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My first novel Unorthodox Therapy is finished, the first draft was edited and I’m waiting for my beloved beta readers to draw some blood and whip it into perfection. In the next one month you can expect one casual party at which I’ll reveal the cover. The design is almost done and I’ll start working on the media kit and blurb soon. And if everything goes smoothly it may be released for pre-order at the beginning of May.  That is also when the official release date as well as my party will be announced.

Since it is Friday I thought you may appreciate a little gift – hint of what is to come in terms of writing and design. Follow my blog to keep up to date with all the events.


When he spread the hot, small drops all over my shoulders, down the sensitive spots on my spine and the curve of my ass I tingled with how… fantastic it felt. Instead of white hot agony, my body shuddered with delight at the warmth of the dripping candle. It triggered pleasure running through my entire self, like a throbbing erotic impulse. The warmth down my sweaty, exposed skin lasted short enough to make me tremble with stimulation. It was melting in rivulets down my back before solidifying. I tried to stay as still as possible but when the strong convulsions ran through me I moaned out loud.

“Do you like it, little one?” He whispered and brushed his thumb across the back of my neck. I writhed under his touch when Thomas kept dripping wax all over me. “You used to say that candles were the worst of all romantic clichés.”

“That feels amazing… I thought… shouldn’t it hurt?” My mind was split in two, as relaxed as if I were in a massage parlor, and right on the edge of insanity. His slow comforting movements and the increasing brightness of the flame were torturous. But I loved what he was doing to me. For a moment I wish I’d never need to come down from my heightened state of arousal, right at the door of agony. The flesh demanded a climax that would unify all my waking sensations. My small angry clit was as hard as his cock at that moment.

“It doesn’t have to, pet,” Thomas whispered. “But if you need a stronger level of pain we may wait until the wax is scalding hot. Would you like some on your pussy?”

“W-what? No… that would be…”

“Trust me. You’ll love it. Raise your hips up.”

My weakening common sense rebelled against his orders. But Thomas had never led me on so far. Later I’d torment myself over how easily I surrendered my trust. But at that moment, it was the most natural thing to lift my ass and spread my thighs as widely as possible. I opened my eyes to meet his and he seemed surprised, even shocked. That didn’t stop his hand from tilting the candlestick further and let the hot tears drop down on my ruby red, aching clit. The air was pierced by my short scream combining both pleasure and pain and felt how I was getting dangerously close to the edge. For a moment, I saw a white light and was about to faint. The film of sweat coating my body mingled with hot wax leaving its scalding tears on my most intimate parts.

The pain was mild, not stronger than static electricity or a stronger spanking. But it was getting harder to follow when even the small movement could make me explode.

“Sir… if you keep doing I’d cum right on the spot. I’m not so strong…”

“You lasted the entire week, pet, you’ve been through so much. You think you can’t handle the last steps of the road?” He smirked and left the candlestick on the side.

“I just need you inside me, please, I’ve never felt like this. Please, just help me cum.” The desperate begging in my voice belonged to someone else. Was I really that woman capable of breaking her own powerful pride?

“Your senses are underused, Lina.” His fingers smacked against my drenched pussy lips. I whimpered in despair. What was he waiting for? I was ready for him to claim me, fuck me, mark me. Damn it, he would always have his sign on me, long after the wax had dried and the caning welts have healed. “There is so much more you can experience if you allow yourself.”

His words made no sense to me. All I knew was that I was destroyed by my own needs, that his cock was rubbing against my wax covered thigh. That I longed for him and only he could release me.


“Keep the position.” Thomas reached for another obscured object on the table. I only realized that he was holding a flogger when the leather tendrils ran over my protruded pussy lips. It was strange how tender that scary device could be, brushing my red skin like a feather. Of course, no matter how foggy my brain was, I knew it could raise stripes with the right force applied.

“Stay still, Lina. Don’t make me punish you, little brat.” There was a note of humor in his voice but he was dead serious.

The flogger’s movement over my exposed thighs and ass crack distracted me. A loud gasp of surprised escaped my chest when Thomas moved the candlestick and placed them on top of my palms. What was his devious mind up to? I watched with horror how he repeated the same movement with the other candlestick. My hands were pinned down by the heavy silver. It would take one surplus tremble, shiver or movement for the candles to fall down. The beads of sweat running down my forehead were so heavy and poignant. My will, body and emotions were fully captured and I was unable to shift even slightly.

“I am very fond of that table, pet.” Thomas kissed down my spine, one of my weakest spots. “My reflexes are quick enough to prevent any fire hazard. But I’d be sorely disappointed if you drop the candles and burn the surface. Do you understand?”


You want to learn more? Let me know in a comment. Have an amazing Friday and a kinky weekend.

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