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Blood And Spice: A Halloween Steamy Menage – New Release + $25 Amazon GC Contest

My Halloween menage story is already live and you can order it on Amazon or read it on Kindle Unlimited. Check out the excerpts below to see if you’d love to read that book.



There will be a red moon in the mountains this Halloween.

An immortal witch, her pet werewolf and an ancient vampire walk into a bookshop…
Laurel seduced Crescent Moon Springs from the moment she stepped in the little town, with her raven hair, silver tongue, and the spicy drinks at her bookshop. Her assistant Corwin allured the visitors just as much with his dark beauty and aura of mystery. No one suspected of their secret life and the power she has over him.
On the night of Halloween, a stranger with long hair and sharp teeth walks in their cozy life. Nothing will ever be the same after that night of rough submission and exquisite erotic torture.
Severin will push Mistress Laurel and her loyal pet to dark places they had never been to. Can their bond survive?

Get it today or read it with Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Steamy 18+

That’s a good boy. You’ll be an obedient little pet and we’ll both enjoy ourselves. Do you understand? Now get on your knees and crawl to the bed.”

That had to be a dream. A confusing, sinful and sexy dream that made no sense. Corwin was a force of nature who obeyed no one but her. Severin repeated his order one more time in a stern voice and Corwin got down on his knees.

She shook her head in disbelief and pinched her nipple one more time. Sharp pain pierced her flesh but reality didn’t change. Did she have a nightmare or was her sanity slipping away?

How?” Laurel asked when Severin returned to her with his arrogant smirk. Instead of responding he picked her up, wrapped her legs around his waist and carried her to the bed. Her breasts crushed against his chest and the hard tip of his cock rubbed her clit.

Tell me, Laurel, did two men ever share you?” His fingers dug in her red ass cheeks. “You’re too much of a woman. Only one man can’t handle you.”

Yes, once two men shared me.” She bit her tongue. “I hated every minute.”

You’ll enjoy every minute with us, I’ll make sure of that.” Severin squeezed her in his lean arms and whispered to her. Laurel’s head was spinning. How would she handle two supernatural creatures to share her body? “Prepare for the fucking of your life.”

Corwin was already laying on his back and waiting for them with a hand wrapped around his shaft. He growled, but it was more subdued sound. An evil smile crossed his face once he saw Laurel in Severin’s arms. She squirmed with discomfort but her traitorous body surrendered to the lust.

It would happen. Her Master and her pet would have her body, her holes, they’d have her in every possible way and she was helpless to stop it.


She didn’t want them to stop.

Severin lowered her on top of Corwin’s throbbing shaft and teased her soaked folds with its tip.

You’re used to being on top, aren’t you, princess?” He whispered with a mocking voice in her ear. His strong palms held her in a secure position and she placed her knees on both sides of Corwin’s body. Laurel made a mewling sound while the tall, column of his hardened flesh penetrated her slick tunnel. Her cry grew louder once her wolf put his arms on the small of her waist and raised his ass to get deep inside her.

The dancing light before her eyes smeared before her eyes when her walls wrapped around Corwin. Her juices were flowing down and coating the man beneath her as she got used to his size. Severin moved her hair away and kissed her shoulder. He continued to play with her clit and nipples and whisper dirty words of seduction in her ear. Laurel screamed out once Corwin surrendered to his passion and fucked her harder. His claws left marks on her ass but not enough to form scars as if another force controlled him.

I love you… Please, remember that.” She looked down at his wild eyes and hoped that her words got to him.



“Don’t disobey me, Corwin, come and fuck me now. Spank and fuck me. I’m your slut now.” His Mistress ordering him to dominate her. How ironic was that?

“Please, Mistress… Don’t make me do that. I… I don’t think I can handle it tonight.” He buried face in his hands and his mighty shoulders trembled as if he was trying to hold back his sobs. She heard him speak, muted and full of silent terror. “It’s a full moon… You know what I’m capable of when… Please, don’t… I can never forgive myself if I harm you.”

A strong ache went through her heart at these words and the mysterious voice faded. Just as the unnatural lust that pushed her into insanity. The moment her painful arousal faded Laurel looked down at her pet. He was trying to keep it together but his strong shoulders didn’t stop shaking. The sudden rush of guilt made her forget the submissive cravings.

She was his Mistress, and it was her role to take care of him.

He was in such a fragile state of mind and Laurel acted like a horny bitch in heat.

“Come here.” Laurel laid down on her back, on top of the stack of pillows. “Lie next to me, little wolf and relax.”

Corwin raised his eyes, red with tears, filled with frustration and anger. He was only a little upset, but it hurt her to see him in any distress. Hesitation still lingered in his gaze but he complied with her soft request.

Laurel wrapped her arms around him when he climbed on the bed and rested his head on her shoulder. She kissed him on the lips and ran fingers through his hair. Corwin closed his eyes and calmed his breathing down. Her soft kisses and tender voice eased the tension in him and he relaxed in his Mistress’ arms.

“I’m sorry… I know what you’re going through.” She said. “It’s just that…”

“That stranger is messing with your mind. He was downstairs in the shop, wasn’t he?” His voice was grim just like his expression. If there was any bitterness or accusation, he hid it very well.

“You… how do you know about him?” Laurel asked and pulled him closer so his head would lie on her breasts.

“Oh, Mistress… How can a smart woman like you be so blind?” Corwin chuckled. “There’s nothing you can do without me knowing about it.”

He raised his hand and caressed her cheek. “You seem to forget how connected we are, Laurel… and how sensitive my hearing is at full moon. I heard you talking loud and clear as if I were downstairs with you. You have been hiding things from me haven’t you?”

Laurel’s sides turned pink at those words. She tried to look away, but he slid his palm to cup her chin and didn’t allow her. These sporadic gestures of dominance always made her weak in the knees.

You… you could feel him as well?” She spoke with the soft voice of a scared, little bird. How much she hated when she sounded that way.

Corwin nodded and buried his face in her shoulder. His stubble scratched her skin. “Yes… That fucking stench was messing with my head. That’s why I had headaches and couldn’t focus on anything. I wish you had told me.”


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Author Spotlight: Nicolina Martin

Nicolina is a medical professional, a mother, a cat lover, and a movie fan. She’s also one of the rising stars of dark romance (even if she refers to herself as more of a light gray kind of author). Nicolina might be new but she sure makes her debut with a bang. Her first novel Break My Chains with the publishing company Blushing Books came out just yesterday. She also has a darkly delicious self-published novella named This Is Not Love and huge plans for 2019. Read her interview to learn more about Break My Chains, the Russo saga, and their creator.


Lilah: Hello Nicolina, thank you for taking some time to pass by my blog and answer a few questions. Congratulations on the release of your new book, Break my chains. Tell us a bit more about who you are.

Nicolina: Hi! Thank you for having me! I’m a Swedish born author of contemporary dark romance/suspense. I’m a mom to three teenage girls and three cats. I’m a doctor. I’m single and looking for that one hot guy who is like the ones in my books… I’m setting my own standard hiiiigh…. Haha.

Lilah: What inspired you to start writing? Why did you choose dark romance as your field?

thisisnotloveNicolina: I actually started writing fanfiction a long time ago, and did that for a few years, got a little following in my fandom and lots of great input and encouragement. Then I took a break and weren’t able to get back into writing until a year ago when inspiration suddenly struck me again. Since then I’ve written every day, and finished several books that will see the light of day in 2019.

Dark romance, and especially my favorite enemies to lovers, came naturally. I’ve always written very angsty, emotional, and in your face. The movie I wrote for the most is filled with those elements, so I guess that’s how it came to be. It always attracted me, in literature, and movies.

