Review of Lust by Tori Dean

This debut novella by Tori Dean is a sweet and funny story about the complicated relationship between two office co-workers. The point of view switches between Avery and Kash and it goes to show how often we may end up misunderstanding each other. Especially when our ability to communicate is clouded by intense lust, jealousy, fears, and doubts. Can love grow on such an unstable foundation?

Announcement: 00Sexy by Dakota Storm is available on Amazon

Harper can’t take her eyes off him, nor, it seems, can he take his off her, and the moment they touch passion ignites, burning hot and leaving them both scorched. But, what will he do when he finds out what Harper is really doing in the USA? And, what will she do when she finds out Jeff is a United States Marine.

Announcement: The Money Shot by Logan Black – Updated

That delectable lady who offers her readers erotica with a side of murder is ready for her big debut. If you loved the 40ies noir novels but always thought that they could do with more steamy sex scenes Logan Black is your gal. Still not convinced? You can sample the first 3 chapters of herContinue reading “Announcement: The Money Shot by Logan Black – Updated”