Review of Invisible Ink by Elisabeth Joye

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Author: Elisabeth Joye

Genre: Erotic Romance

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My rating: 5 out of 5

Blurb: Lex has never felt more exposed. She has just allowed Jake Reed, the lead singer of rock band Inkjet, to undress her and tie her to a chair backstage after a show, only to have him leave to go sign autographs.

It is the start of a dark, obsessive relationship that will lead Lex, a 20-something public relations professional from L.A., to lose herself almost entirely as she struggles to break through her sexual boundaries without falling in love with Jake, an intimidatingly gorgeous Hollywood actor/rock star who closely guards his emotions.

What starts as a series of casual hookups ends up a powerful addiction that will push Lex past all her sexual boundaries as Jake moves repeatedly in and out of her life, making few promises along the way. Lex fights to keep a sense of herself while she succumbs to Jake’s glamorous world and his irresistible allure.

Review: Who says that writing about realistic sex relationships is boring? Well, as realistic as the story of an unlikely dark romance between a rock star and his fan can be.

Invisible Ink is the debut novella of Ms. Elisabeth Joye, a former political journalist who finally made her dream of writing a romance novel come true. This is a story of how an erotic obsession with a powerful, dominant man can shape, change and even ruin a hyper-sensual woman’s life.

Invisible Ink opens with an incredibly powerful scene of a young woman tied to a chair at the back of a large concert hall. This is our heroine Lex who has just been swept off her feet by Jake Reed, a rock star and vocal of the band Inkjet whose popularity is growing with every concert. What follows is one of the steamiest sex scenes I’ve read recently.

And thus begins their strange relationship of erotic games, power play, orgasms, fights, highs, and lows. The sexual chemistry between the two is sizzling and always brings them back together no matter how long they stay away from each other.

It won’t be a fairytale for both Jake and Lex. I liked how realistic they both were, how authentic their dialogues and how mind blowing their sex scenes were. They read much like a real couple in spite of their constant denial of being one. Jake was a difficult one to like or sympathize with for most of the story. At times, I wished that Lex would get off her erotic roller coaster and officially kick him out of her life. But he was also a truly hot character who knew how to bring her to emotional and sexual heights that she never even suspected of. Occasionally he would show his sensitive, deeper side. Lex was a feisty, spirited woman in need to get released of her inner inhibitions. Her awareness that the affair with Jake Reed is slowly ruining her life makes the submission to his sexual ownership even sweeter.

To be honest, most of the time those two left me yelling at them, ordering them to get their shit together and start acting like grown-ups. At times their tendency to avoid facing their problems by having more and more sex was maddening. But that was what also made them easy to relate with. All the insecurity, inner demons, and need for deeper intimacy had the two characters lost in a labyrinth of pleasure and constant longing. The next orgasm, the next night of passion, the next inappropriate encounter.

The writing of Elisabeth is neat and the novella is a pleasure to read, from the sensual games between Jake and Reed to their heated arguments. She is definitely an interesting author and I’d strongly suggest that you’d give her try. I also hope that she’d continue writing her tales of erotic obsession.

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