Lilah: Tell us more about Break My Chains and all your ongoing projects?

breakmychainsNicolina: Break My Chains is a tale of two broken people who are forced to share the same shelter in a deadly snowstorm. Mia, who owns the house, and Martin, an escaped convict. There’s tension, through the roof, an unexpected plot twist that none of the readers so far were able to foresee, and a ton of steam.

Then there are the Russos! I am working on this massive project with a series of standalones, all centered around a mafia family, the Russo clan. Lots of hotness, alpha men, explicit violence and sex, a TON of enemies to lovers… Three books are set for release during spring and early summer, Heat, Ruin, and Trapped. Three more will very likely see the shelves during the latter part of 2019, and I have plots for many more. It’s awesome, and soooo much fun.

Lilah: What’s your favorite and least favorite part of writing?

Nicolina: My favorite part is that I get to live for months in the best movie ever made, live it, breathe it, be in it. The worst part is the constant worry that I’ll one day run out of words, and my aching back…

Lilah: Do you have a favorite character of your fictional creations? A favorite scene you’ve written?

Nicolina: Oh dear yes. My story Ruin, which will be released on May 2. My heroine witnesses a murder and gets stuck in an elevator with the murderer who has to rethink his plan. After lots of fighting and resistance, things begin to change. And their interaction is not of this world! They took over and created a whole new universe. Writing that one was incredible and I’m DYING to show it to my readers.


Lilah: Are your characters based on real people or are they entirely fictional?

Nicolina: They are entirely fictional. I’ve begun finding images, often actors, who I imagine playing the parts of the characters, for inspiration, but my characters are in no way built out of those people.

Lilah: What’s the greatest challenge about writing in a language different than your native language?

Nicolina: None really. I can’t even write in Swedish. I’ve tried. It looked like I had direct translated it from English. I think in English when I think about plot and anything regarding my writing. And for vocabulary, mine is good, and then there are thesauruses online.

Lilah: Favorite and one-click authors?

Nicolina: Renee Rose is a HUGE favorite. Zoe Blake. Meghan March. Addison Cain. Golden Angel. Sparrow Beckett. And many more.

Lilah: Do you have any rituals while writing… or editing *evil laugh track*?


Nicolina: I’ve learned that I write the best in the morning, so I get up earlier just to write. It’s the only thing that pulls me out of bed. Even on days off. Music, I can listen to rather loud music. Unless I wake up the house.

Lilah: You’re both traditionally and self-published. What are the pros and cons and what would you choose in the future?

Nicolina: Pro self pub is obviously that you get the whole 70% of the sale to yourself after Amazon have taken their 30%. With a publisher you have to split that and make a lot less. If you itch to do your own covers and have that creative process in your hand, then self pub is definitely better as well. Me, I freeze up thinking about covers, so that’s not as important to me as it probably is to some. The publisher edit, so I don’t have to sit with that. I get access to their marketing platforms. For me, as an author just starting out, I think the help of a dedicated publisher will aid me in finding an audience. A few books in, I can see myself going back to indie, tbh, but I’ll see how it feels then. It’s nice to have a team with you on the book. Writing can be a lonely business.

Lilah: Favorite spicy scene you’ve written?

Nicolina: Possibly the airplane sex in Heat (to be released March 29…) Short, steamy, naughty, and so forbidden.

Lilah: Thank you for your time, I hope you’ll have a fabulous release. Before you go, is there something people would be surprised to learn about you?

Nicolina: That I sing in a church choir? 😛 It’s true. I do. Thank you, Lilah!!!

Break My Chains is LIVE and available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.


Martin Garrett has sworn to die rather than go back to prison. He’ll stop at nothing to reach freedom, but even he can’t win over the forces of nature. When he gets caught in a violent snowstorm, he has no choice but to seek shelter. He can’t know that the young woman opening the door will change his life forever.

Fleeing her troubled past in Arizona, leaving her loved ones behind, Mia Cassidy has found solace in an isolated cabin in the deep woods of Colorado. She’s hesitant to let the tall, hulking, and oddly attractive stranger into her home, but the storm is lethal. She has no way of knowing this chance encounter will rip her from her cocoon and make her question everything she thought she knew.

Trapped together, their unexpected meeting soon turns into a battle of wills and a fight against the irresistible pull between them. When the fragile trust they’ve built is betrayed, everything comes crashing down. Mia must unravel the secrets and find the truth before it’s too late to save either of them.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy contemporary love story is not your typical wine and chocolates romance. It has a dark edge but if you’re up for the ride there is a guaranteed HEA. It contains elements of mystery, suspense, action, adventure, danger, betrayal, and power exchange.



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Be My Guest On Tuesday: Felicity Brandon and Entwined (The Dark Necessities Book 3)


Felicity Brandon is here to present the last part of her trilogy, The Dark Necessities. If you’ve loved Book 1 and 2 you must be dying to read Entwined. The wait is finally over. (You can check out Taken, Book 1 and Tamed, Book 2 if you’re new to the series).

#DarkRomance #KidnapThriller #Alphamale



Can a monster ever find redemption?

Free from her captor, author Molly Clary finds herself back at home, but she’s just as lost as ever. In the isolation of her new-found freedom, Molly makes a startling revelation; she can no longer function without Connor Reilly. She can’t write without him; she can’t live without him.

The admission leads Molly into the most intense and dangerous chapter of her twisted love affair yet, and by reaching out to Connor again, she must decide if she can really leave her old life behind to venture into the dark and mysterious confines of the organization known only as The Syndicate.

For a couple whose love is built on lust, and fear and submission, there should be no happy ending. But as Molly helps her kidnapper lay his ghosts to rest, the question beckons, can they forge their own brand of happiness regardless? Can Connor finally be delivered into a consensual union with his kitten, and will it be enough to satisfy both of their dark needs?

Buy the captivating conclusion to The Dark Necessities trilogy, and devour this tantalizing finale.

Buy The Book




Excerpt 1

She sighed, a sound he heard despite the wind whipping around them. “This is so fucked up,” she explained,” but I didn’t know what else to do, I…”

Her voice trailed off into silence, and she blinked away the tears which were clearly threatening to fall. Connor’s feet moved before his brain even registered the action, his stride closing the distance between them in just a couple of paces. Molly’s eyes widened at his sudden proximity, her face lifting to look upon him in some sort of dumb-stuck awe. He couldn’t tell if it was terror or yearning which he saw in her eyes, but it didn’t matter. To hell with the mantra; Molly was upset, and that meant he wanted to protect her. Deep down Connor was certain of one thing. She had never stopped being his, and in his normal messed up way, that meant only he was allowed to cause her pain. If she was upset, he wanted to calm her, and comfort her. He wanted to make it better.

“Hey,” he said, towering over her small frame. “Hey, it’s okay.”

Connor wanted to wrap her up in a hard embrace, to hold her close to his body and smell the sweet scent of her hair in his nostrils. He swallowed down that urge, opening his arms out to her in as non-threatening a gesture as he could muster. There was a moment when nothing more happened. Molly cried openly, wiping the tears away with the back of her hand. Her eyes darted from his open arms to the sea, and back to the car she had parked beside his Mercedes. Connor could tell it was quite a predicament for her. Evidently, she wanted to go to him, but she was understandably scared. The last time she had trusted him, she’d wound up gagged and drugged.

Slowly, she edged closer to Connor’s body. He saw her blow out a huge breath as she neared, gazing up into his face as she finally pressed herself against him.

It was a moment of epiphany.

Molly had chosen to come to him, looking for comfort from the one man who’d taken and tormented her. It was like some sort of miracle, and Connor knew he was the luckiest son of a bitch on the planet as he felt her body heat next to him. His arms were on her at once, enveloping her in his warmth in a matter of seconds. His right hand rose to her hair, cradling her head as she sunk down against his chest.

