Lilah's Year: Nominations, Releases and Other Plans

Dear readers,

I hope that you are somewhere out there and actually read and get excited whenever I surprise you by keeping my news and information on stories updated. In case you are, remember that I always appreciate hearing back and being reassured I’m not talking to myself.

So, 2015 has been a pretty good year for me. It was filled with both joy, pain, personal growth as well as loss. Certain people I really cared for left my life and others stepped in and brought me their friendship and support. Above all, I’m happy that I went back to writing and finally dared to enter the cutthroat world of self-publishing.

And to think it all started with a simple rejection by good ol’ Literotica.

But let’s get on with the good news.


As some of my writers friends from the Mr. Blackthorne group of Naughty Nymphettes I got notified that my debut novella Stroker Ace got nominated at the Menage category of the Golden Flogger Award organized by BDSM Writers Con. It really shocked the hell out of me. I wrote that little, hot kinky tale in a state of frenzy for less than a month. Once I put The End at the final page I was just proud that I succeeded in creating a longer and more complex work after ages of writer’s block and crippling self-doubts. I certainly didn’t expect it to go anywhere even when I decided to publish it. The character Kitty seemed to have won the popularity vote since most of the readers like her best and want her to come back in future stories. So far I have no such plans involving that minx… but she is unpredictable enough and I’m sure she’d find her way in another of my plot lines.

If you want to check that story that many defined as a modern day fairy tale go and see it on Amazon.

So, with 2016 coming I think it’s time to announce what you may expect of me. I can promise one thing: next year would be highly productive.


  1. My debut novel Unorthodox Therapy will be ready for publishing by the middle of next year. I wrote in details about in a previous blog post. My initial plan was to publish it within the first two months of the year but I’d like to have much better preparation. Meanwhile, you can expect artwork and small excerpts to keep you eager for more. Such as those beautiful images by the talented Patricia Hinojosa.



2. Series

Earning an A


The adventures of the arrogant yet charming student Scarlett and her journey in the darkness of sexual submission continue under the guidance of her Professor. There would be at least three more stories in the series and it would possibly be continued under a different series name. If you haven’t read it yet, help yourself to the first delicious story… if you dare. You can read it on Kindle Unlimited or buy it on Amazon.

Jade Series

woman lying on the table in front of a man

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be a chambermaid working special tasks for the customers? She is wearing nothing but beautiful lingerie and the monicker Jade on her journey in a discrete boutique hotel where the staff can be available to implement even the most outrageous sexual fantasies. Group sex, bondage, pet play and kink are only part of the services offered at the hotel where anything goes.

The Canvas series

Bondage women

She was a reclusive, shy artist whose work revealed a passion and deep longing that she couldn’t explain. Haunted by the ghosts of yesterday she was hiding behind the canvas… till the most unlikely person made her look beyond the canvas. Her world is open to the full range of experience, from the throbbing force of the orgasm to the stinging pain of the cane on her tender skin. How far can she go?


These are not the official blurbs or art of these series but they may give you an idea about the direction I plan to move in. Those series will consist of short stories with about 6k of length each and they will come out at least once a month. If you would like, write a comment to let me know which one of the series you’re most intrigued by and would like to see more of.

And so, the time of 2015 to give us the last of its gifts is slowly approaching. Another year went by so quickly and yet it was filled with so much. We have to run the last miles and I hope you’d be there with me once we cross the line and continue forward.

May you have a great New Year, dear friends and readers.

Sinfully yours, 



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