankles, and he steps out of them and kicks them over to the side. Our lips connect again. He leans down as his tongue parts my lips in search of my tongue. They dance and he pulls on mine, sucking on it and causing me to whimper.

His hand skims over my body, causing goose bumps to form on my skin. I am chilled, yet overheated all at the same time.

“Are you protected?” he asks as his lips brush my ear, and down my jawline and across my neck.

I nod. “I’m good,” I answer breathlessly. Now is not the time to go into details that he doesn’t have anything to worry about. I’ll have to tell him if he brings it up. But right now, I just want him inside me.

I slide further up the bed, and he climbs up next to me as we feel each other. If he doesn’t get inside me soon, I may explode without him.
Grabbing his erection, he slides in fast and hard, causing me to scream out. “Oh God, you feel so good.” As I cling to him, gripping his back, there is no turning back. I gotta have him.

I feel I am reaching the top of the rollercoaster, ready to plummet down, when we both reach our orgasm and scream out, letting that euphoric high come to a slow descent while we control our breathing.

He pulls out of me and heads to the bathroom as I watch his backside, and comes back with a washcloth for me to use to clean up. Grabbing it from him and giving him a light kiss on his lips, I head to bathroom. I look in the mirror and smile. That was good. That was really good.

I walk out, and he is not there. I get dressed and head to the kitchen where I find him taking steaks out of the refrigerator. Turning to place them on the counter, he looks up and smiles. “I hope you like steak and shrimp.”

I smile back. “Yes, I do. Thank you! Anything I can help you with?”

“No, but you can keep me company out back while I grill these up. After all, I lost and you won, so take it easy and relax.” He starts to head out.

“Wait, do you like beer?” I nod. “Can you grab two cold ones out?”

Smiling, I walk over to the fridge and pull out two of them, following after him once I shut the stainless steel door. He has a nice big yard with trees in the background. As I take in the sight, I hand him a beer and watch him as he stands there with a cigarette hanging from his mouth. He takes it out and takes a swig of his beer. Damn him, he looks hot. My musings are interrupted by a dog that comes running up to me.

“Aw, is this your dog? He’s cute. Hi, puppy,” I say while I bend down to greet him.

“Yeah, that’s Dugger.”

I ruffle his ears and give him kisses as I pet him. I look up at Kash and see him staring at me. “What?” I ask, smiling. “You jealous because I am petting him and giving him kisses and not you?”

He lets out a laugh, shaking his head and smirking. “Yep, sure am. It always seems he gets all the attention around here.”

I step over to him, wrapping my arms around his waist as I feel his hand on my rear. “Well, he ain’t got nothing on you.” I lean up and kiss him as he kisses me back. While his hand roams under my shirt, I do the same to him, feeling that I need him again and forgetting all about the food on the grill.
He slows the kiss and pulls back to look at me. I slowly open my eyes, feeling drunk on him, totally intoxicated even though I only had a sip. “Let’s pick this up later after we eat.” He leans down to give me a kiss. “I owe you a meal, and I intend to have you collect on it.”

“Okay, I’ll let you continue.” I pull away and grab his cigarette and start smoking it. Then I pick up my beer and take a swig, letting him take care of the meal.

“Mmm, this is tasty. Thank you!” I say. “Did you marinate the steaks in something?”

He smiles. “You’re welcome. I’m glad you like it. Secret recipe.” He winks, not telling me what the meat was marinated in.

We continue to eat and just talk about life in general.

After dinner, I help him clean up. We bump into each other while I wash and he dries, keeping things light and playful. He snaps the towel at me, causing me to jump and yell at the sound of it as it misses me.

I splash him with water, and he grabs me, wrapping his arms around mine and pinning me so I can’t move. I squirm, trying to get away, but it’s hopeless as I laugh, telling him to stop. He has me wet now.

He stops, looking at me with hooded eyes. I melt into him as he reaches his hand up to my face and kisses me. I deepen the kiss, wanting more. He reaches the hem of my shirt and pulls it off, and undoes my bra as he leans down to take my breast in his mouth while he plays with the other one.

“Kash, please,” I breathe out wanting him. His lips are on mine, knowing what I want. He puts me over his shoulders and hauls me to his bedroom where he lavishes on me again.

Excerpt From Tori Dean’s Lust


Dreaming Of You


Katie grew up a dreamer. She dreamt of living on a beach in Malibu and finding the man of her dreams. Her fantasy came true when she moved into a Malibu beach home with her best friend Sami. Life is fun and exciting until she meets a hot British boy named Ben.
He is everything she dreamt of and more, except one thing She wants more and he denies her. Can she get him to change and succumb to her sinful desires?
Or will it push him away?

Struggling and feeling rejection deep inside when Ben denies Katie the one thing she desires, she starts to second guess herself with a lot of “what ifs” as she tries to figure out what she really wants most. She wonders what would have been if things had happened differently. Where would she be right now? Katie dreams of getting everything she desires, but does it fully satisfy her the way Ben does? Will her dreams reveal the truth of her feelings? Or will she lose it all because she is selfish and letting her desires rule over her heart?

Katie realizes now what she wants more in life; something money can’t buy, and that’s family love, and happiness. With every ounce of her wellbeing, she will do whatever it takes to keep Ben and his values true, no longer pressuring him to give into her desire, even though things in life throws a curve ball. It’s easier said than done when living with temptation. But what happens when the tables turn and he gives in to her, and she is
the one denying him now? Will she give in and succumb to his sinful
desire, or will she hold her ground and refuse him?

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Avery Sloan is a young, beautiful girl who just wants to be loved and desired. Her sights are set on a gorgeous co-worker named Kash Kincade.

When they hook up, he knows how to push her buttons to keep her wanting more. She’s completely addicted to him.

Is it Love or Lust?

Trying to keep work and personal life separate is challenging as she just wants to be claimed and appreciated by him, but he doesn’t give her an ounce of his love which only leaves her to become his beck and call girl.

Will she accept him as is or will she walk away from the one thing she wants most.?

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Promise to Love & Protect


Anna loves to dance and is living her dream in Vegas…until one drunken night on her birthday changed everything, causing her to go on the run for her life.

Brody and his associates were sent in to keep an eye on Anna while going undercover to investigate crimes that were associated between Chicago and Vegas. When he meets Anna, a promise is made. Can Brody keep it long enough to love and protect her at the same time and be enough for Anna when she finds out the truth.

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Feel Again


Abby Swank has always had a dream to follow in her dad’s footsteps of being a Police Officer. He taught her how to be tough and defend herself. Her heart was focused on career and not love.

When she goes off to the police academy in Seattle, she finds new friends and never allowed herself to be distracted by having a relationship.
One night she runs into an actor named Mason Andrew, who she feels some sort of connection with, but can’t figure out why.

After graduation, she moves to LA to hang out with some friends before settling down. With all the glitz and glam of Hollywood, she is offered a job as a bodyguard to the very one she met a year ago…Mason Andrew.
When things become personal between the two and he reveals who he really is, Abby is not sure she can love and protect him at the same time. Will she be able to feel again the love she once had or walk away and choose the one dream she always wanted?


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