Molly dissolved into sobs, her body trembling with the weight of whatever emotion she released. For his part, Connor said nothing. He merely stood there, holding her body on the wind-swept beach. In a time not so long ago, he had called himself a devil. A monster who preyed on innocent little lambs like Molly, but just look at him now. Connor was the greatest example of disparity he knew. He proved that karma didn’t exist. He’d been a sick fuck his whole life, taking what he wanted under the protection of his powerful peers, and caring nothing for the consequences. He should be damned, and he thought he had been, but he’d been wrong. The greatest penance he could ever have received was to never have seen Molly again. To have never caught sight of her mischievous smile, or run the soft strands of her hair through his fingers. And yet, here was she, her small arms clinging to him as she cried her heart out. There was no way he deserved to be this blessed. No way.



Excerpt 2

“What do you want then?”

He’d barely ever asked her before, but now her desire seemed to matter more than anything else. It was more important to him than The Syndicate, or even his fucking liberty. It was critical to the next breath he was going to take.

She gazed at him with wide, watery eyes. “This is so fucked up,” she started, lowering her face at the admission.

“Hey,” he whispered. “I’ve got a PhD in fucked up; do you really think anything you can say will make things worse?”

The hand at her nape made small circles, applying just enough pressure to draw her body toward him.

“I think I want you,” she conceded in a long rush of breath. “I don’t know if it’s just the writing, or this thing between us, or what, but I think I’m bound to you, Connor.”

Bound to him? Fuck, that sounded wonderful, and his cock sprung to life at the prospect.

“What a delightful analogy,” he smirked, raising his left brow at her.

Molly smiled in response, although she was practically panting as his thumb stroked the side of her nape.

“So, you missed me?” he chuckled, pressing his body past the gear shift as he closed the distance between them.

“More than I should,” she agreed, watching his approach with expectant eyes.

Connor saw her pupils dilate as his face neared, and he sympathized. He felt it, too, the bond between them was stronger than anything he’d ever known.

“I’m going to kiss you,” he told her in a low sensual growl. “If you don’t want this, then tell me now. I’m not good at asking for permission, kitten. This might be all that you get.”

Molly was smiling as his words resonated, her head tipping as she took them in. “Let me answer you then.”

He’d barely registered her words when she came for him. Connor had never seen such speed in his pet before, but she was on him before he could take another breath. Crossing the small divide between them, she pounced, pressing her body against his, and knocking him backwards as her lips took what they wanted. Connor had to admit it, he never saw this coming, but as soon as their mouths collided, he reciprocated, kissing her back as eagerly as his new position would allow. Molly’s attack had caught him off guard, and he’d slumped back into the passenger seat, now pinioned by his passionate little pet. Of course, he could have fought her off. He’d have had her flat against the driver’s seat with ease if he’d wanted to, but the truth was he didn’t want to. This was a side of Molly he had never seen.

Because he’d never allowed it.

But he had to concede, the wild side of his kitten was making him hard.

Molly drew back from him, her arms either side of his chest propping her up. Her face was flushed with emotion, her eyes wild with fire. It was like she could barely believe what had just happened, what she’d just done.

“Is that a yes to the kiss, kitten?” he laughed as he questioned her, loving her the blush in her cheeks grew darker.



Excerpt 3

Connor swatted her again, pausing to admire the way the impact passed over her cheeks. “Do you need this spanking, kitten?” he demanded, noticing his voice had fallen to little more than a growl.

He didn’t know why he asked, having already determined for himself that the answer was yes, but somehow, there was always something so bloody satisfying about hearing it from Molly’s lips.

“Yes, Master,” she breathed as he landed a fourth strike, followed by another three in fast succession. “Yes, I need it.”

“Yes. You. Do.” Connor agreed, accentuating each word with a new swat. “Just think about how many months you’ve gone without my discipline.”

Connor landed another hard spank, conscious of his cock throbbing gloriously at the groan that left his kitten’s lips. “How many spankings have you needed?” he asked her. “How many have you missed?”

“Too many, Master,” she panted as he continued, spanking her gorgeous backside time and time again as if to reinforce the point.

“Yes, too many,” he agreed. “I know you, kitten, and naughty little pets like you need regular spankings to keep them in their place.”

He paused, watching as her hips rose of their own accord. It was as though Molly’s body was actually looking for his palm. “Don’t they?” he demanded.

“Yes!” She was almost screeching now, though Connor didn’t think he’d been very hard on her so far. Allowing his gaze to drink in the length of her body, he concluded with a wry smile that his pet’s desperation was more to do with her burgeoning arousal, than her pain threshold. He knew from experience that she was well-equipped to deal with a lot of pain. “Yes, Master. They do. I do!”

“Yes,” he agreed again, and as he spoke, Connor shifted his palm and aimed his next strike directly at her pussy.

Molly yelped at the new strike, but the sound morphed quickly into something of a moan.

“You like that, kitten,” he mused mockingly. “Don’t you?”

Her wide-kneed stance made it easy to access her wet seam, and even the swat he’d just delivered hadn’t made her legs close.

“Yes, Master,” she admitted, her voice a strangled sound which conveyed her very obvious misery on the subject.

“Tell me, then,” he commanded as he smacked the area again. “Tell your Master what you like, you naughty little pet.”

Molly moaned at the instruction, her hips grinding against his legs as he gave the order. Her body language was more than clear; Molly wanted more. Much, much more.

“I like it when you spank my pussy, Master,” she panted, pushing her face into the fabric of the cushion as she made the concession.

Connor smiled to himself. That wasn’t a bad first effort, but she’d have to do much better than that if she wanted her pleasure.


Excerpt 4

“Don’t look at me like that,” he told her without looking up from the buttons.

Molly screwed the bedding up in her fists. “Don’t do this!” she implored him for what must be the twentieth time that day. “Please, Master. I don’t like it. I don’t like this, at all.”

“Kitten,” he cooed, pacing toward the bed and falling to his knees beside her. “You’re the reason I’m doing this. You’re the reason I need to do it.”

Molly blinked away the tears which were threatening to fall. “No,” she gasped, as she reached for his shoulder. “If that’s true, then I’m sorry, but I’ve changed my mind. Don’t go…”

She hated how desperate she sounded, but there it was; every word was true. All of her emotions were laid out there. Her heart exposed and vulnerable, just as it had been since the day she’d started to fall for the man who’d captured her.

Connor’s expression melted a little at her display of emotion, but his determined eyes told her the real story. He was going to do it. He was going, and he was going to do whatever this thing was he’d arranged with Malone, and as per fucking usual, there wasn’t a thing Molly could do to change it. Inside her, her heart began to break.

“Don’t upset yourself, pet,” he purred as he stroked the side of her face lovingly. “I want you to stay here and rest, because when this is over, I’m going to need you like I’ve never needed anyone before.”

The knot of tension in her belly tightened at his words. If Connor was going to need her so badly, then her intuition must be spot on, and whatever this was must be absolutely freaking awful.

“I’m worried,” she conceded in a flurry. “I have a bad feeling about this, Master.”

He offered her a small smile. “Honestly,” he admitted, “I have a pretty bad feeling, too, but it will be okay. I have Dalton with me. He’ll look after me.”

She was sobbing as he pulled her in for one last embrace, apparently trying to soothe her with hot, torrid kisses.

“Promise me you’ll stay here like a good, little kitten,” he whispered. “I don’t want to have to lock you in anymore. I think we’ve moved past that point now, don’t you?”

Molly nodded. She didn’t want to be locked in either, but she’d accept those terms from now on if it meant he was going to stay.

“Lock the door behind me,” he warned her. “And stay put!”

Connor’s hand reached for her chin, forcing it up to meet the intensity of his gaze. “Promise me, kitten. Promise me you’ll stay put.”

“Let’s go, Connor!” Dalton’s voice yelled from just beyond the door, making Molly jump instinctively.

