5 Days Left Until Unorthodox Chemistry Launches #BDSM #snippet

His fingers were tracing down every curve of my body. He left a trail of hot, teasing kisses on my skin and brushed past its most sensitive zones. His warm breath on my sides made me gasp and arch my back, inviting him to taste me, savor me. I tugged against restraints that tied meContinue reading “5 Days Left Until Unorthodox Chemistry Launches #BDSM #snippet”

Unorthodox Therapy: Party Invitation + Teaser

I started writing that novel in November for NaNoWriMo. I have never believed I’d live to put the words The End at the bottom of the file I’ve been using for the rough draft. It’s been difficult, awesome and inspiring time, with a lot of hard work that is far from over. But now thatContinue reading “Unorthodox Therapy: Party Invitation + Teaser”

Unorthodox Therapy Cover Reveal

This Sunday afternoon R.B. O’Brien and me had a small party where we revealed the covers of our upcoming books. It’s been one of my most pleasant experiences in my experience as a self-published author. It was due to the amazing guests who arrived and joined the fun of our games and giveaways. You canContinue reading “Unorthodox Therapy Cover Reveal”