#SatSpanks – She Feels So Conflicted Stroker Ace

Morning my lovelies. It’s a cold Saturday morning so I intend to keep it warm and wet with a touch of kink. Have a little something from Stroker Ace. Blurb: “So… we have general bitchiness, bad personality, and self-denial. You’re in for some punishment tonight, sweetheart. We will start with good old spanking. Climb on my lapContinue reading “#SatSpanks – She Feels So Conflicted Stroker Ace”

Annabelle Learns A Lesson of Humility #SatSpanks

I believe that a good spanking is always a great way to start the weekend. So I finally decided to join that sweet Saturday initiative with a little scene from my novella Stroker Ace: A Kinky Fairy Tale in which my heroine, Annabelle faces the consequences of her arrogant, stuck up behavior. I’m pretty proudContinue reading “Annabelle Learns A Lesson of Humility #SatSpanks”