“Promise me,” Connor demanded, resting his forehead against her face.

Molly raised her head to meet the strength of his gaze, and she knew he meant it. She was going to have to promise him. That compelling look in his eyes was never going to have it any other way. “Okay,” she sobbed quietly. “I promise, Master.”

But even as the words slipped from her lips, Molly knew she didn’t mean them. Whatever was going to happen to him, there was no way she was just going to lie here and wait.

No fucking way.




Felicity Brandon is a top 100 Amazon bestselling author.

She loves the darker side of romance, and writes sexy, suspenseful stories, with strong themes of bondage and submission.

You’ll find her either at her laptop, at the gym, or rocking out to her favourite music.

Find Felicity here:

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Be My Guest On Tuesday: Lynn Burke and Finding Fulfillment


I can’t believe how fast time flies, it’s already the third January week. It’s a pleasure to present Lynn Burke and her new novella Finding Fulfillment. Check it out if you enjoy a good BDSM contemporary romance.


Hash Tags: #BDSM #Contemporary #Romance #Erotic #Series #HEA

Finding Fulfillment

Found by Fate 3

By Lynn Burke

Release Date: January 21, 2019

KEYWORDS: BDSM, Contemporary, May/December Erotic, Romance, Series, HEA, Novella


Jade Matthews may be young, but she knows what she wants in a man–someone mature and kinky, a man who shares her deepest desires to have her pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen and submissively compliant in the bedroom.

Archer Brennan aches to unleash his dark side on the too-young grocery bagger, with her pert pony tail and glossy lips that makes him yearn for a taste. With an ex-wife and a messy divorce threatening to destroy his pursuit of happiness, he binds himself to one rule — hands-off Jade’s tight body until his divorce settlement is final.

A submissive must obey her Dom, but some rules were meant to be broken, and when one misstep threatens the dominant lawyer’s life, will Jade defy Archer’s hands-off decree or lose the only man capable of fulfilling all of her dreams?




Amazon UK:







Eyes closed, I strained to listen, wondering and worrying over what Archer planned. The front door closed, and my pulse thrummed.


I pressed my knees tight as arousal slickened my sex. My breasts grew heavy, my nipples tight and chaffed by the dress.

“I sit here at my desk, thinking of you.” Archer’s low voice low sent shivers down my spine. “I’ve been dreaming about you all day. Your shy smile, sparkling eyes.”

A smile bloomed on my face, and I found myself relaxing.

“You show up ten minutes late for our appointment, but when you walk through my door in nothing more than a mere wrap dress, I can almost forgive you. Almost.”

He growled the word, but not in anger. Hunger filled his voice, and I pressed my knees tight again.

“I sit behind my desk and tell you to bare your body to me. Slow and easy, you untie your dress. The material swishes down your creamy skin to pool around your ankles. Pink flushes your chest, your face, as I take my time caressing your body with my gaze. Your pulse thrums in your neck.”

Oh, does it… I sucked in my lower lip.

“Your nipples are hard, straining for a touch, kiss, or bite. Your stomach quivers as my gaze slips lower. ‘Come here,’ I say. Knees trembling, you obey until you stand in front of me.

“I want to lean forward and lick your glistening pussy, but you were ten minutes late.”

My breath caught as my arousal peaked. One mere flick of my clit, and I felt sure I’d fly.

“I pull you down over my lap, head and legs dangling down either side, arms held tight behind your back with my left hand. The scent of your arousal rises to my nose, and I breath deep. Unable to help myself, I stroke the globe of your ass and dip between your thighs to find your wetness.

“Your pussy tightens on my fingers as they slide deep, your hips rising to meet each thrust of my hand. Whimpers escape your lips—”

I bit on the inside of my lips to keep a real one inside.

“—and you beg to come, but I withdraw my hand, denying your release. Your musky scent draws me like a bee to nectar, and I stick my fingers in my mouth, sucking them clean and groaning at your sweet taste.

“Then, whack!”

I jumped, a small yelp ripping from me even though Archer sat ten feet away from me.

“Your body jolts beneath my hand, but you have nine left. Within seconds, three hand prints flare to life on your skin, and you’re no longer struggling to escape. I sooth my palm over the red markings, and a moan slips from your lips. By the eighth swat, you lift your hips toward my hand with a needy groan, the pain morphed into pure pleasure.”

My mouth parted as I drew in air, quivering with the need to come.

“Are you wet for me, Jade?”

Through the buzzing in my ears, I realized he’d spoken to me directly. “God, yes,” I say, unable to help the honest need pouring from my words.

“Pull up your skirt and show me.”

© Lynn Burke 2018


Sam turned back toward me with a huff. “What are you going to do?”

“I don’t know.”

“Are you kidding me? You’re bored with ‘normal men’, you’ve been dying to find someone living that lifestyle.” Sam glared at me. “I’m telling you, Archer. Is. It.”

“Really think so?” I asked, my thumb caressing his business card I hadn’t realized I’d pulled from my pocket.

“Abso-freaking-lutely. The way he looks at you. That power emanating from him.” Sam shook her head. “Hot damn, that man is large and in charge. You don’t see it?”

I shrugged, really having no clue. Sam, being a dominant-type woman herself and able to read people like a magazine, was probably right. “All I know is that I want someone to help me grow in life. Expand my mind and empathy for others. Someone who will take care of me, and I can worship them in return.”

“Well, he’s the perfect sugar daddy if I’ve ever seen one. Emotionally mature like you. Stable. Money.”

“How can you tell all that?”

Sam gave me a ‘come on’ look. “He’s twelve years older than you. He’s a lawyer. And, Armani suits on a Saturday?”

“Armani? I never noticed.”

“No, because all you see is his gorgeous face.”

I bit back a smirk. “At least I’ve imagined what’s under those suits.”

“Now that’s what I like to hear,” Sam said, walking around the front of her car. “Call me after you call him.”

“Who said I was going to call him?”

“If you don’t, I’ll beat your ass—and you won’t enjoy it. Trust me.” She climbed into her car and held her hand to her ear like a phone. ‘Call me’ she mouthed.

I zoned out on the way home where noise and chaos waited for me. Five brothers and sisters, two dogs, and hardly a stitch of privacy. I wanted to get my own place, but the only two people I’d consider living with had men of their own and didn’t need a third wheel—fourth in Tessa’s case—in their space.

What I needed to find was a man of my own. One who wanted me barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, but also wanted my mind, every single part of me. I heaved a sigh over the heavenly thought.

Archer’s left hand showed no evidence of a ring.

I bit the inside of my lip, his card burning my skin through my pants pocket. My stomach flipped over, my palms grew damp. I’d always been a chicken, always sat back and let my dad do things for me. I wasn’t lazy, just nervous about trying to do things for myself. The only problem, I never felt satisfied, never fulfilled by others ‘doing’ for me.

“Maybe it’s time to do something for myself,” I mumbled, turning into my parent’s driveway. The thought tightened my stomach as the dogs barked and raced across the yard to greet me. I opened the door and Johnny’s drum practice from the garage crashed against my ears.

“Izzy!” my mom’s holler came from the house’s open windows. “I told you to clean this room!”

Yeah. I heaved a sigh and started toward the front door, the dogs bumping into my legs, tongues drooling on my shoes. “Perhaps it’s time.”

© Lynn Burke 2018



Lynn Burke is a full time mother, voracious gardener, and scribbler of spicy romance stories. A country bumpkin turned Bay Stater, she enjoys her chowdah and Dunkin Donuts when not trying to escape the reality of city life.








#MidWeekTease – Two For The Price Of One – Autumn Seduction + Winter Chill


Hey there Wednesday teasers.

One nasty virus curbed my writing enthusiasm so I’m working at a much slower pace. 

Still, I thought of updating you on my two ongoing projects with these two teasers below. One is hotter than the other but the second is more of a slow burn.

