Unorthodox Therapy: Party Invitation + Teaser

I started writing that novel in November for NaNoWriMo. I have never believed I’d live to put the words The End at the bottom of the file I’ve been using for the rough draft. It’s been difficult, awesome and inspiring time, with a lot of hard work that is far from over. But now that it is already a fact and received some high praises I believe it’s high time to throw a big, loud party and celebrate the hell out of it.

Having said that I extend my invitation to you for Lilah’s Unorthodox Party on Facebook. All you need to attend is a computer and a steady Internet connection.


Event link: Lilah E. Noir’s Unorthodox Release Party

Time: June 30th 2016, 05.30pm EST – 10.00pm EST

Dress code: Informal though I wouldn’t stop you from donning your best carnival costume or finest lingerie.

You’ll be entertained by a crowd of awesome authors who’d present their work, new releases and throw some games with great prizes and giveaways.

Party Hosts
All times are EST
05: 30pm – 06:00pm – Lilah E. Noir
06:00pm – 06:30pm – Pandora Spocks
06:30pm – 07:00pm – R.B. O’Brien
07:00pm – 07:30pm – Patient Lee
07:30pm – 08:00pm – Kat Crimson
08:00pm – 08:30pm – Bianca Schwarz
08:30pm – 09:00pm – Lucas Black
09:00pm – 09:30pm – Tori Dean
09:30pm – 10:00pm – Ashlee Shades

And while we’re waiting for the celebration day I want to tease your imagination and fantasies with one sexy spanking episode of the novel. Enjoy it!


He rubbed his chin and twirled the pack in his left hand without saying a word. My face flamed hot with frustration.

“Thomas, I swear–”

“Save your breath, Lina. I trust you. And still…” He flipped the box and caught it mid-air. “This is a perfect occasion to hammer home the point of what punishment feels like. It would motivate you to behave like a good girl. Hike your skirt around your waist and bend over the desk.”

“What?” My jaw dropped. Thomas kept his amused smile but it didn’t reach his eyes.

“You heard me. I think we need to continue your Friday lesson now. You must be familiar with the consequences. I’m not sure if bare bottom spanking will do the trick but we’re pressed for time, so…”

“Y-you can’t spank me in my own office. This is just…” The most disgraceful, humiliating, erotic idea I’d ever heard of. It was so inappropriate and crazy but it kindled my sensual desire to a boiling hot point.

“I caned you on Friday and you’re afraid of a little spanking, pet?” He smirked and rolled the sleeves of his shirt up to his elbows. “We both know you crave it.”

“But that was… different. We were outside of work and I… When I’m in the office, I’m the damned leader and this kills the balance.”

Thomas put the pack of cigarettes in the back pocket of his jeans and strolled to me with a lazy walk.

“And you have to learn that nothing bad will happen if you give in to your submissive urges. You’re a good boss, Lina.” He moved past me and placed his palm in the middle of my back. “It isn’t anyone’s business what you do in your office outside of working hours. Besides, you didn’t mark spanking as a hard limit, did you?”

“N-no, but–”

“Then enough with your nonsense,” Thomas hissed in my ear and grabbed a lock of my hair again, yanking it until I cried out. “I won’t waste one more second in meaningless discussions over simple orders. Just accept you’re not the one calling the shots with me. You do as you’re told when I instruct you. No witty comebacks. Do you understand?” He added emphasis to his words by slamming his palm against my butt. The fabric of my skirt softened the blow but it still made my flesh sting. My pussy muscles clenched with need. There was no denying my traitorous body craved it, but could I allow myself to become a slave to those basic instincts?


“Sir,” he whispered and pushed my upper body down onto the desk. “I let you off the hook because you were new, but now I insist on protocol. You’ll call me Sir each time we’re alone and in a scene.”

“What?” I leaned forward and my breasts crushed against the desk. My rear was raised for his hands to stroke and squeeze. “This is ridiculous.”

“Once again, you’re back talking. Bad pet.” I held my breath in anticipation of another slap on my bottom. It made the shock even stronger when his fingers simply raked down the denuded skin of my neck. “What would you prefer, little one? Master?” Thomas leaned forward to kiss my earlobe. “Daddy?”

The last suggestion made me choke even harder than when his dick was shoved down my throat.

“I’ll call you Daddy when hell fucking freezes over!” The acid from my stomach started rising once again, just like yesterday. I tried to remove it from my mind but the unpleasant state remained.

“That doesn’t leave you with many options, pet.” He grabbed me by the wrists and put my hands on my butt cheeks, over the skirt. “Show me your beautiful ass before you get in even deeper trouble.”

We didn’t have a long time for the battle of wills, as sweet as rebellion was. My craving for Monday morning discipline proved to be stronger than my pride. I slid my palms down the back of my knees and moved them up, touching my signature stockings. I hesitated over whether or not to go for deliberately seductive movements.

“You’re the sexiest pet I’ve ever had, but don’t try the femme fatale act, Lina. You don’t have the power now.” Was my game so easy to read or he was just really good at studying people?

Finally, I slithered my skirt up and bared my ass cheeks for him. There was no reason to be shy about it. He had seen every inch of my body. He had been inside me deeper than any other man. Still, the ritual of undressing for Thomas elevated the heat gathering inside me. My pussy was soaking wet and the expectation of the first blow on my exposed flesh stopped me breathing for a minute.

He tore my panties off and yanked them down my thighs to my ankles, using the fabric as a knot.

“You’re not going anywhere now, tigress.” The office was filled with the scent of a horny… scratch that, oversexed woman. The air conditioning chill caressed my naked, swollen clit. I gasped when I felt Thomas latch his lips to it and couldn’t suppress my moan of lust.

“Shhh…” He kissed my clit once more and teased it with the tip of his tongue. It was the first time he had laid his mouth on my pussy. The intimacy shocked me, as if I had been struck by the lightning of utter sexiness. Of course, this temporary bliss was interrupted as Thomas got up and moved a step back again. I had to bite my tongue so I wouldn’t beg him to lick my soaked slit. He’d have to work a little harder for that. Lina Riley didn’t surrender so easily just because she was horny.

Yeah, right.

He pressed down on my shoulders for leverage and ran his hand across my revealed butt cheeks. I winced a little as his fingertips moved across my still healing caning welts. The lotion worked miracles on my bruised skin but the flesh there was still sensitive.

“I really did a number on your poor ass, didn’t I?” He laughed sardonically and moved his fingers across my drenched sex. “Don’t worry, pet. I’ll take it easy on you with the spanking. You might even decide I’m doing it for your pleasure, but you should know something.”

Thomas snagged a piece of my hair and landed the first smack on my left ass cheek.

“Don’t ever anticipate.”

The skin on my rear blushed all over when he started spanking my cheeks, alternating between the right and left. He held my hair tightly with his free hand, clutching it as if it was a set of reins, but even if he had let me go I wouldn’t have moved an inch. The flaming sensation was radiating through my body, warming it up and touching all my nerve endings. Thomas was gradually picking up the strength of his blows. He took breaks to push two fingers up my gaping pussy and feed me my own juices. His laughter echoed through the office.

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