#MidWeekTease – Act Like A Grown Woman #TheChallenge

Hey teasers, how have you been? I’m nearly at the end of writing Vol. I of that boxed set, The Challenge. I’ll most likely not finish the full story by the end of NaNoCamp but I’m on the right track. Today I’m sharing something from the midpoint in which the heroine finally gets a chanceContinue reading “#MidWeekTease – Act Like A Grown Woman #TheChallenge”

#MidWeekTease – Strangers In The Night

Morning, Wednesday lovers. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing teasers and snippets of my new NaNo project, a boxed set of five novellas named Strangers In The Night. A straight up kinky erotica of the adventures of a socially awkward nymphomaniac and the stranger who knows what she needs. That’s a little part ofContinue reading “#MidWeekTease – Strangers In The Night”

Author Spotlight: Meet Author Tori Dean

Tori Dean is a sunny, fun loving girl who enjoys sweet romance, a good drink, strong coffee and a lot of dancing. Tori believes that “dancing to music is an expression of love, freedom and can be an escape to help you relax. It’s sensual and sexy in forms of making love if you let theContinue reading “Author Spotlight: Meet Author Tori Dean”

Review of Lust by Tori Dean

This debut novella by Tori Dean is a sweet and funny story about the complicated relationship between two office co-workers. The point of view switches between Avery and Kash and it goes to show how often we may end up misunderstanding each other. Especially when our ability to communicate is clouded by intense lust, jealousy, fears, and doubts. Can love grow on such an unstable foundation?

Announcement: Lust by Tori Dean already live on Amazon

I am pleased to announce that the Nymphette Tori Dean has just released her debut novella Lust. This sweet, romantic story of love, passion and all the misunderstandings that accompany them can be bought on Amazon.