I hope you’ll enjoy.




He chuckled and tilted his head to the side. His eyes were studying her with a strange mixture of curiosity and arrogant possession.

“That’s so kind of you to say, ma’am, but you wouldn’t be in any danger of snapping your lovely neck if I hadn’t startled you.” The stranger responded and curled his long fingers in a come hither gesture. His scent was red wine and his voice was as deep as dark chocolate.

Beautiful… and dangerous. It was so easy to read the subtle menace in his polite voice. A smile that never reached his ice, a calculating look on his face… and that aura of a predator masked beneath a delicious fragrance.

There was no way this was an ordinary man.

A sense of unease was lurking inside her chest but it was like a weak, little flame next to the forest fire of physical desire.

The desire for submission.

Laurel was loyal to her wolf and for all those years Corwin was by her side she never felt such an intense temptation. Seduction was her weapon, she used and perfected it but she didn’t let the flame touch her… except when her lover and she reached the peak of pleasure together.

That man woke up other cravings inside her, a desire she thought she had buried. Laurel wanted him to push her down on her knees, raise her skirt and run a smooth palm down her exposed ass. The leather of his gloves would slide down her buttocks, warming them up, running along the strip of wetness at the front part of her panties.

The first stinging slap of leather-clad palm would sting and bring tears to her eyes… and she knew she’d beg for more. Here she was now, melting under the cold gaze of a stranger, barely restraining herself from dropping down on her knees.

Would he be rough or seductive in his domination? She imagined his full lips on her neck, that he’d sink his teeth in her neck until drops of scarlet blood fell down her neck. Laurel squeezed her thighs as she pictured him licking the blood. He’d be right behind her, pressing his body against her spanked ass and would reach out to rip her dress.

“Perhaps you’d like to sit down if you don’t feel, miss?” His mocking voice once again snapped her out of her shameful fantasies. “You look really red in the face. Not that I complain. A lady could always use some natural blush on her cheeks.”

Oh, he was arrogant but there was no doubt he could read her and feel her arousal. Protesting and acting like an offended maiden would just make his smugness grow. Instead, Laurel smirked at him, turned around with a sensual lilt of her hips and strolled to the cash register. The lust weakened its grasp around her throat now she had no direct contact with him.

Still, Laurel knew his eyes followed her every move. His emotions were vague and covered with layers of ice and seduction. There was no doubt he was curious and just as intrigued.

“You might be right about that, sir. About blushing.” When she got behind her desk, at a safe distance Laurel turned to him with a flip of her long, wavy hair. He still stood at the same place, amused and patiently waiting for her to make the next move. “Very few things impress me enough to tint my cheeks in red.”




Maybe today would be better. Perhaps I would get some bigger tip by a generous customer or when I went back home the heating would be working again. If that happened I promised to myself to never ever complain of the cockroaches, of the stains on the wall or the dingy, fragile furniture.

I’d be even happy to live in that hell hole of an apartment, as long as I didn’t freeze to death.

My coffee mug was waiting for me at it usual place on the dish rack. I wrapped my hands around it and took a moment to admire how pretty it was. White and smooth on the outside, with a black handle, no jagged edges or coffee stains, and two pink cupcakes with cherries on top. I always made sure it was spotless when I was cleaning the few dishes I had. As silly and pathetic as it could sound that was the prettiest thing in my entire apartment. I bought it with my first pay check, a mere one-dollar mug from the dollar store. Still, I loved looking at it while sipping my coffee before the break of dawn. Those pastel, optimistic colors tickled my positive side and made me feel safe.

It was one of the little things that helped me to stay sane. A good cup of coffee on a cold, miserable day could be a life savior. Once I poured the black, steaming hot liquid and tasted the first sip I nearly groaned with pleasure. The mug of caffeine goodness was a heaven for my frozen fingers. I took a few sips from it and leaned in closer to the window above my kitchen counter. The room was still freezing cold, there was no way to ignore it because I had a warm drink. Still, the grim filter of despair was shifting and I noticed little details of beauty. After a few blinks and rub of my still sleepy eyes I noticed the beautiful window frost under the yellow bulb light.

Now go back to MidWeekTease or click some of the amazing authors below to get to their blogs and teasers. See you next week for more tasty teasers on Wednesday.



Be My Guest On Tuesday: Ian Smith and Various Anthologies


Today Ian Smith is my guest on the blog to present some anthologies he’s been a part of. He’s been on my blog before to present the first three novellas of the Merely Players series. As you can see he’s pretty versatile in his writing, from paranormal erotic romance to cozy romance. Check out those anthologies and choose your pleasure.

So far, I’ve had nine stories published in anthologies, and I’ll carry on submitting to these in the future. I think short stories are a great way to develop ideas and develop my writing, as well as giving me experience of working with different editors. It would also be nice to think that more people will read my work in anthologies.

Unearthly Delights


Unearthly Delights was the first themed anthology from the Erotica Readers and Writers Association, with a broad theme of steamy paranormal encounters. The selected submissions all came from participants in their “storytime” constructive critiquing forum.

My story, The Lesson of History, developed from an idea I first used for a 200-word flash fiction piece, about someone staying in haunted hotel and finding the experience… stimulating!


The gardens were sunny and quiet. Rows of tall, neatly-trimmed hedges divided the grounds into different sections and provided shelter from breezes. Claire found a wooden bench in an area of lawn surrounded by flower beds, swung her legs up, and lay back to enjoy the peace and quiet. Eyes closed, she concentrated on what she could sense, wondering what the system would record. Her feeling the wooden bench beneath? The heat from the sun on her face and arms? Or just the quiet background of doing absolutely nothing?

She let out a long, deep breath and let her mind drift.

The long weekend was a welcome break, even if she wasn’t quite sure why she’d been invited to the wedding. She and her cousin Janine had never got on well as children and hadn’t met for several years. But a couple of days in a delightful country house hotel with outstanding catering would be a welcome change after months of hard work developing the experimental biomonitor system.

Lulled by the warm sunshine and total silence, she fell asleep.

She stood by a window overlooking some gardens. Her clothing felt heavy and restrictive: the long-sleeved dress she wore extended almost to her ankles, over a pair of thick stockings.

“Pray close your eyes,” someone whispered. “Stay silent, lest we be found out.” A firm hand stroked her hair, which felt long.

She felt excited and aroused as hands slid over her breasts, down her body and along her thighs. There seemed to be more than two hands involved, which was simultaneously delicious and disconcerting. Then there came the unmistakable sensation of buttons being undone down the front of her dress. The hands pushed the fabric back and ranged beneath it, over the thin garment covering her breasts. Her nipples hardened instantly and a delicious, expectant warmth developed low down in her body, something she’d not felt for months. A hand pressed against her mound through the thin fabric of her undergarment, making her want more direct contact.

“We must away,” someone whispered.

Another voice, “but we shall steal you from your chamber this night.” Her clothing was quickly rearranged and her dress buttoned up. “Until then, my sweet,” this last said as a soft kiss brushed against each cheek.

Claire woke feeling happy, relaxed, and more than a little aroused. She tried to collect her thoughts. That sounded like a period romance story. But why would I imagine the clothing? Or apparently two men?


Twisted Sheets


Twisted Sheets was the second ERWA anthology, with a general theme of “two’s company but three’s more fun”. Thanks to a promotional launch price and a lot of plugging, it reached the top five in three different Amazon fiction categories, which was a real confidence boost for everyone involved.

I’ve no clear idea what the inspiration was for my story, The Christmas Party, but it was certainly fun to write. A young woman feeling unhappy with her boyfriend goes to his work-related Christmas party from a sense of duty, makes discoveries and new friends, and finds the confidence to move on in her life.


