Announcement: Stroker Ace available on Amazon and Smashwords


Dear readers,

I am pleased to inform you that my novella Stroker Ace is officially available on Amazon and Smashwords. Here is the Goodreads link as well if you are using that service .

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Announcement: 00Sexy by Dakota Storm is available on Amazon

You can now enjoy another release of a member of the writing group of Mr. Blackthorne. The Nymphette Dakota Storm just released her e-book 00Sexy – adventure, mystery, romance and of course, steamy sex scenes.

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Stroker Ace's Official Release – Friday, Oct 9th

evanannabelle kitty

I am pleased to inform you that my story Stroker Ace comes out officially this Friday on Amazon. I will post the links of all the other outlets as soon as the story goes live. The first three days you can download it for free. If any of the people reading my blog are book reviewers or bloggers I’d greatly appreciate an honest review. Stay tuned.


Evan and Annabelle remember when they had a perfect marriage. Though they don’t want to admit it their relationship is on the verge of falling apart, plagued with myriad of insecurities, frustration and deeply rooted sexual repression.

Evan still loves his wife yet Annabelle’s hostile attitude and uptight behavior could strain the patience of a saint. Annabelle still loves her husband yet she is ashamed and afraid of her own dark, lustful desires and needs.

Enters Kitty – the beautiful damsel in distress, robbed and left all alone in the rain. When they accept the miserable girl at their home all the stakes will get higher.

What will happen when their guest challenges them to play a game that would change their life? Will their marriage be completely ripped apart by the end of the night? Is love stronger than lust? Or will they find unexpected freedom by indulging their wild side?

Announcement: The Money Shot by Logan Black – Updated


That delectable lady who offers her readers erotica with a side of murder is ready for her big debut. If you loved the 40ies noir novels but always thought that they could do with more steamy sex scenes Logan Black is your gal. Still not convinced? You can sample the first 3 chapters of her debut novel The Money Shot here.

Blurb: When your partner is murdered, you’re supposed to do something about it–even if he is a useless drunk.  But for private detective Danny Diamond, it’s a little more complicated than that. He’s been sleeping with his partner’s wife.

The womanizing detective is a ready-made fall guy for the murder.  To make matters worse, the new widow thinks they’re an item now.  His secretary is full of “I told you so’s,” the police are knocking on his door, and a vicious pornographer is convinced Diamond has a set of negatives he’s never even heard of.

The key to unraveling the mystery and saving his own neck lies with his newest client, the beautiful heiress Patricia Carlyle. Patricia is dark and mysterious, the attraction between them electric.  She knows far more about sex than any upstanding rich girl should, but is it just a smokescreen hiding an even more disturbing secret, or is she the genuine article?

The detective who swore he’d never be tied down to one woman finds himself ensnared by the heiress’s many talents.  But if he lets his libido do the thinking for him, he may not make it out of this one alive.  As he digs past the glitzy veneer of post-WWII Los Angeles, he uncovers a sordid world of sex, lies and greed–and with it, a “money shot” worth killing for.

If you want to read more about the author, her future release, blog tours and philosophy visit her webpage.


Shortly after I posted that news Logan informed me there is a change of plans and the release is delayed till January 2015. However, if you’re already hooked on The Money Shot and want to get the latest news visit the author’s site or follow her on Twitter – @loganblackauthr .

Announcement: Unorthodox Therapy by Lilah E. Noir's Future Release


My debut single handed novella Unorthodox Therapy will be officially released at the beginning of 2016, on January 7th. The title may be changed and the book will be available via Amazon, Smashwords and other outlets. The current cover is temporary and for promotion’s sake. The official cover and blurb will be announced in December 2016. Currently I am in the process of writing and editing. If there are any people reading my blog who would be interested in becoming beta readers, please, leave a comment here or write to me directly at

The book will include the main story, which is planned to be 20k, two bonus stories and some more. As for the content all I will reveal so far is that it includes power play, hardcore BDSM and roles reversal. In spite of the title I should warn it is not a medical fetish story.


Snow and Moon


Kremena dropped the product bags on the kitchen floor and kicked the large mineral water container under the table. She took off her heavy coat and placed it on the chair’s backrest. Then she started digging inside the contents of her large handbag. She had to change the ring tone of that damned thing but she never found the time for that. “And for so many other things.” She discarded the gloomy thought, she tossed it at the closet of her mind and laid her fingers on the overused, scratched mobile phone.

A familiar phone number.

A familiar name.

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Get a free copy of Berlin Exile by Anthony Adler

My good friend of Fick Schon – Anthony Adler – is giving a free promotion of his debut novel Berline Exile – an erotic urban romance. You can get your copy via Amazon on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If you would like to have a taste of his style before that you can also get his collection of poetry and short stories via Smashword and/or Amazon.

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Review of Blind Sensations by Ashlee Shades


Author: Ashlee Shades

Genre: Erotic Romance, BDSM Lite

Purchase link:

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Blurb: “When you are ready; when you are fully prepared, I will give you exactly what you want. I will bring you to the height of passion over and over again with my hands and my lips. I will kiss, suck, and caress each and every inch of your luscious body. And then, when you are at that peak, I will drive into you and send you soaring over the edge.”

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Telephone Reality


The man at the bus stop cussed loudly after the first raindrops spattered his face. A few adolescent girls with tawny skin complexions and golden colored sneakers giggled as if they had overdosed on magic mushrooms and rushed ahead with their arms stretched open. An elderly woman unfolded her umbrella with a visible worry etched on her face and raised it over her curly, gray head. She was probably worried sick that the water dripping from the sky contained a high percentage of acid that would harm in some way the precious peppers and tomatoes tucked comfortably in her cloth bag. A businesswoman with a briefcase was waving in an annoyed manner at the yellow taxis passing by her.

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