Review of Blind Seductions by Ashlee Shades


Author: Ashlee Shades

Genre: Erotic Romance

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My rating: 5 of 5

Blurb: “Don’t forget, this is a lesson on relaxation, a game of seduction that I intend to win.”

~She was his weakness, because of her he learned how to appreciate life…~
~He was her strength, because of him she learned how to trust again…~
~Will the sensual lessons, the games of seduction, be enough to keep them together?~

It has been months since Samantha’s senses were awakened during her passionate lessons with the Teacher. She was thankful, every single day that she made the decision to respond to that first anonymous email. Those three meetings with him opened her eyes and taught her about her true, inner sensual and passionate desires and fantasies.

Since that time she has been enjoying playful games with her lover – a man who can play her body as well as any musician plays their instrument. Recently, however, his work has begun to take precedence over their “love” life, and she has been feeling a bit neglected while her lover has been overworked and terribly stressed.

What’s a girl to do? Well, if you are Samantha, you turn the tables on him and devise a game of passionate seduction that will help teach him to relax and enjoy the little things that he has been missing; like dinners, massages, and foreplay.

Will her lover enjoy the time they have together during her games?

Will he actually learn to take some time to truly savor all that life has to offer him, including Samantha, or risk losing her?

Review: It was my great pleasure to return to the gentle world of sexual domination and submission created by erotic romance author Ashlee Shades. I thoroughly enjoyed the first book of The Submission Series, Blind Seduction, in which young, jaded Samantha learns more of sensuality under the guidance of her mysterious Teacher. The previous installment of the series left us with a happy ending both for our auburn haired heroine and the man who taught her how to wake her senses up. We had all the ingredients for a perfect happy ending.

However, as I said in my review of the Blind Seductions (which you can read here) it was all way too easy, even if I loved the book. We all appreciate the sweet much more after we had had a taste of the bitter.

Ashlee Shades comes back with a second installment in which not only we learn a lot more about the characters, their love for each other but we also see the problems they encounter. That is not to say you’re in for an angst fest or a depressing social realism on what happens after the big kiss. It’s one hell of a hot story that surpasses the previous one when it comes to eroticism, steamy sex, sensual kink, and hedonism. The author is getting better and much more adventurous. I loved some of the games she included between Samantha and Brian. However, apart from the delicious sex scenes, we see the struggles these two new loves experience as a couple, how they deal with the daily life demands and how they affect their love and sexual life.

We got to spend more time with Brian and learn of his character. In Book 1 he was pretty much the mysterious guy in the shadow and while we got glimpses of his thoughts I can’t say we truly got to know him. I really liked him. He is the kind of guy who is constantly trying to do the right thing to everyone, to prove his worth and qualities, build a career, to Samantha and their relationship. However, he is only human and there are not enough hours per day for all the things we want to do. So he ends up being overwhelmed and neglects his favorite, obedient lover.

Samantha is not the kind of woman who will accept being in a bad relationship so she comes up with an elaborate seduction scheme to make her lover realize what he is missing. Even if she identifies herself as submissive our girl has a wicked imagination and plays the part of Mistress to perfection. I’d even go so far to say that Brian could learn a thing or two from Samantha and her own teaching methods. Whether she gives him a slow, sensual massage with vanilla scented oils, arranges a special dinner to taste his buds and tease him with promises of pleasure or she teaches him how to dance she is always at the top of her game. Now that she has built her confidence up she is not afraid of letting her wild side out. Their erotic escapades and subtle power exchange were a pleasure to read, especially when we could read them through his point of view.

It is just as much fun as when Brian takes the control back and Samantha is more than happy to allow him. I still think it is more than clear who holds the real power but you’d better decide for yourself.

The ending… all I’m going to say is that it is very emotional one and appropriate. The two characters grew from a sexy couple into two people I genuinely got to care for. So I can’t wait for the next, final part of that story. I won’t give any spoilers but all I’m going to say is that I look forward to our hero’s next move. He’s got a lot to prove but I have no doubt he will come up with something truly impressive.

Hotly recommended for everyone who enjoys pleasant erotic romance with some light kink and a lot of sensuality. Hurry up, Ashlee, we want more of Samantha and Brian.


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