Susie carefully looked at all the images. Again a mix of colour, monochrome and toned pictures, some brightly lit, others far moodier with dark shadows. She was intrigued how Pritti had artfully used the shadows, sometimes to hide breasts and genitals, other times to reveal or even highlight them. There were a couple of men and she guessed five or six different women. “These are great. I see what you mean about them being sculptural.” It’s rather sexy, all these people feeling comfortable about being naked. She tried not to stare too obviously at the women’s bodies, and wondered how her own might look in comparison. She glanced at Emily. “How did it feel, posing for these?”

Emily grinned, and leaned her head on Susie’s shoulder. “Wonderful. I felt free, nothing to hide. It helped that I’ve known Pritti well for years.” She moved her face closer to Susie’s. “Maybe you’d enjoy posing like that?”

Susie felt a flutter of excitement and her heart beat a little faster. She suddenly realised she found the idea very arousing. “Certainly for some portraits, maybe more once I felt really comfortable with the idea.”

“I’ve a few more selections,” Pritti said quietly. “But they’re more, um, intimate.”

“You mean sexy?”

Emily made dismissive gesture with her hand. “We prefer to say they’re sensual rather than erotic or sexy. The idea is to make the viewer think about tenderness and love-making rather than just sex.”

Susie nodded. Pritti slid closer to her, and opened another folder of images.

Susie was fascinated by the pictures as she slowly flicked through them. Close-ups of hips, shoulders, backs, arms, legs, breasts, bottoms, flaccid or semi-erect penises, women with varying styles of pubic hair. She stopped and stared at one image. It was a moody monochrome of Emily, blindfolded, her lips pouted as if for a kiss, and what she guessed from the shape and skin tone was Pritti’s breast, with a very pert nipple just a few millimetres from Emily’s lips.

“Gorgeous, isn’t it?” Emily murmured. She flicked to the next picture, in which she’d gripped Pritti’s nipple with her lips and pulled it out a little. “These always make me feel hot and bothered.” The next image showed Emily, clearly smiling as her tongue lapping the nipple.

Susie’s face warmed as she blushed, which she hoped the dim lighting would hide. She flicked through the three images a few times, aware that her own nipples were every bit as pert as the one in the photo. These are so bloody sexy. And I’m straight.


As Cocky As They Come


As Cocky As They Come developed from a facebook post by a writer as an “up yours” gesture when “cockygate” was gathering momentum. The idea was that every story would have the word “cocky” in the title, but not all the stories needed to be erotic.

My story was a development of an idea I’ve been tinkering with for a while, a series of short stories about the same character, eventually to form an episodic novel set in the near future about an RAF pilot who ends up being an astronaut. For this particular submission, I gave him the surname “Cochrane”, which is frequently turned into “cocky” as a nickname.


“Stop whining, man,” Mairead said. “If you’re fecking stupid enough to play rough boy’s games, this’ll happen.”

Our afternoon at the camp had ended in the usual impromptu game of soccer. Twelve of us and about two hundred eager, happy children. I’d fallen onto a sharp piece of metal and cut my arm. Not serious, but here, every wound was treated quickly. The latest generation of anti-infectives were good, but we’d learned not to take them for granted. There were too many drug-resistant bugs around after decades of careless antibiotic use.

I winced as the suture thread tugged my skin. “We gave you a load of anaesthetic last week.”

“That’s only for deserving cases, not just a few stitches.” Mairead inspected her needlework closely. “Bloody wimp. There, just put a dressing on and we’re done. The stitches’ll dissolve in a few days.”

I flexed my arm and we grinned at each other. “Thanks, Doc.”

“Ah, be away wid yer,” she said. Her Irish accent varied from a lovely sing-song to near-impenetrable, depending on her mood at that moment. As soon as we met, I instinctively liked her. Intelligent, open and caring, she had an impressive zest for life and was often making everyone around her laugh. She was also a bloody good doctor. We’d quickly made friends, and I wondered if we could be more than that, in a different environment. If pressed, I’d admit to finding her very attractive.

“Jolly good,” I said, in my best English public school voice.

“Go on, miss, kiss it better,” prompted Senior Aircraftman Jenkins, holding a small video camera. “It’d be a great end to the video clip.”

“Better not,” someone else said. “He’s single, remember. Might get him all excited.”

Mairead laughed, then glanced at me, blushed and smiled shyly. “He’ll behave himself with you lot watching. I’ll risk it.” She leaned forwards and gave me a gentle and chaste kiss on the lips, to applause and laughter.

“Thanks, Mairead,” I said quietly. “For the stitches and the kiss.”

She gave me a playful slap on the backside when I stood up. “Anytime,” she murmured.

Her warm smile and what I thought was meaningful eye contact left me momentarily non-plussed. Having more stitches wasn’t high on my to-do list, but I wouldn’t say no to kisses from Mairead, ideally without an audience.


Cool Weather Warm Hearts


This was another anthology I heard about thanks to facebook. It’s a collection of “cosy romance” stories, all set during Autumn, with all royalties going to good causes.

It was interesting to “tone down” my normal writing from erotic romance to plain romance, and something I may well do again in the future.

My story, Ditch, is a first development of my idea for the second episode for my RAF pilot. The story opens with him ejecting from an aircraft which is about to crash into the sea, hence the title. I set the incident in a lovely old coastal town in the English county of Cornwall, a town not far from my home, but I decided not to explicitly name it.


I surfaced under my parachute. I struggled to get free of the lines and canopy, close to panic, then was finally able to unclip my face mask and take a deep breath of fresh air. My aircraft had sunk, but my life-raft had inflated itself. I splashed over, but couldn’t climb in. My back was screaming at me to stay still. I could only hope my distress call had been received, and that help would be on its way. Surely someone in the town had guessed I was in trouble.

While everything was still fresh in my mind, I tried my best to remember exactly what I’d done and noticed before the engine failed. For that test flight, there were additional flight data recorders and video cameras in the cockpit, which should be recovered soon. I was confident the inquiry wouldn’t conclude that I’d done anything dumb.

As I bobbed about, I saw the small Cornish coastal town I’d not crashed on, then spotted an orange inshore lifeboat bouncing across the waves towards me at an impressive speed. A small crew of volunteers from the Royal National Lifeboat Institution had dropped everything and run to their boathouse, hoping to rescue me rather than recover my body.

The crew were great. They pulled me aboard, clearly relieved that I wasn’t badly injured. We were back in the port almost before I knew it, but the bumpy ride didn’t help my back pain. They carefully helped me onto the slipway, where I sat, feeling weak and useless.

“Hey, doc, over here,” one of the lifeboat men shouted.

A woman of about my own age hurried towards me, carrying a large medical bag. She was slim, wore black trousers and a white blouse under a waxed cotton jacket, and looked very anxious. She knelt beside me. “Any injuries?”

“My back’s killing me.” I tried to pull my flying helmet off, but she stopped me.

“You might have neck injuries.”

“I don’t care, it’s making me feel trapped.”

She looked annoyed. “Okay, I’ll do it. Lie down.” Two lifeboat men held my shoulders steady while she carefully eased the helmet off.

I immediately felt free, and far less stressed. I relaxed and closed my eyes. “Thank you.”

I heard her ask the lifeboat crew if they had a spinal board, and the sound of someone running.

“I heard you’d ejected, always a risk of spinal injuries.” She had an upper middle-class accent, like a character in an Agatha Christie production.

“I probably pulled over 12 g,” I said. “I blacked out.”

I opened my eyes to see the doctor scanning my face intently. And I noticed she was pretty, had lovely brown eyes, some freckles, and long ginger hair, pulled back in a pony tail. A few wisps had broken free, and I wanted to reach up and smooth them back. Hers was a face I knew I wouldn’t forget, and wanted to see again, when I wasn’t nearly crippled with pain.

She asked me to wriggle my toes and fingers, then to squeeze her fingers with mine, and flashed a small, bright torch in my eyes. “Nothing obvious, but you need to be in a hospital. A rescue helicopter will be here soon. Sorry, but I’d better not give you any pain relief until you’ve been assessed.”

A couple of minutes later, I was strapped to a spinal board with blocks of foam immobilising my head. I felt stupid, but I knew the doctor was right. The pain was now taking over my mind like a grey fog.

She asked the lifeboat crew to cut off my lifejacket and one sleeve from my immersion suit. She checked my pulse and blood pressure. “You’re fit,” she murmured.

My inappropriate sense of humour took over. “Thanks. You’re pretty, too.”

She looked surprised, then blushed. “I meant your blood pressure and resting pulse are healthily low.” Then her professionalism gave way to a lovely smile and she gave me a playful jab in the chest with one finger.

I decided I really liked her. Cheeky, bright and good-looking. I felt touched that she knelt beside me, one hand firmly on my arm in a comforting gesture. I wasn’t so distracted by pain that I didn’t notice she kept looking at me, her eyes meeting mine.

When we heard the unmistakable beating sound of a large helicopter approaching, she grinned at me. “They’re taking you for a ride, won’t that be fun?”

“Yeah, like they’re not going to rib me mercilessly?”

She leaned in close. “Shouldn’t go around crashing planes, should you?” she whispered.

“Said they’d be here dreckly,” the lifeboat crew Cox said. “On a training exercise.”

The doctor looked puzzled. “Dreckly?”

“Directly,” I said. “Cornish version of mañana, but without the same sense of urgency.”

The Cox grinned. “Pegged you for up country,” he said. “Local boy, eh?”

“From Truro.”

He nodded, turned to his crew and waved a hand at the beach. “Come on, me ansums, clear a landing spot.”

“Local vernacular,” I told the doctor.



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#MidWeekTease – Two For The Price Of One – Something Hot + Something Sad


Hey there Wednesday teasers.

I hope 2019 is a good one for you. I’m back and ready to share more teasers… as I plan to have a very fruitful year.

Right now I’m working on two books at the same time. Blood and Spice is a paranormal erotic romance with a Halloween theme. Malt and Ginger (Yes, I’m very creative with the titles, right? I may change this one) is the first part of a duet, a BDSM queer romance between two women, sort of Carol meets Secretary. I have two teasers of both books for you.



Laurel was no virgin and no stranger to the intense world of passion. Nobody knew that better than Corwin who knew what a generous lover she was… if her pet earned his pleasure. He had spent hours on her bed, in tight bondage, begging and moaning while Laurel was kindling his passion until his cock was throbbing and huge in her hand. She was driving him insane with soft teasing and often made him scream in frustration and beg for her mercy. The sight of his athletic body caught in a trap, so strong and yet so helpless, opened the rivers of lust inside her. Laurel’s thighs were soaked and she was trembling on the inside, dying to feel him deep inside her.

These were the times she wondered who was the one suffering more during those games of power. She had no doubt who held the power.

Once Corwin earned himself the right to bury himself inside his goddess Laurel impaled herself on him and cried with ecstasy and relief. Their lips tangled and when she sank teeth in his tongue and tasted him the rush of cinnamon filled her mouth. Did Corwin really taste like spice once she licked his blood or it was all part of the magic? Sometimes when Laurel was so close to orgasm the magic was slipping out of her control and she experienced her own spell.

In these moments the bliss was almost too much to handle as she was riding her gorgeous wolf and their bodies picked up the rhythm. His cock was growing even harder, bruising her womb but Laurel craved the pain, pleasure, cinnamon and metallic taste of blood. She felt larger than life when Corwin was inside her. He looked so beautiful in those moments, with his messy sex hair, glowing green eyes and flexing body, with his massive erection stretching her in the most delicious way. His growling voice and fierce loyalty, the way he said Mistress, often pushed her past the borders of reason and logic, until she was just as much of a slave of lust as him. Taming that magnificent beast, tasting him and taking the best of him was taking her mind to places she didn’t know existed.




The winter was a fierce mistress whose shards of ice could break me but she had beautiful handwriting. In a rare moment of courage, I reached out and brushed my fingers along the glass to outline the flowers of ice. They prickled my skin with their bite but I endured the pain and kept caressing the smooth surface, in awe of their cruel beauty.

Those flowers always fascinated me, since I was a little girl. It was so easy to get lost in every little detail nature drew, like invisible gifts winter left for us at night. I could spend hours watching them in awe, with my nose pressed to the window until my mother scolded me and warned me I’d get cold.

My fingertips were aching but I wasn’t ready to withdraw them just yet. The sight of those crystals brought me back to simpler, happier times when life was good… Maybe times that I invented somehow to feel better about my childhood.

One memory was very clear and I was keeping it in my mind like a beacon and a little candle to chase the loneliness away. I was clutching to it just as hard as to the hope that someday I’ll find meaning.

It was the winter when I was twelve and Christmas truly felt like the most wonderful time of the year, a world full of possibilities. I’d be bouncing around the house, full of too much chocolate, much to the dismay of my mother. It was the one time a year none of her criticisms could get to me as the sugar rush and holiday cheer were too strong. I never tried drugs save for the occasional weed at high school parties but on Christmas, as a kid, I was high on happiness… or so I remembered.

On that beautiful morning, I picked up my little sister Gracie to show her the frosted flowers on the window. I may have even told her that Santa left them for us. She was sitting on my lap and laughing, reaching out to touch the glass just to cry out when it bit her fingers. Gracie turned back to me with laughing bright blue eyes and rebellious strawberry curls flying around her head. She was giggling in spite of the pain and hugged me with her puffy little arms. I’ve never felt so much affection for my angelic baby sister as during that winter. We’d watch the frost until we grew tired, then we attacked the presents under the gorgeous Christmas tree our mother was so proud of. It was the first winter when I prepared cupcakes and hot chocolate for everyone after the traditional lunch. I got so many praises for my work it left me giddy and buzzing for the next few days.

Even today I wonder if that magical day truly happened or I wished it was so there would be something good to go back to. Did those lovely details exist anywhere except in my nostalgic mind? As usual, indulging in that memory left my heart aching even worse than my fingers. The momentary escape to better times made the apartment look even grimmer.

That pain grew even more intense at the realization that winter was the last time little Grace and I were so close.


Now go back to MidWeekTease or click some of the amazing authors below to get to their blogs and teasers. See you next week for more tasty teasers on Wednesday.



Be My Guest On Tuesday: CJ Hartnett and Demons


On this icy second Tuesday of 2019 CJ Hartnett and her Demons decided to pass by my fortress. If you enjoy erotic horror and supernatural CJ Hartnett might be right your kind of author. She also takes part in an awesome-looking anthology so check it out.

Demons - Kindle Cover


Succubus demons thrive on sex for power. Except Mina. It’s a simple life. No attachments. No attractions. But when she meets Caleb, the sex is phenomenal and she actually feels something. Caleb just wants a one-night stand, but after having mind-blowing sex, he changes his mind. They agree to be friends with benefits. When Mina and Caleb learn the truth, will their white-hot passion be enough to stop them from killing each other?

***Warning: This book contains explicit sex, graphic language and is intended for mature audiences.***

Buy The Book


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Caleb didn’t know what Mina had given him, but he felt on top of the world. He took her hand, interlocking his fingers with hers and led her closer to him. He pressed his lips to hers, and when they touched, everything ignited. His heart exploded as ecstasy swelled inside. He felt as if he’d come just by kissing her. Blood rushed to his head and he wanted more. He moved slow, making sure he felt every second. He traced her lips with his tongue and massaged her tongue with his.

Pure passion

Demons are also part of The Immortal Desires anthology.

Immortal Desires Cover

Immortals last all night…
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516N6KFjp-L._SY200_C.J. Hartnett spends her days writing dark stories with a bit of naughtiness. She is a
horror enthusiast, loves to cook for her family, and thoroughly enjoys gardening. She is the author of the horror erotica series, Demons.

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Happy New Year! Here are my 2019 goals!

Happy New Year everyone! May it be full of health, love and prosperity as well as sex, booze, partying and… What? You’re saying we can’t have the two at the same time? Hey, let me have that sweet illusion for a bit… Allow me to keep it until I wake up at the end of the third week of January after I break all my sweet New Year’s resolutions of regular sports, healthy eating and such.

Goals are a different thing.

Resolutions are meant to be broken but goals must be met. 2018 was a pretty big year for me. I released the end of my first series, The Unorthodox Trilogy, and for a long time, I thought I was done with writing and publishing. It takes a lot of time, it’s hard and exhausting, especially when you have a day job like me and not enough hours per day for writing and marketing. I made a lot of personal sacrifices along the way and was focused solely on getting the last Unorthodox book out, for those of you who waited for it. I had started it so I might as well finish it.

I planned to bid you farewell and hoped you’d keep good memories of me.

Well, as you can see below, it looks like I’ll be here for a long time… or at least one more year. Why did I choose not to quit? There are many reasons in favor of this decision and even more in favor of giving up and being happy with what I accomplished.

The most important is that I love writing and the more I write the more I enjoyed spinning stories, creating plot lines, building worlds and characters. It’s the only job I’ve had that made me so happy. Especially when I hear from you and you let me know that my filthy stories have somehow touched you or affected you. I may never get to do write full-time but I’m glad I’m where I am…

… and I’m not ready to say goodbye and walk away just yet.

So my sincere thanks to everyone who was by my side in 2018 and to all who’ll stay with me over the next twelve months. It’s been an insane ride and honestly, things are just getting good.

All right, enough tear-jerking speeches. Here are my plans for 2019, now all that is left to accomplish them. Easy, right?


I plan to go back to the world of the Unorthodox Trilogy but that won’t happen earlier than January 2020. There will be at least one book for some of the most important side characters (Allie, Nate, Kat). There will also be cameo appearances by Thomas and Lina. That universe keeps expanding the more I write about it so there’s a good chance I’ll have stories over the next 20 years.

Let’s focus on now.

New Releases

(I reserve my right to change any titles or covers but I’ll do my best to stay true to the dates).

February 14 – Blood and Spice (Halloween Erotic Menage)

I had to release that short story for Halloween 2018 but instead, I’ll deliver it for Valentine’s Day. It will be about 19k, after all, so that makes it a little novella.

BDSM, maledom, femdom, M/F/M threesome, paranormal


There will be a red moon in the mountains this Halloween.

An immortal witch, her pet werewolf and an ancient vampire walk into a bookshop…

Laurel seduced Crescent Moon Springs from the moment she stepped in the little town, with her raven hair, silver tongue, and the spicy drinks at her bookshop. Her assistant Corwin allured the visitors just as much with his dark beauty and aura of mystery. No one suspected of their secret life and the power she has over him.

On the night of Halloween, a stranger with long hair and sharp teeth walks in their mysterious life. Nothing will ever be the same after that night of rough submission and exquisite erotic torture.

Severin will push Mistress Laurel and her loyal pet to dark places they had never been to. Can their bond survive?

May 15 – (Malt and Ginger)Midnight Encounters Vol. I

Book 1 of the Midnight Encounters duet. A love story between an older woman and a younger girl that started on one snowy evening two days before Christmas.  I’ll release book 2 for preorder on that day as well.

BDSM, femdom, F/f, MFF threesome, seduction


She was just a drop of amber on my lips.

When I ran into her at the dark parking lot I didn’t hope for a second glance…

… or a taste of my first whiskey, as smooth and seductive as her dark eyes…

… or for her to tie me to her bed and turn my body into her canvas of pain.

Olivia was the forbidden fruit I was never meant to taste…

… and now I can’t get enough of her lips.

The day when she’ll leave me behind is near.

May 31st – (Silk and Skotch) Midnight Encounters Vol. II

Unlike the Unorthodox Trilogy that tortured a lot of you, this time you’ll get the full story within two weeks. I’ll be writing the two books over January and February so they’d be ready in May. I hope there are at least some of you who enjoy F/f couples? I’d appreciate a comment or an e-mail.

June 30th – Strangers In The Night series

TheChallenge-3The Challenge, The Star, The Pet, The Mistress, The Switch

There will also be a boxed set with all the five novellas in one.

Two of the novellas of the Strangers In The Night series were published in 2016 but they got a lot of negative feedback (deservedly so, if I have to be honest) so I took them down for a re-write.

The stories are primarily erotica but there will be elements of romance and intimacy. It’s the story of a woman who experiences sexual awakening after the end of her troubling marriage. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart or easily offended. 

September 01The Lily’s Petals

A tomboyish and athletic young woman, fresh out of high school, hires the most beautiful and seductive escort she’d ever met to release her of her pesky virginity and make her dirtiest fantasies come true. Can they keep it purely sexual when they are such a perfect match?

Standalone, BDSM, maledom, romance

December 01 – Untitled Christmas MMF erotic romance


Here we enter in the vague plans territory. I had this incredibly vague idea of a happy newly married couple going away on a winter holiday just to run into the husband’s old boyfriend. Much to her surprise, the wife finds she’s not jealous at all and plots to bring the other man in their married bed. I might change important elements of the plot but I’ll only be publishing that story in December next year so there’s plenty of time for it to come to life.

BDSM, menage, erotic romance, M/M/F

December 10th – Kitty’s Gift extended version + Stroker Ace Valentine edition


That will be my last Christmas gift and it will include a few extra scenes to my already published short story, Kitty’s Gift, Book 2 of the Mistress Kitty series. I’ll also tie in that series with one final, currently untitled novella, that will bring the threesome of Evan, Annabelle and Kitty together… maybe even for good.

MFF, BDSM, maledom, femdom, erotic romance

So, these are all the books I plan to release in 2019. You like it?

Works in Progress

In 2019 I’ll write two more books but since they’d be more… let’s say challenging, I’ll take my time with them. They won’t be published this year but I’ll write them and I’ll be sharing teasers. One of them is a dark erotic abduction thriller that will push me quite out of my comfort zone. It will take a bit of extensive world building and planning of the structure so it won’t come out before 2020. The other is The Piano Teacher, a complicated love story based on the rivalry of two brothers. (No incest, just good old-fashioned competition, and mindfuckery). I’ll write that novel for NaNoWriMo.

mockup Sample

Print Books

It’s time to finally take the plunge and give some of my books print versions. The entire Unorthodox Trilogy + a tiny book for Unorthodox Dom will go through that process. Unorthodox Dom will get its print version on April 10th and the rest of the books will follow respectively in September, October, and November. I’ll also do giveaways and will probably send autographed books (if you want a book with my ugly handwriting).

Audio Books

That is a difficult area to tackle as the costs of producing an audiobook are pretty huge and I have no idea if anyone would be interested. So, at that point, it’s unlikely I’ll have any of my longer books into audio format. However, it’s a pool I’d like to dip my toes in and I’ll try it with some of my smaller books, either Stroker Ace or The Brat With The Phoenix Tattoo. I’ll do it even in December 2019 or January 2020.

Well, that’s all for now. If you find any of these projects interesting or you’d like to follow me, feel free to subscribe to my mailing list. I send a newsletter every Saturday but you can also choose an option to receive them once or twice a month. Click here, you’ll even get a free short story.

So, that’s all for now, do you like my plans? Which of my future projects are you excited about? I appreciate all comments and feedback, writing folks are suckers for it. 

All right 2019, let’s go for it.